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  • NetSuite Adds Supply Chain Features Based on Customer Insights

    Find out how NetSuite is using customer insights to add new supply chain features.

  • Here’s How Blue Microphones Scaled Up With Speed

    Learn about the story behind Blue Microphones' success and how they have scaled up with speed. 

  • Aspire Food Group Seeks to Cure Global Hunger One Cricket at a Time

    Discover how Aspire Food Group is helping solve some of the world's greatest problems by raising insects for mass consumption.

  • How to Ensure You Don’t Lose to Amazon

    Learn how you can stay competitive and relevant in today's Amazon world.

  • Hestra, Mystery Ranch and Toad&Co Focus in on Conservation at Outdoor Retailer 2018

    Read about the NetSuite Conservation Crawl launched by NetSuite, Hestra, Mystery Ranch, and Toad&Co at the Outdoor Retailer Show.

  • UK Life Sciences Firm Innovates on Ancient Practices, Manages Growth with NetSuite

    UK-based life sciences company BioMonde is changing how people think about treating wounds.

  • Latest NetSuite Release Introduces Quality Management

    Designing, manufacturing and delivering a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a companywide commitment. In the 17.2 release, NetSuite is pleased to introduce the Quality Management System (QMS), which has been designed to help deliver the highest quality products without the overhead typically associated with traditional QMS solutions. 

  • NetSuite Adds Container Management to Supply Chain Software

    Modern supply chain management invariably means dealing with multiple vendors, contract manufacturers and partners across multiple time zones and geographies. This often results in many of your assets ageing in-transit from one location / geography. Being able to track these is critical to maintaining your service level commitments.

  • Latest NetSuite Release Adds Customizable, Location-specific, Multiple-entity Bill of Materials

    Modern manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, many of them don’t physically manufacture anything themselves at all, choosing rather to focus on designing an awesome product and leaving the dirty work up to someone else. But regardless of who does the manufacturing, and where it is done, having the ability to create and communicate an accurate and flexible bill of materials (BOM) is an important foundational element of the product lifecycle.

  • Akustica Showcases the Future of Global Supply Chain Management

    From Internet of Things and machine learning to advanced business intelligence and new business models, the supply chain of today looks very different than it did even 10 years ago. At NetSuite we recognize these trends, embrace them as the future, and are adding more product functionality to help our customer capitalize on them. 

  • As Craft Beer Industry Explodes, White Labs Goes Global with NetSuite OneWorld

    Small and independent craft beer brewers grew eight percent in 2016 and now account for 99 percent of the 5,005 breweries in the country, according to the Brewers Association, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the segment. Meanwhile, there are now 1.2 million homebrewers in the US.

  • MotoAlliance Turns Family Business into Global Manufacturer, Outgrows QuickBooks

    Like many family-run businesses, MotoAlliance, a manufacturer and distributor of power sports accessories, had humble beginnings. Maury Kapsner, the president of the parent company M&L Industries, built a contract machining business and then started making accessories for all terrain vehicles (ATVs), such as bumpers and rack extenders under the name of MotoAlliance.

  • Precision Disposables Implements NetSuite in 59 Days, Gains Foundation for Sustainable Growth

    \When Bruce Capagli took over as COO of Precision Disposables, he knew exactly what he wanted to avoid in choosing an ERP system for the disposable medical goods startup.Decades of paying consultants for upgrades on already costly systems convinced him of the merits of cloud-based ERP. 

  • SuiteWorld 2017 Product Company Keynote: Full Speed to Next

    In the SuiteWorld 2017 manufacturing and wholesale distribution keynote, NetSuite Executive Vice President Jim McGeever details the challenges facing product-focused companies, what’s in store for the industry and how NetSuite is helping innovative manufacturers and distributors achieve their goals, including the SuiteSuccess industry solutions for manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Ready, Set, Next

    In his keynote for SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Executive Vice President details all the new features in NetSuite, including global expansion, industry solutions, omnichannel commerce, global supply chain automation, advanced bill of materials, time sheets in SRP, project profitability reporting, NetSuite for Agencies, NetSuite’s commitment to nonprofits, performance improvements, SuiteCloud platform enhancements, and new integrations between NetSuite and Oracle Planning and Budgeting.

