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  • Alton Lane’s Hunter: Men’s Apparel Tailor-Made for Innovation

    As a cofounder of Alton Lane, Colin Hunter believes disruption needs a purpose and any new technology or product must be developed with the customer in mind. For Hunter, the ability to adapt quickly and stay nimble is key to succeed in today’s market.

  • Philz Coffee Brewing Up Innovation One Cup at a Time

    Philz Coffee has grown from a single operation run by a coffee enthusiast to stores throughout the Bay Area with a vision “to have one store 1,000 times.” CEO Jacob Jaber explains how he’ll get there.

  • Agile Software Company Needs an Agile Financial Management System

    A pioneer in agile development, Atlanta-based VersionOne found that, as it grew, its financial processes were anything but agile. With complex financial projections and data spread across multiple, siloed spreadsheets across the business, the company realized that to properly recognize revenue and close the books in a reasonable time frame, its existing processes and an Intacct accounting software solution would not suffice. 

  • A Pilot with a Purpose: Meet NetSuite Employee Rick Gutlon

    Rick Gutlon, a Professional Services Consultant with NetSuite, says it was a boyhood dream that inspired him to get his pilot’s license in 2006. Yet, as exhilarating as it was to be in the cockpit, Gutlon said once the novelty wore off he needed to find a mission or reason for flying.

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