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  • BYOD — What’s the Fuss?

    As consumer tech continues to develop, more and more employees are using their own smartphones and tablets in the world of work, while resisting—or simply not making use of—corporate devices that their organisation has supplied. While employees may find they are more productive, this phenomenon poses a number of questions to a business, the first of which is: “Do we embrace building an environment in which BYOD (bring your own device) is accepted?” This decision will determine whe...

  • For UK Wholesale Distributors, a £16 Billion Opportunity in Direct Sales

    High Street footfall continues to decline thanks to the damp squib of an English summer and the Olympics did little to console retailers. It seems that business leaders in the UK wholesale market were right to think conservatively about their sales growth, with recent research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) showing that over a third of wholesale distribution (WD) companies expect growth to remain static or shrink over the next year. However, there is light on the horizo...

  • Are London Businesses Ready, Set, Go for the Olympics?

    You would need to have been hiding under a rock not to know that the Olympics will shortly be arriving in London. With record levels of tourism and trade expected, you would imagine that this would present numerous opportunities to the capital’s thousands of businesses, yet whether this influx is actually beneficial for London’s typical business is up for debate. In fact, a recent CBI report showed that only a quarter of companies in London expected to benefit from the Olympics.

  • 2012 IT Services Survey: Startling Links Between Data and Financial Performance

    We surveyed 300 managers at IT services and software companies in the UK, US and Australia to map out where they see opportunities for growth and efficiency in 2012. The results blew us away. Early this year we released the results of an ambitious survey we commissioned from an independent agency (Loudhouse Research) into the inner workings at IT services and software companies; the report was called "Managing Growth: A review of the global software & IT services industry".

  • Fine Wine Business Toasts IT Success with NetSuite Cloud

    The Guardian recently ran an article on cloud computing that highlighted the considerations companies need to make when selecting cloud services. In the article, LHK Fine Wines, supplier of fine and rare wines, describes how it has replaced numerous back-office systems with a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) package from NetSuite to manage financial accounting, inventory and order management, as well as its ecommerce website to “punch way above their weight.” In the article, Tom Mann, managin...

  • New Study Shows Marketing Agency Optimism Is Tempered by Concerns over Rising Service Levels

    With the UK announcing in April its return to recession, businesses across all sectors are vying to be as efficient as possible to maximise the chances of growth and profitability in the months ahead. Service agencies face a specific set of challenges here due to the fact that many give away time for free, unlike other industries that bill every pound. This is something agencies have grappled with for many years, but with the focus on profitability in a very uncertain economy, it’s something tha...

  • Customer Successes in the Spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012

    Customers tell us that they gain tremendous value by hearing directly from leading NetSuite users on how to excel with cloud business management—best practices, lessons learned and tips to drive efficiency. That’s why customer successes will be in the spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012. Our annual conference features 10 breakout sessions with real-world NetSuite customers covering topics ranging from financials to sales and marketing, dashboards and analytics, and global NetSuite OneWorld deployments....

  • Businesses Still Gambling with Outdated ERP

    Every month, we see more evidence that companies are suffering as a result of being locked into outdated ERP systems. A study published last week by the Technology Evaluation Centers IT research consultancy identified that 55% of mid-market organisations are unable to make data and business process changes to their ERP systems due to the costs associated with outside IT consultation. The research concurs with an earlier Forrester study that found 50% of ERP customers are stuck with aging ERP tha...

  • Sage Switch Guide Provides the Path to a Better Life

    If you are a Sage user, you have probably already experienced the challenges that multiple disparate software solutions have on your ability to grow. Businesses running on Sage often find themselves running too many applications, leading to data duplication, errors and wasted effort. They have to invest valuable time and money in software upgrades, and are rewarded with outdated information and a lack of real-time visibility.