  • Jim McGeever, Mark Hurd Promise More, More, More in SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Next Starts Now

    In the opening keynote from SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Global Business Unit Executive Vice President Jim McGeever shares what’s next for NetSuite and the industry. McGeever announces SuiteSuccess, a new industry cloud solution, and SuitePeople, core HR functionality built onto the NetSuite platform.

  • Full Speed to Next: SuiteWorld Reveals the Future for Manufacturers and Distributors

    Faster time to market, a need for rapid implementations and the shift to omnichannel are just a few of the things NetSuite is helping manufacturers and wholesale distributors account for and adapt to. All three took center stage at the industry-specific keynote address at the annual SuiteWorld 2017 conference recently. Indeed, rapid change is a significant hurdle for all companies in the space. 

  • Building a Unified Commerce Strategy

    B2B companies are looking for ways to develop their ecommerce experience to meet the demands and expectations of today’s customer. The B2B buyers of today have become accustomed to buying products through the mature online marketplaces, and as a result, have started to expect more from B2B websites. To meet these expectations, unified commerce should not be looked at as just a function – but an extension of your business.

  • It’s Full Speed to Next for Manufacturers and Distributors at SuiteWorld 2017

    NetSuite has been in the business of cloud ERP for nearly 20 years – from our beginnings as a startup above a small hair salon, to taking the company public and being acquired, NetSuite has seen plenty of change over with growth and innovation as the main constants. While some companies may have become complacent over those 20 years, NetSuite instead continues to throttle forward.

  • Growth With Purpose

    Noonday is one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. In the six years since its launch, the trajectory of the Fair Trade, direct sale jewelry business has earned the respect of titans of the start-up scene. Inc. Magazine recently named it the 45th fastest growing company in the country on its annual Inc. 5000. And in the hotbed of entrepreneurship, Noonday was dubbed (by the Austin Business Journal) Austin’s fastest growing business.

  • Manufacturing and Distribution in the Cloud: There's No Time Like the Present

    If you're reading this, then it's quite possible you've thought about how your business strategy should drive your cloud adoption, have put some thought into who your cloud partner should be, and may even be actively grappling with how to approach implementation. To which I say, there's no time like the present, as manufacturers and wholesale distributors are in the midst of a digital revolution.

  • Finding a Provider that Works With You is Critical to Cloud Success

    When the leaders of Sourcingpartner Inc. decided it was time to trade in a largely manual warehouse management process riddled with bottlenecks for a modern, cloud-based alternative, they knew their choice of a cloud provider was critical. As a key distributor to some of the largest office supply businesses in the world, for Sourcingpartner, operations during the back-to-school season must be flawless.

  • Industry Thought Leaders Predict Big Changes for the Supply Chain by 2020

    Two days, three keynotes and 2,800 attendees — the recent Modern Supply Chain Experience conference held in San Jose, Calif., had one primary purpose: to bring together the strongest minds in supply chain to uncover and address the top challenges facing today’s supply chain leaders. From the Internet of Things and predictive analytics to big data, new technologies are touching every part of the business – particularly the supply chain.

  • REBBL Partners With NetSuite to Manage Mission-Led Growth

    In the natural products market, buyers view their purchases not only as something they consume, but as a way they can give back. For many brands, this reality presents something of a paradox. Worthy missions and great products drive popularity, but meeting demand can distance the company from its original mission.

  • Manufacturing Agility and Innovation Earns Electronics Leader Industry Awards, Devoted Customers

    Ed McMahon, CEO of Epec Engineered Technologies, is a firm believer in the competitive advantage that manufacturers can gain by embracing agility and innovation across the organization, from customer-centric business processes to underlying technology. Founded in 1952, Epec designs and manufactures custom built-to-print products for all sectors of the electronics industry, from aerospace to medical devices, consumer electronics, measurement devices and industrial applications.

  • 5 Key Trends for Manufacturers in 2017

    The manufacturing world is evolving more rapidly than ever before and a bevy of externalities spanning political, global, technological and even demographic are bound to reshape this once static industry. From robotics to analytics to lean manufacturing, the way manufacturers ran in our grandparent’s era is dying out. In times like these, the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” simply does not cut it - to not risk changing is to risk failing. As 2017 begins, we’ve identified the five most important trends we see for manufacturers in 2017.

