• Forthea Elevates its Commitment to Client Transparency with NetSuite’s Unified CRM, Financials and Project Management

    For a company operating in the sometimes opaque world of marketing services, Forthea had its work cut out for itself—building a company based on transparency with its clients. Named for both Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune, and Thea, the goddess of wisdom, the Houston-based internet marketing firm saw rapid growth thanks to the strategy that put an emphasis on clearly communicating value to clients in an industry that can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

  • An Early Cloud ERP Adopter, GHA Technologies Grows Its VAR Business 5x

    Value-added resellers deliver computing equipment, software and services that help organizations improve efficiency and visibility across their operations. VARs need those same capabilities themselves to thrive in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive industry that puts a premium on customer service. GHA Technologies knows that first-hand. 

  • The Duck Store Pioneers the Way to a Unified Cloud Platform

    Collegiate retail is experiencing disruption to its long-established business practices as campus stores are increasingly having to compete with startups and Amazon on merchandise sales and textbook rentals.Despite the changing industry, The Duck Store wanted to continue its tradition of serving the University of Oregon Duck fans for generations to come. 

  • SheKnows Media Consolidates Multiple Systems onto NetSuite OneWorld Extends Leadership in Women’s-Focused Digital Publishing

    SheKnows Media built its growing women’s-focused digital publishing empire on the foundation that it knows its voice and its impassioned audience. It’s a promise that has kept advertisers flocking to SheKnows Media properties that reach more than 70+ million unique visitors every month.

  • The Best Professional Services Firms Leverage Integrated Technology, Collaborative Cultures

    Many professional services organizations track key metrics such as net profit, billable utilization and more. The question is how those metrics stack up against peers and competitors in the industry at large. The annual Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report provides some answers. Now in its 10th year, this definitive study by SPI Research, the leading independent technology services research firm, sheds light on a dynamic and growing industry facing changes and challenges.

  • Small Business Can Act Big with Supply Chain Automation in the Cloud

    Each year, IT research consultancy firm Gartner ranks the top 25 supply chains in the APAC region, identifying the companies that have leveraged their supply chains to lead their industries and continue to drive momentum against competitors. Earning a spot among the automobile and tech giants in the top 10 for several years in a row now was Australia-based grocery chain Woolworths. 

  • Majority of Companies Remain Unprepared for ASC 606 Rev Rec Changes

    Last week, we kicked off Part 1 of our 4-part webinar series over “Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Business for the New Revenue Recognition Standard ASC 606,” with Ranga Bodla, Head of Industry Marketing at NetSuite and our guest speaker and thought leader on the topic, Mike Forman, NetSuite’s Corporate Controller. The most surprising aspect that came out of the webinar was not the overwhelming number of attendees who attended but the results we received from our poll on how prepared businesses are for the change.

  • Finding a Provider that Works With You is Critical to Cloud Success

    When the leaders of Sourcingpartner Inc. decided it was time to trade in a largely manual warehouse management process riddled with bottlenecks for a modern, cloud-based alternative, they knew their choice of a cloud provider was critical. As a key distributor to some of the largest office supply businesses in the world, for Sourcingpartner, operations during the back-to-school season must be flawless.

  • The Rise of FinTech Disruptors as Seen at LendIt 2017

    A mere 350 people attended the first LendIt Conference back in 2013. Four years later, the conference brings together over 5,000 attendees from more than 40 countries—a true testament to the size and scale of the FinTech Revolution. New York City played host to the latest event with thought leaders and industry experts from over 2,400 companies—both start-up and well established—to discuss the past, present and future of financial services, alternative lending and FinTech.

  • The Small Business Growth Playbook: Four Steps for a Smooth Growth Trajectory in the Cloud

    As Australia’s Emma and Tom’s line of healthy juices and snacks grew in popularity, its operations started to become increasingly complex. As it confronted the promise of growth, it wanted to stay true to its mission – making fresh, healthy convenient food and drinks a part of Australian life, daily – while expanding access to its products supported by exceptional personalised customer service.

