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  • Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines Leverages Software Donation to Thrive in the Cloud

    It was while serving as an infectious diseases fellow caring for HIV and AIDS patients at Philippine General Hospital that Dr. Kate Leyritana first began to recognize the barriers that stopped people from getting tested and receiving care once diagnosed with HIV.

  • Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage your Businesses Greatest Asset; Your People

    It's a story we hear a lot at NetSuite. A young professional services startup decides to manage its staff's time using spreadsheets. The business grows steadily, and the spreadsheet method proves solid and dependable. That is, until the staff grows and the spreadsheets become increasingly unmanageable and inaccurate, and trouble starts to rear its head.

  • NetSuite Employees Gear Up to Give Back During 2nd Annual Week of Service

    From Oct 17-21, thousands of NetSuite employees from around the world will show their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities during Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s annual week of service.  Global Impact Week gives employees a chance to celebrate ways to give back locally through volunteer service and in-office donation drives.During last year’s inaugural Gl...

  • Leading Biking Brands Driving B2C Ecommerce, New Customer Experiences in the Cloud

    Calum Davidson, Cofounder of 7mesh, knows his company’s goal of becoming one of the most respected brands in performance biking apparel starts with making a great product, but that ultimately requires getting that product in front of customers. And as independent, B2B-focused brands like 7mesh jockey for space in bike shops against larger outdoor brand distributors, they’re rethinking traditional wholesale distribution models and shifting more focus on selling direct to consumers.

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