  • Getting Started with the Industrial Internet of Things

    Manufacturing is no longer about producing goods as cheaply as possible to meet the demands and price points of retailers. Today’s manufacturers are becoming far more reliant on a new raw material – data. As manufacturers become increasingly dependent on data and telematics to control and manage machinery, there is a need to gather and interpret data. Much of that data comes from sensors, something that manufacturers are all too familiar with.

  • Distributors Turning to Unified Systems to Improve Upsell, Cross-sell

    The US wholesale distribution market is estimated at $7 trillion and is growing at a rate of 5 percent per year. Every distributor wants a bigger slice of that pie but many struggle to retain existing market share. They need to constantly improve the efficiency of their operations just to maintain revenues.

  • Sourcingpartner Implements NetSuite in 95 Days, Ensures Successful Back-to-School Season

    Take a second to consider what’s more difficult – managing 32,000 parts in a 75,000-square-foot warehouse with legacy systems that frequently requires workers to track quantities by hand; or implementing a new warehouse management system in just three months to automate those processes and create efficiencies in time for the company’s busiest part of the year.

  • Saddleback Leather: Lessons of an Accidental Entrepreneur

    Dave Munson is not your typical entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather, a NetSuite customer and maker of high-end leather bags and accessories, doesn’t have a business background, nor did he spend his young adulthood dreaming up ideas for new products. Munson was a dedicated youth pastor, teacher and frequent traveler before starting Saddleback Leather.

  • Disruptive Technologies Drive Efficiency at Maclaren

    Staying ahead of the competition demands innovative thinking and speed in adopting new strategies and technologies. It often means being among the first to envision a new market, rethink a business model, or implement a strategic new technology. Successful companies welcome intelligent changes in their business.

  • Leading Biking Brands Driving B2C Ecommerce, New Customer Experiences in the Cloud

    Calum Davidson, Cofounder of 7mesh, knows his company’s goal of becoming one of the most respected brands in performance biking apparel starts with making a great product, but that ultimately requires getting that product in front of customers. And as independent, B2B-focused brands like 7mesh jockey for space in bike shops against larger outdoor brand distributors, they’re rethinking traditional wholesale distribution models and shifting more focus on selling direct to consumers.

  • Global Manufacturer Gets Lean, Streamlines Its Supply Chain with Move to the Cloud

    Success in B2B electronics manufacturing is simple in concept: Meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, speed, and affordability. Partner with the right contract manufacturers. Excel at innovation and global supply chain efficiency across all channels and time zones. 

  • Ray Wang and Shaw Industries’ Roddy McKaig Discuss Two Tier ERP and the Cloud in China

    In this video, R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation Research talks with Roddy McKaig, CIO of Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer about Shaw’s decision to launch a new plant in China on NetSuite. McKaig and Wang discuss the importance of a system that handles multiple currencies and languages, in a cloud architecture that didn’t require new systems and staff in every location. 

  • Philz Coffee Brewing Up Innovation One Cup at a Time

    Philz Coffee has grown from a single operation run by a coffee enthusiast to stores throughout the Bay Area with a vision “to have one store 1,000 times.” CEO Jacob Jaber explains how he’ll get there.

  • Move Over Best of Breed; Business Sellers Prefer Single-Stack Ecommerce Solutions

    As midmarket B2B sellers move toward ecommerce, those deploying single-stack solutions are experiencing far greater success than their peers using best-of-breed software, according to a new Forrester Consulting Report. 

  • The Three Challenges Outdoor Retail Brands are Turning into Opportunities with Cloud ERP

    Like the outdoor enthusiasts who use their products, outdoor retail brands dislike the comfort zone, and thrive on pushing themselves to innovate and deliver new experiences for their partners and consumers. 

    For today’s outdoor retail distributors, this genetic makeup is a perfect fit for the current business environment. 

