• NetSuite Among the Top 25 Public Cloud Companies to Work For

    In business since 1998, NetSuite has won plenty of awards. Some reflect the depth and versatility of the software while others reflect the transformative results we help deliver to our customers. Others still, reflect the positive work environment we strive to create, maintain and improve upon.

  • The Impact of Brexit on UK Professional Services

    Brexit has unleashed uncertainty and challenges across the historically robust professional services sector in the UK, ranging from a record 31-year low for the British pound to impacts on labor mobility, cross-border business, taxation and ultimately revenue and profitability.

  • Retail War Stories Part 2: Lack of a Single View of Orders Across Channels

    Competing in New York City’s legendary fashion scene requires a fortitude that matches the town’s stalwart reputation. For those who catch a foothold – as this high-end men’s shoe retailer has – survival depends on staying one step ahead of your competition by accelerating with customer expectations. But like many rapidly growing start-up retailers, this one is finding that its systems are holding it back.

  • Five Points from the Last SuiteConnect was a Good Result

    Last year, I stood at the entrance to the Arsenal football ground, the Emirates Stadium, wondering how successful my visit would be. I support the rival team Tottenham Hotspurs and it is rarely a friendly place for rival fans to visit. As I approached the venue last year, I wondered if it was worth attending and how, in a single day, NetSuite could convince me that it was genuine about its interest in Europe.

  • Retail Executive Insight: Becoming Omnipotent in Omnichannel

    Editor’s note: Below is a Q&A interview with Branden Jenkins, GM of Global Retail for NetSuite that originally appeared within RIS News’ IQ Report, “Advanced Omnichannel: Constructing the Unified Enterprise.” The report addresses the challenges today’s retailers are facing and what they need to do in order to future-proof their business and meet consumer expectations.

  • NetSuite Continues its Commitment to Grace Hopper Conference

    There’s a special feeling when you walk into the Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Conference. As a woman working in technology, usually when you walk into a room, you're in the minority. Here it's the complete opposite. Simply put, it's a different feeling when you are with other technically-minded women and think, “I’m not alone.”

  • How Barcoding, Inc. Accelerated the Quote-To-Cash Process

    A few years ago, Barcoding Inc. did what many companies must do to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace: It added a service component to what had been a product company.Doing so meant new layers of complexity piled on an already strained IT environment. 

  • Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines Leverages Software Donation to Thrive in the Cloud

    It was while serving as an infectious diseases fellow caring for HIV and AIDS patients at Philippine General Hospital that Dr. Kate Leyritana first began to recognize the barriers that stopped people from getting tested and receiving care once diagnosed with HIV.

  • Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage your Businesses Greatest Asset; Your People

    It's a story we hear a lot at NetSuite. A young professional services startup decides to manage its staff's time using spreadsheets. The business grows steadily, and the spreadsheet method proves solid and dependable. That is, until the staff grows and the spreadsheets become increasingly unmanageable and inaccurate, and trouble starts to rear its head.

  • NetSuite Employees Gear Up to Give Back During 2nd Annual Week of Service

    From Oct 17-21, thousands of NetSuite employees from around the world will show their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities during Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s annual week of service.  Global Impact Week gives employees a chance to celebrate ways to give back locally through volunteer service and in-office donation drives.During last year’s inaugural Gl...

  • Leading Biking Brands Driving B2C Ecommerce, New Customer Experiences in the Cloud

    Calum Davidson, Cofounder of 7mesh, knows his company’s goal of becoming one of the most respected brands in performance biking apparel starts with making a great product, but that ultimately requires getting that product in front of customers. And as independent, B2B-focused brands like 7mesh jockey for space in bike shops against larger outdoor brand distributors, they’re rethinking traditional wholesale distribution models and shifting more focus on selling direct to consumers.

  • Confessions of a One-Time Consultant: What Does a Successful PSA Implementation Project Look Like?

    Earlier in my career, I was a supply chain consultant on a large project that I thought was going well. The project manager was great about internal communication, and everything sounded like we were well on the road to success.Only one problem: The customer wasn't on the same page.

  • Survey Identifies Four Big Growth Opportunities for Small Businesses in Asia-Pacific

    Small businesses are a major economic growth engine in Asia-Pacific, often driving more than 50 percent of a nation’s economic output, according to the research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Small businesses are particularly vital in such countries as Singapore and the Philippines, where they sustain up to 70 percent of total employment.

  • Advanced Budget Management Critical for Reining in Project Costs at Professional Services Firms

    Many professional services firms have endured nightmare projects that spiral out of control. A budget is set and resources allocated, but as the project unfolds, scope creep, unexpected twists and client demands blow your budget out of the water. The root causes can be many. 

  • It’s All About the Core at Manduka

    As dedicated practitioners of yoga know, a strong and stable core makes a big difference. Without it, every yoga pose is in danger of falling apart from the inside out. While power and strength come from within, the external foundation to support the practice is the yoga mat.

  • 5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience for Fashion Brands

    Retailers and fashion brands are under enormous pressure to provide better shopping experiences while remaining profitable. That has meant evaluating different technology platforms with the hope of improving the customer journey efficiently and cost-effectively. Yet most are scratching their heads at where to even begin.

  • NetSuite for iPhone Mobile App Puts Mission Critical Business Processes in the Hands and on the Wrists of On-the-Go Professionals

    Have you ever needed to quickly access key business data right before going into a meeting with a client? If you have found yourself in that situation, not only are you a prisoner to the software systems that you use (good luck if you use on-premise software), but you can also be limited by the amount and type of information they make available on mobile. 

  • NetSuite Customers, Solution Providers, ISV Partners, and Industry Thought Leaders to Converge at NetSuite’s Sydney SuiteConnect

    Last year, the Australian government updated its Cloud Computing Policy, requiring non-corporate entities to adopt a cloud-first approach. That requirement part was significant. The last version of the policy, released in 2013, merely encouraged the adoption of cloud, providing guidelines to streamline procurement and migration, so the latest update demonstrated the momentum and importance of the cloud in Australia.

  • New SuiteScript 2.0 Training: Unleash the Power of NetSuite Customization

    SuiteScript has long been one of the most valuable and widely used tools in NetSuite. Thousands of developers and administrators have used SuiteScript 1.0 to customize and automate key business processes, empowering their organizations to run faster and more cost-efficiently.

  • Global Manufacturer Gets Lean, Streamlines Its Supply Chain with Move to the Cloud

    Success in B2B electronics manufacturing is simple in concept: Meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, speed, and affordability. Partner with the right contract manufacturers. Excel at innovation and global supply chain efficiency across all channels and time zones. 

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