• Data and Metrics: What Investors Want to Know About your Business

    To measure is to know. For investor and company owner alike, it’s difficult to overestimate the power of up-to-date, real-time, cross-functional intelligence.Data informs investment decisions, it demonstrates maturity and it is an essential marker for accelerated growth. The technology that underpins it is an essential tool for value creation.

  • PH Businesses Increasingly Adopting Cloud-based ERP to Grow Globally, Innovate

    Theo and Philo’s unique bean-to-bar, single-origin Philippine artisanal chocolate hit a sweet spot in the market shortly after its launch in 2010 – with demand growing at a rate of 700 percent to reach 14,000 bars a month. But it knew efficiently scaling to meet that demand with its current system would threaten to sour customer relationships. 

  • With NetSuite, Pusateri’s Empowers Industry-Leading Innovation in Gourmet Stores

    Providing a neighborhood grocery experience that concurrently whisks customers away on a culinary adventure has made Pusateri’s stores legendary in Canada since Cosimo Pusateri founded the first store in North Toronto more than 50 years ago. Staying true to old principles – treating customers as friends, providing fruits and vegetables sourced the same day on its store shelves, exceptional butchery and freshly prepared foods – have distinguished the business from high-end grocer competitors.

  • NetSuite to Ramp Up EMEA Sales Recruitment to Support Global Growth

    Oracle NetSuite, a pioneer and global leader in cloud software suites, is more than quadrupling the size of its sales team in EMEA, recruiting Applications Sales Representatives across the region, particularly in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany. The winner of multiple awards, NetSuite’s true-cloud business system is aimed at helping companies in all industries grow. 

  • How Technology is Enabling Family Businesses to Thrive in the World of Digital Commerce

    In 1989, Peg and Tim Liebert founded a mail-order company they called Kansas Sampler. The catalog was filled with apparel and gifts related to the state of Kansas and local sports teams. In 1990, they expanded into brick-and-mortar retailing by opening five stores in the Kansas City area. Fast-forward to 2017 - the family-owned business, under the name Rally House is operating over 60 stores in nine states and a growing ecommerce site with son Aaron Liebert leading the helm.

  • Determining the Metrics that Matter: Measuring a Professional Services Business

    While the ways in which to measure outcomes in a professional services business controversy have grown significantly in recent years, a basic question still remains, what metrics should be followed and how best to measure them. It can feel like a lot like weight loss, watching calorie intake all week but the number on the scale still shows the same results.

  • NetSuite Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q3 2017

    We’ve witnessed the B2B commerce landscape rapidly change over the last few years. Today’s B2B buyers want convenience and the same user-friendly experience they’re used to from their B2C shopping experiences. For companies to be successful, they must provide an online experience that meets business buyers’ complex requirements and rising expectations.

  • 8 Key Questions that Can Make or Break Your Distribution Business

    Dirk Beveridge, the noted wholesale distribution thought leader and innovator, has eight critical questions for distributors to ponder as they strategize how to grow their businesses in challenging times. The eight questions are packaged up in an online Innovative Mindset Assessment tool offered by Beveridge, founder of Unleash WD and author of “INNOVATE! How Successful Distributors Lead Change In Disruptive Times.”

  • Built to Run a Business: NetSuite’s Secret to Customer Success

    A key factor in NetSuite’s success from Day One was the overarching goal of the company. NetSuite was built to run a business. The suite includes many outstanding capabilities, built in from the ground up, including: pure cloud architecture; built-in Business Intelligence; customization framework; ecommerce; and more.

  • Your Digital Doorstep: Website Design Tips for B2B Ecommerce

    The first time customers arrive at your company’s digital doorstep, they make an evaluation of your brand unconsciously, in a fraction of a second. In that first glance, visitors judge the credibility of your site based on the design elements. They haven’t yet read any content, compared prices or seen your competitive shipping services -- they form a gut feeling about your brand; and then, if they decide to stay on your site, they’ll look for ways to justify that feeling.

  • VHC Brands Saves Business and Thrives in the NetSuite Cloud

    When the Kline family moved their home textile company VHC Brands to Branson, Missouri in the ‘90s, they thought their biggest concern would be tornadoes. But in October 2016, a fire sparked in the warehouse filled with blankets, pillows and rugs and everything went up in flames. “We were totally gone,” said Ken Kline, CEO of VHC Brands.

  • An Inside-Out Approach to ERP can Deliver a Modern Customer Experience

    For businesses today still running siloed, departmental solutions of yesterday, there are daily challenges meeting the needs of the modern consumer. The answer for many is to turn their ERP system inside out. Consumers today have virtually unlimited options for researching and purchasing products, with online sales and new digital channels providing not only transparency into pricing but the actual shopping experience for millions of shoppers around the world.

  • Beware the Icebergs in the ERP Selection Process

    That iceberg the size of Delaware now floating free isn’t the only one people need to worry about these days. There’s a virtual armada of icebergs out there today taking the form of legacy ERP providers. These ERP icebergs show many of the same characteristics as their Arctic counterparts. 

  • TBI Streamlines a Complex Value Chain in Telco Services

    Operating in a complex industry, with an intricate, multi-party value chain, TBI (Telecom Brokerage Inc.), was looking to introduce simplicity and efficiency across their organization. The 26-year-old company looked to streamline internal processes so they could continue to provide a “white glove” approach to their selling partners. To do that, TBI needed to update its own processes across that value chain.

  • Small Agencies Fight Back: Takeaways from the Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards

    This year’s Ad Age Small Agency Conference provided a wealth of information for smaller agencies. From the breadth of agencies that attended, to the speaking sessions and networking events, attendees got the chance to share and learn. Here are some of the most impressive insights.

  • Top Three Takeaways from DigiPub NYC 2017

    Content discoverability and content distribution were two topics that emerged in almost every session at the 2017 Digital Publishing Innovation Summit (DigiPub) in New York City. It’s clear why. Finding a way to get content to your audience or an audience to your content are step one for any publisher.

  • The Perfect Recipe for VARs: Cloud + Industry

    I always advise value added resellers (VARs) that if they want to be successful, they need to concentrate their practice and resources on true cloud technology. The cloud offers the agility and flexibility to meet client needs no matter how complex they may be. Pair that with a focus on industries, building expertise for specific industry needs and they have a recipe for growth.

  • How Big Agnes is Taking Customers on an Online Camping Adventure

    Buy a new sleeping bag from your mobile phone, submit and track a repair for your tent or get some tips on camping with kids. These are just a few of the features transforming the customer experience on The manufacturer of camping gear and apparel has traded in its home-grown ecommerce platform for SuiteCommerce Advanced. However, Big Agnes thinks of the new site as more than just a place to sell its products.

  • Research Shows Positive Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

    The 2017 Economic Benchmarks for Wholesale Distribution paint a positive picture for distributors. The annual report shows the economy and the wholesale distribution industry appear to be turning a corner this year due to positive outlooks on employment, wages and corporate investments that are expected to boost the US economic growth overall.

  • Cloud Commerce Changes the Game for Soccer Express

    With the vast geography of Canada, and the decline of the local mom-and-pop soccer shops, Soccer Express saw a need to revamp its business model to focus online. However, its disparate technology systems were holding them back from going full speed into omnichannel success. “We had a tremendous amount of manual and duplication of work,” said Andrew Veer, Chief Operating Officer at Soccer Express. 

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