• Jonathan Adler Extends its ‘Fantasy Factory’ Design Environment to Business

    Jonathan Adler, has been the authority on Modern American glamour since 1993. Headquartered in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, the office is affectionately referred to as “Fantasy Factory,” a cheeky nod to Warhol’s Factory. Inside the vibrant and colorful office, Adler and his team design everything from pottery and furniture to textiles, lighting and more. With plenty of dogs running around, the “Fantasy Factory” is designed to bring ideas to life through collaboration, irreverence and creativity.

  • Creating an HR System Weaved into the User Experience

    Disconnected, departmental applications have always created barriers for front line employees, but there is perhaps none more frustrating than the HR system. While a sales rep may occasionally need to get into the transactional system to check on a customer’s outstanding balance or a senior executive may be drilling into sales figures, that’s not where they spend most of their time. And, with few exceptions, no one spends most of their time in the HR system.

  • ROLI Brings Together Music, Design and Engineering to Create a New Instrument

    From home schooling in rural New Hampshire to a Zen monastery in Japan to London’s Royal College of Art, Roland Lamb’s circuitous journey may seem an unlikely one for someone who would reinvent a 17th century instrument. But that breadth of experience, innate curiosity and intelligence were the right recipe for bringing the worlds of music and engineering together to create the ROLI Seaboard.

  • Turnover Continues to Cost Ad Agencies

    Employee turnover at ad agencies may be a fact of life, but it begs one question, why does it happen and what does it really mean?While agency turnover will always exist, there are ways to curb it to strengthen employee engagement and the bottom line. Agencies themselves are often the cause of the turnover. A big new client can result in a hiring spree, or in turn, losing a big client can bring on restructuring.

  • NetSuite Adds Container Management to Supply Chain Software

    Modern supply chain management invariably means dealing with multiple vendors, contract manufacturers and partners across multiple time zones and geographies. This often results in many of your assets ageing in-transit from one location / geography. Being able to track these is critical to maintaining your service level commitments.

  • Latest NetSuite Release Adds Customizable, Location-specific, Multiple-entity Bill of Materials

    Modern manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, many of them don’t physically manufacture anything themselves at all, choosing rather to focus on designing an awesome product and leaving the dirty work up to someone else. But regardless of who does the manufacturing, and where it is done, having the ability to create and communicate an accurate and flexible bill of materials (BOM) is an important foundational element of the product lifecycle.

  • A Bet on the Cloud Pays off Big for Teknik Trading

    Luis Alonso-Rincon, President at Teknik Trading Inc., attended a presentation about cloud-based software in 2005 and liked what he heard. The next day he had signed on as a customer. “I remember sitting there and they were talking about the cloud. I didn’t know what that meant. It was so forward thinking and something I had never seen before,” Alonso-Rincon recalled.

  • COO Gives Real-World Advice on Prioritizing B2B Ecommerce Technology Investments

    Industry forecasts predict manufacturers and wholesalers will spend more annually on ecommerce technology than online retailers by 2019. When companies are embarking on their B2B ecommerce technology investments where do they start? This was the topic of a panel at the B2BecWorld Executive Seminar in New York City this month. I caught up with panelist, Mark Fitzgerald, COO of POS Supply Solutions to share more insight on how the company made its technology investments.

  • IDC Marketscape Names NetSuite a Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Finance and Accounting Applications

    Following up on an IDC Marketscape report in which NetSuite was named a Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP Applications, the research firm has placed NetSuite in the Leaders Category in another report.The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Finance and Accounting Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment (doc #US42218017, September, 2017) names NetSuite a Leader. 

  • NetSuite a Leader in G2 Crowd’s Accounting Report, Based on User Reviews

    The awards continue to roll in for NetSuite. Recently named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment (doc # Doc #US42216017, September 2017) and a leader in the Forrester Wave for B2B Commerce Suites for Midsized Organizations, NetSuite has now been recognized by G2Crowd.

  • BI and Baseball at SuiteConnect: World Champions, Dashboards and the Magnus Effect

    Statistical analysis has long been a part of baseball. From following box scores and batting leaders in the daily newspaper, to the evolving emphasis on pitch counts and the creation of new stats in the “Moneyball” era, to advanced analytics that now measure things like Wins Above Replacement Player and UZR fielding zones, teams have long used statistics to try and gain an edge.

  • Draper James Accelerates Omnichannel Strategy with NetSuite

    When Hollywood powerhouse Reese Witherspoon founded her Draper James clothing, accessories, and home apparel line in 2015, it was with the mind to make everyone from from Greenville S.C. to Greenwich, Conn. feel as though they could utter a friendly, “y’all.” The retail startup was launched, in fact, as a tribute to her grandparents, William James Witherspoon and Dorothea Draper, who taught Witherspoon the ways of gracious Southern hospitality.

  • Site Management Tools: Update and Enhance Your SuiteCommerce Site with Ease

    When you read about ecommerce platforms, it’s usually focused on the latest and greatest features the solution provides, improving performance or optimizing any number of things like conversions and SEO. Rarely is there much discussion about the tools needed to manage an ecommerce site and how critical it is to a merchant.

  • Hurd to Goldberg: NetSuite Might be the Most Exciting Acquisition Oracle’s Ever Done

    Less than a year after it was acquired by Oracle, NetSuite was on the main stage at Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco last month. NetSuite Founder Evan Goldberg was joined on the stage by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd to discuss the strategy and plans for the combined business moving forward. Much like his address at NetSuite’s own SuiteWorld conference in April, Hurd’s message was about more – more investment in development, sales and global expansion.

  • The SuiteCloud Development Framework, a Developer's Nirvana

    As developers, one of our chief challenges is releasing new, amazing functionality on time and at the pace demanded of our businesses’ increasingly accelerated development cycles. Our desire to meet these expectations has made our roles among the most stressful jobs in technology – with a CareerCast poll listing the positions of software engineers and computer programmers among the top 10 highest stress roles in the industry.

  • Managing Marketplace Commerce with NetSuite

    You’ve likely heard the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That’s the way merchants need to start thinking about marketplaces. Instead of trying to compete against marketplace giants, you can use these channels to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, expand globally, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and boost sales.

  • Three Key Takeaways from the FOLIO: SHOW 2017

    The 2017 FOLIO: SHOW brought media, publishing and ad-tech businesses together in New York City for three days of stimulating content and conversations about the changing state of media. It’s clear that the industry is moving and changing faster than ever before, and that adapting to change is no longer an option, but rather it’s an absolute must to survive.

  • Enhancements to the SuiteCloud Platform Bring Faster Throughput, a Reimagined Development Framework and Printing for Custom Transactions

    For developers working with the SuiteCloud development platform, things are about to get easier, faster and more collaborative. NetSuite has recently made some key enhancements to the platform including the release of new SuiteCloud processors which should be welcome news for customers and partners alike. 

  • NetSuite launches Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) for NetSuite Customers at SuiteConnect

    Finance teams continue to be asked to do more with less. Also, they’re being asked do it faster with minimal errors.Meanwhile, most are armed with just Excel – error prone, time consuming, and not scalable for growing analytical needs. It’s a tough challenge to answer. 

  • Whether it’s a Garage Start up or 100-year manufacturer, NetSuite Fuels Business Growth

    There are exciting opportunities for organisations today to grow and innovate. That could mean going into new markets, launching new products and services, or coming up with new business models. There are always ways to expand your business.

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