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  • BusinessCloud9’s Exclusive Interview with NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson

    Recently BusinessCloud9, the UK’s first Cloud Computing publication met up with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson for an exclusive chat about his views on the Cloud market state of the nation. During the interview, NetSuite CEO also explains differences between small customers and small businesses. “When it comes to small companies, we've said for a long time that we've stopped selling to companies who pay us less than $10k a year.

  • Outgrown QuickBooks? Don’t Let Your Business Stagnate!

    Are you a startup or high-growth business that has reached an inflection point? Are you beginning that hyper-growth stage where your sales, customers and revenue are skyrocketing, but your business is experiencing growing pains and having major difficulty keeping up with this increased demand? Do you happen to also be using QuickBooks for your accounting software?

  • Supply Chain Networks: Help Us Help You Untangle the Hairball

    Supply chains are neural networks interconnecting a multitude of players and provide value to customers through products and services. Supply chain networks can be formal or informal, simple or complex, and interconnected by a wide variety of technologies.  Supply chain durability and resilience determines the success of a supply chain throughout time.  Unforeseen market, infrastructure, political, regulatory and/or environmental situations can and will interrupt the smooth flow of inf...

  • Adapting Your Business Strategies to Today's New Software Revenue Models

    Subscription-based software licensing has gone from a novel concept to a disruptive force to a mainstream business model. By 2015, 24% of all software revenue will be generated by subscriptions, according to research by IDC. For software companies, subscriptions introduce a host of opportunities and challenges.

  • Why Two-Tier ERP Matters in Europe

    More than ever before, it’s increasingly easy for companies to operate on a truly global basis, as the likes of mobile technology and virtual workforces counter differences in geographies and time-zones with 24/7 access to data. As a result, many UK businesses are now pieces of a broader puzzle: subsidiaries of larger enterprises that are headquartered elsewhere. To operate efficiently, these companies need complete integration between the headquarters and smaller branches, but it can often be i...

  • What it Takes to Choose the Right Cloud ERP

  • Is a Warehouse Management System Right for You?

    A Warehouse Management System (WMS) refers to the combination of people, technology and other resources that handle the receipt and distribution of inventory to meet customer demand at appropriate service levels. The WMS will identify appropriate activities or tasks, monitor performance and simplify operations. The system is designed for optimization of inventory, space, equipment and labor.

  • Why having the latest and greatest software matters for Eloqua

    I wrote previously about the experiences of KANA as a software company with NetSuite, based on a panel discussion with executives of three software companies at SuiteWorld. Also on the panel were Eloqua and RightNow Technologies. This was my second experience speaking to Eloqua, having first spoken with their CFO, Don Clarke, on a webinar about Hot 100 Software Companies.

  • The State of Manufacturing in 2011

    During the first quarter of 2011, NetSuite conducted a benchmark survey on the state of business within the mid-market North American manufacturing industry. The exciting news is that the majority of respondents reported significant optimism for growth in the future. More than 75% believe their business will improve in the near term, and almost 98% reported that they believe their business will either improve or remain steady—a dramatic and significant improvement over results NetSuite saw in it...

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