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  • Modern Business Dilemma: When Is Now Now?

    I’m a big fan of Mel Brooks and his schticky parodies, such as the 1987 cult film “Spaceballs.” In one classic scene, the Spaceballs character Dark Helmet gets comically hung up trying to understand when is “now now.” Every time I see that clip, I’m reminded how it parallels the challenges of business decision-making and how you could replace the parody with a typical business meeting. Instead of Dark Helmet and his rambling confusion over “now” and “then” (check out the YouTube clip), you can i...

  • Competitiveness of Many Asia Pacific Countries Tied to Cloud Computing

    The Business Software Alliance in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently came out with a study that assessed the competitiveness of various countries in supporting a strong IT production sector as measured by indicators such as legal environment, human capital and R&D spending. The study gives decision-makers insight into how the investments that countries make in education, infrastructure, regulation and other enabling factors contribute to the competitiveness of th...

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: SuiteCloud Platform

    With the countdown to SuiteWorld 2012 under way, we’ve been using this blog to highlight some of the ten tracks (featuring more than 100 sessions) that will be featured at our second annual global conference for NetSuite customers, partners and developers on May 14–17. This post takes a look at the conference track on the SuiteCloud platform, but first, here are links to previous posts on the tracks for financial management, supply chain and CRM. Look for more posts in the near future about...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Location, Location, Location

    With changes in the global economy making it increasingly difficult to plan anything long term with any certainty, the ability to be agile and to change plans quickly and cost-effectively becomes all the more important. NetSuite is inherently agile and not just because of our configurability (as covered in my last blog) but because your company information is centrally managed with reduced infrastructure. Ownership of data is a question often raised by prospects during a sales cycle.

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: CRM

    It’s more challenging than ever for both B2C and B2B companies to keep their customers happy.  With mobile devices, social media and an abundance of channels, customers are connected like never before. Are your sales, marketing and support teams connected to your customers—or are they managing by guesswork and losing opportunities and business?

  • Rising to the Challenge: Productivity in Accounting and Finance Organizations

    As part of a strategic partnership, NetSuite recently worked with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) on joint research to better understand the key trends and challenges facing accounting and finance organizations. Based on a survey of 1,726 IMA members conducted from September to December 2011, researchers identified the most critical challenges faced by accounting and finance teams today.  To share the results of this research of finance and accounting professionals, we recentl...

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: Order Management and Supply Chain

    Improving order management and supply chain efficiency offers outstanding payback to ecommerce companies and e-tailers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and others. Is your company taking full advantage of NetSuite to manage your order and supply processes? If you have room for improvement, book your spot for SuiteWorld 2012, May 14–17 in San Francisco.

  • The Operations Role in a Consulting Firm

    The NetSuite team spends tons of time talking to our consulting/professional services customers about operations responsibilities. We tend to focus on the areas where we solve problems—improving profitability, increasing utilization and automating back-office processes (timesheets, expenses, invoicing, etc.) One of our newer account representatives asked me about the typical resource management expert at a consulting firm, and while discussing the topic, we identified two camps: Partnership firm...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Platform 9 ¾

    One of my favorite pieces of creative writing has been the outrageously popular Harry Potter series. In particular, I’ve always appreciated how the author managed to weave little pieces of realism into the story by referencing common elements of modern society to offset the wild and wonderful world of wizardry. Take for example the concept of taking a train to Hogwarts, and only being able to access that train from a special platform — platform 9 ¾.

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