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  • Cubs Win Creates Unprecedented Orders, Online Traffic for Wrigleyville Sports

    When Kris Bryant fielded Michael Martinez’s short chopper down the third base line and threw it to first base, securing the first World Series championship for the Chicago Cubs in 108 years, Eric Castellucci, a lifelong fan, was at home trading texts, emails and group chats with coworkers.

  • Eliminating Pain and Waste in Services Project Billing

    Over my 15-year career of working with thousands of services organizations to help solve business challenges, billing has consistently been atop the list of the most painful and problematic issues that firms wrestle with.The reasons are many. Time and expense (T&E) capture is disconnected from project billing schedules. Billing data is entered manually into financials.

  • Saddleback Leather: Lessons of an Accidental Entrepreneur

    Dave Munson is not your typical entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather, a NetSuite customer and maker of high-end leather bags and accessories, doesn’t have a business background, nor did he spend his young adulthood dreaming up ideas for new products. Munson was a dedicated youth pastor, teacher and frequent traveler before starting Saddleback Leather.

  • The Catalyst for Unified Commerce

    Shoppers are more in control than ever. Smartphones have put everything at their fingertips and given them the power to demand an anytime, anywhere shopping experience.This isn’t a new revelation for the retail industry. According to the Boston Retail Partner’s 2016 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey of 500 top North American retailers, 56 percent report they plan to focus on providing a consistent brand experience across channel as a top digital priority.

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