  • Industry Thought Leaders Predict Big Changes for the Supply Chain by 2020

    Two days, three keynotes and 2,800 attendees — the recent Modern Supply Chain Experience conference held in San Jose, Calif., had one primary purpose: to bring together the strongest minds in supply chain to uncover and address the top challenges facing today’s supply chain leaders. From the Internet of Things and predictive analytics to big data, new technologies are touching every part of the business – particularly the supply chain.

  • REBBL Partners With NetSuite to Manage Mission-Led Growth

    In the natural products market, buyers view their purchases not only as something they consume, but as a way they can give back. For many brands, this reality presents something of a paradox. Worthy missions and great products drive popularity, but meeting demand can distance the company from its original mission.

  • Tips on Achieving ‘Best-of-the-Best’ Performance in Professional Services

    What does it take to excel as a professional services organization (PSO)? The challenges are many in a fast-changing and highly competitive market. In 2016, PSO profitability declined by 8.4 percent, according to the 10th annual Professional Services Maturity Benchmark study by SPI Research, the leading research consultancy in the professional services industry.

  • Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: Failure is Sexy

    Earlier this year, Johannes Haushofer, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at the prestigious Princeton University, did an odd thing when he posted his “CV of Failures” on Twitter.While most of us view our CV or résumé as our chance to share our most prized accomplishments and accolades, things that are going to impress an audience or help us land our dream job, Haushofer wanted to “give people some perspective."

  • Manufacturing Agility and Innovation Earns Electronics Leader Industry Awards, Devoted Customers

    Ed McMahon, CEO of Epec Engineered Technologies, is a firm believer in the competitive advantage that manufacturers can gain by embracing agility and innovation across the organization, from customer-centric business processes to underlying technology. Founded in 1952, Epec designs and manufactures custom built-to-print products for all sectors of the electronics industry, from aerospace to medical devices, consumer electronics, measurement devices and industrial applications.

  • NetSuite Controller Offers Front Line Advice for Preparing for ASC 606

    As the Global Controller at the NetSuite Global Business Unit and formerly the Senior Vice President of Finance, Global Controller & Accounting Officer before Oracle’s acquisition, Mike Forman has had a central role in preparing the company for ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, the new rules that are set to go into effect next year. With the rules expected to have an impact on many industries, and software companies in particular, we sat down with him to discuss how the team at NetSuite prepared.

  • A Flexible Business Workflow Platform is no Longer a ‘Nice to Have’ in the World of the Modern Ad Agency

    Agency competition was stiffer in 2016 than ever before, and clients have become well aware of their position of power. Furthermore, the number of account reviews and disruption caused in part by the K2 Report from the Association of National Advertisers, which revealed numerous non-transparent business practices, including cash rebates to media agencies, has created both more uncertainty and opportunity in the marketplace.

  • Three Vital Questions for Finding the Right Resource Management Process

    One of the favored truisms of the IT world is the importance of achieving the right mix of people, process and technology. The general assumption is that it takes all three pillars to make an organization hum, yet many companies struggle with effectively managing their revenue generating assets: their people. Too often, companies try to manage their staff resources by relying on a combination of spreadsheets and the knowledge their people have of each other.

  • Quicken Hastens Toward New Future with NetSuite

    On the flip side of the record pace of mergers and acquisitions over the last couple of years is the rapid growth in companies divesting of product lines. Seeking to drive greater focus on core products, meet financing needs, and keep pace with market changes, companies are pursing divestitures at a record pace– with more than half of those surveyed in Deloitte’s M & A Trends Report, 2016 Edition reporting that they expected their companies to divest business lines over the next 12 months. That’s up from 39 percent last year.

  • ThousandEyes Secures the Future with NetSuite OneWorld

    The 21st century economy can be described with plenty of amazing superlatives. We enjoy high-speed wireless networks almost everywhere people live and work, miniaturization that brings tremendous computing power to an astounding array of devices, and untold access to life-prolonging inventions.

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