  • Paper Products Manufacturer Fuels Business Growth with NetSuite

    The market for hygienic paper products is fiercely competitive, but Sanitary Care Products Asia (Sanicare) earns a growing share of its home Filipino market from global rivals with product differentiation and precise execution. The Taguig City, Philippines-based manufacturer backs its products with a simple, compelling message: clean paper from virgin wood pulp, without treatment by chlorine or artificial bleaching agents. 

  • Building the Future: SuiteWorld 16 Manufacturing Keynote

    In the first-ever manufacturing-focused keynote at NetSuite SuiteWorld, executives Jim McGeever, President and COO, and Paul Farrell, SVP, Product Marketing present "Building the Future: Delivering Competitive Advantage for the Modern Product Company." They discuss NetSuite’s momentum in manufacturing, future plans and customer success. 

  • Customers Cite Speed, Functionality for Success with NetSuite in Manufacturing, Distribution

    Speed, growth, evolving functionality – a trio of NetSuite customers took to the stage at the Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution industry keynote at SuiteWorld to discuss the importance of these traits in their business and the ways that NetSuite provides them with it. As the first industry NetSuite focused on, it’s perhaps little surprise that wholesale distribution took such a central role on the second day of the conference. 

  • Bailey Hydraulics Pumps Up Ecommerce Business with NetSuite

    In a highly competitive market with a wide range of competitors, both physical and online, ecommerce has become a vital channel for Bailey Hydraulics, a leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile hydraulic components .The Knoxville, Tenn.-based company sells its standard and custom products that include mobile hydraulic pumps, valves, motors and cylinders to a diverse customer base spanning thousands of consumers, dealers...


  • Uncertainty in the Forecast for Distributors

    The outlook for distributors in the coming year is both a good-news and a bad-news scenario. On one hand, distributors will benefit from lower energy costs and cheaper capital due to declining interest rates. But on the other hand is a slowing growth rate and declining corporate profit. Consumer spending is up, but commodity prices are declining. As finance consultant James Wager of Sikich LLP said, it's a classic "best of times and worst of times" economic future for the distribution industry.



  • Natural Product Businesses Grow Healthy on NetSuite


    The natural products industry is on a strong growth curve, and many once-small natural products businesses find themselves with big-business IT issues. That was the situation with Eco-Bags and, Evolving Nutrition, both of which are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible, all-natural products to their customers and enjoying a loyal, growing customer base in return. 

  • Natural Products Companies Manage Healthy Business Growth With NetSuite

    Organic, farm-raised, non-GMO, pesticide-free, no steroids and all-natural fibers…consumer demand for natural products has increased exponentially over the last decade, with new markets and types of products emerging every year. 

  • Modern Manufacturing Reborn in the Cloud

    Today was an important day for manufacturers struggling to cope with the pace of modern business while being burdened with legacy, on-premise applications built for last generation’s business problems. We are proud to announce the acquisition of IQity Solutions, a privately-held, cloud-based advanced manufacturing software solution natively built on the NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP platform.

  • Stark Choices Lie Ahead for Companies Using Legacy On-Premise ERP

    Businesses running legacy on-premise ERP software have some tough choices ahead. Their options: Stay put with the existing investment, or migrate to a new system entirely. Option One, Staying Put

  • Outdoor and Sporting Goods Companies Thrive in Cloud ERP

    People are turning to the great outdoors for sports and recreation in ever greater numbers. A 2015 survey by the Outdoor Foundation found that approximately 141.4 million Americans—nearly half the population—have participated in at least one outdoor activity...

  • Frost & Sullivan Details ERP Limitations that Hold Back Wholesale Distributors

    The wholesale distribution industry is undergoing radical changes. Technologies such as ecommerce, the cloud, mobile computing and the Internet of Things offer rich opportunities for improving business processes and developing new products and markets.

  • NetSuite Customer Free Flow Wines is the Toast of the SuperNova Awards

    The next time you order a glass of your favorite Merlot, make a toast to Free Flow Wines (FFW) of Napa, CA. FFW's innovations to wine distribution has made it possible for public venues like...

  • Integrating ERP and PLM in the Cloud Streamlining Operations for Manufacturers

    For far too long, integration between ERP and product lifecycle management (PLM) software has been of the ‘swivel chair” variety. Enter data into the ERP system, swivel to the other side of your desk and enter it into PLM.

