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  • First-Ever SuiteWorld Services Industry Keynote Highlights How Every Business is Becoming a Service Business

    What was once a clearly defined industry that centered around traditional professional services such as law and accounting is now a part of pretty much every company. Whether you're in software, healthcare, media or even manufacturing, chances are there's an emerging services component to your business.

  • NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management Helping Companies Contend with Evolving Revenue Recognition Landscape

    With new, more onerous revenue recognition regulations due to take effect over the next couple of years, revenue management is already a really big deal. Judging from crowd of SuiteWorld attendees who packed an afternoon session Tuesday, many companies want to get in line with the new regulations before they actually arrive.

  • NetSuite Blogging Team Engages in Mano-a-Mano-a-Mano URB-E Derby

    SuiteWorld blogging team faces-off for 10-lap perambulation of fear!

  • NetSuite’s ‘North Star’ on the Path to Enterprise Evolution

    NetSuite offered some specifics on its developments for businesses in the software industry on the second day of this year’s SuiteWorld 16 conference and exhibition. In a fast-paced keynote, founder and Chief Technology Officer Evan Goldberg, joined on stage by NetSuite CFO Ron Gill outlined how NetSuite supports software companies along every step of their evolutionary cycle.

  • NetSuite OneWorld Enhancements Give Enterprises Agility and Lets Startups Operate Like Global Firms

    As technology makes the world smaller, today's companies are going global sooner than ever. Whether that means a startup making global expansion a part of the business from day one, or an established company being forced to expand into new markets earlier than anticipated, it translates to added complexity. NetSuite OneWorld was introduced in 2008 to help ease this transition, but as global business management becomes more complex and ubiquitous, more sophistication is needed.

  • SuiteWorld: It's Much More than Just Another Technology Conference

    At NetSuite, we understand that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is why we made sure to dot SuiteWorld with plenty of things to do during those breaks between sessions. So what can you do when you need a break in all the content and networking? The most obvious answer: Take a test ride on an URB-E, the foldable scooters you may have noticed darting around the concourse. 

  • NetSuite Optimizes Omnichannel Order Orchestration

    NetSuite took the opportunity at its annual SuiteWorld conference to unveil its new Intelligent Order Management release, essentially a combination of management and automation intelligence technologies, it boasts enhanced functionality to streamline the complexities of omnichannel order orchestration.

  • NetSuite: The Cloud is the Last Platform

    If there was any doubt about the place of cloud computing in the current landscape of business software applications, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson made his position clear in his keynote at this year’s SuiteWorld 16 conference. “Cloud is the last computing architecture (and also the last business architecture) and it may not be surpassed until, say, the turn of the next millennium” 

  • NetSuite Turns to Partners to Help Ensure Customer Success

    A day before the crowds were to descend on the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for the start of SuiteWorld 2016, customers were already the talk of the place.Hundreds of NetSuite partners gathered Monday afternoon for a kickoff event designed to build excitement, and it was clear there was plenty to get psyched about—namely, the growing focus on customer success.