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  • Old ERP: Gambling with Regulatory Compliance

    Rules, rules and more rules. You know the drill. While your company is doing its best to compete in its industry, it’s also trying to stay current with a seemingly never-ending barrage of accounting and regulatory challenges.

  • The IMA Survey: Issues Facing ERP

    Where Would You Improve your ERP? What would you most like to change about your ERP system? Where does the cloud fit in your roadmap?

  • Where’s the Innovation?

    It’s well known that enterprise IT wants and deserves to play a more strategic role in company business operations and planning.  That means becoming more proactive than reactive, aligning IT with your company’s strategic objectives, and finding new ways to put IT innovation to work in building your company’s competitive advantage. The problem is, you can’t do all these things without greatly expanding your budget or substantially cutting costs.  Five years ago this problem might have ...

  • The End of On-Premise Version-Lock

    For as far back as one can remember, it seems like enterprise IT departments and finance teams have simply dealt with the ongoing frustrations, time-sink and risks caused by upgrading their on-premise ERP systems. Large budgets are set aside, top IT talent is redeployed to get the work done and teams of consultants are paid handsome contracts to map out a logical ERP upgrade strategy. Risk is managed through long hours and hard work, and then, upon actually upgrading to the new software, more ti...

  • Solving the Pain of Professional Services Project Management

    Professional services is by definition a project-based business. Services firms can have dozens of projects in the pipeline at any given time. Executing those projects on time and on budget is critical to business success.

  • Sage Switch Guide Provides the Path to a Better Life

    If you are a Sage user, you have probably already experienced the challenges that multiple disparate software solutions have on your ability to grow. Businesses running on Sage often find themselves running too many applications, leading to data duplication, errors and wasted effort. They have to invest valuable time and money in software upgrades, and are rewarded with outdated information and a lack of real-time visibility.

  • The Future of the Cloud Is in the Believing

    I believe that our daily interactions with NetSuite customers and prospects are an excellent indicator of where business is going.  Last week, as NetSuite’s VP of Professional Services APAC, I participated in three presentations to prospects interested in NetSuite cloud ERP. So what? Isn’t that a typical week in the office?

  • NetSuite Stakes Claim to SRP

    As the pioneer of the SRP vision which seeks to revolutionize operations for services organizations as MRP did for manufacturing businesses, NetSuite SRP has built a strong footprint globally. Services organizations are making the move to the cloud. NetSuite’s key competitor, Deltek is actively losing market share to NetSuite’s cloud-based professional services solutions.

  • NetSuite Powering Private Software Company Success

    Earlier this year, NetSuite announced that its leading cloud ERP powers more than one-third of JMP Securities Hot 100 Private Software Companies. Considered some of the best and brightest in the software industry, these companies are using NetSuite to run their key business processes, from order-to-cash, subscription renewals, billing, financial reporting, revenue recognition and professional services automation. Similar to the JMP Securities Hot 100, AlwaysOn, a premier source for analysis and ...

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