  • The New Reality of IoT for Distributors and Manufacturers

    The emergence of intelligent, networked devices—aka the Internet of Things (IoT)—promises major change in many aspects of business. IoT is already being applied in manufacturing, distribution and logistics to do such things as monitor the environmental condition...

  • Cloud Procurement Makes Purchasing Easier and Smarter

    Procurement can be a cumbersome, complex business process for anyone. In Texas, like so many other things, it’s just bigger.

  • Liberty Bottleworks Grows with NetSuite (Video)

    Liberty Bottleworks is a perfect example of the resurgence in American manufacturing. Founded in 2010, the company was built by two outdoor industry veterans with nothing but a dream

  • Three Outdoor Sports Companies Reach New Heights with Cloud ERP

    More than 141 million Americans, or 48 percent of the U.S. population, participated in an outdoor activity at least once in 2014, according to The Outdoor Foundation’s 2015 survey of participation.


  • Made in America: U.S. Manufacturing Thrives on Innovation

    The images we have of American industry are often bleak -- shuttered plants, rusting steel mills and deserted Detroit neighborhoods.

  • Cloud the New Recipe for Success for Food and Beverage Companies

    There’s something special about manufacturers and distributors who sell food and beverages vs. those that produce other products. Not least of which is the fact that these products wind up inside the end customer.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer Streamlines Operations, Boosts Profits with Standard Costing Customisation

    Every morning, Simon Talbot, managing director at P3 Medical Ltd., a Bristol, UK-based medical device manufacturer, looks at a NetSuite dashboard with real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) of the company’s manufacturing facility in Bristol...

  • Big Agnes and Honey Stinger Blaze Trails for Innovation and Growth

    In the competitive outdoor sporting goods industry, the keys to business success are constant innovation and accurate insight into customers’ behaviors and market trends. Companies like Big Agnes, an award-winning camping and hiking gear manufacturer

  • Shaw Industries Gets That ‘Red Carpet’ Feeling at SuiteWorld

    Allen Stephens, IS Strategic Planning Group manager for Shaw Industries Group, believes SuiteWorld is a more genuine and personal experience than most industry gatherings by far.

  • Cloud ERP Boosts Manufacturers’ KPIs, Research Finds

    Moving to cloud-based business systems is bringing tangible benefits to manufacturers by enabling significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs), a recent study has found.

  • The Problem with Antiquated ERP

    Succeeding in any business, but particularly in the competitive outdoor retail business, is difficult enough without your financial system of record holding you back.

  • Epec Grows into Global Markets, Doubles Revenue with Cloud ERP

    Expanding internationally is a great opportunity for manufacturers to tap into new markets and source lower-cost materials. That has been especially true in the electronics industry, which relies on complex parts and specialized assembly processes, and where maintaining a low price is important for staying competitive.

  • Laguna Tools Grows into a Global Importer of Woodworking Tools Thanks to the Cloud

    For Laguna Tools, an Irvine, Calif.-based distributor of European and Asian woodworking equipment, the notion that more is better does not necessarily apply. Certainly not in its IT department.

  • Omnichain and the Manufacturing Cloud

    I recently authored an article in the Fall 2014 edition of Supply Chain World where I coined the term Omnichain. At the time it was one of those “aha!” moments where everything falls into place and makes sense.
    But what is the Omnichain?

  • Transforming ERP Key for Manufacturers and Distributors Hoping to Keep Pace with Change

    Modern manufacturers and wholesale distributors are undergoing a transformation of their markets and business channels, and they need to transform their ERP systems to keep up. Transforming ERP processes and IT systems means taking the time to understand existing business processes and re-creating them for better efficiency and optimal productivity.


  • P.L.A.Y.ing in the Cloud Leads to Success

    The mark of success for a business can be measured in any number of ways, but for a startup, you might say success is going from no customers to a fully operational company with 70 percent annual growth for the past four years.

  • Consumerisation Nation: The Future of Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

    The wholesale distribution and manufacturing sector has often, in the past, been criticised for its resistance to change and lack of technological innovation. This is fast changing. Today, companies like PAG Leisurewear are making incredible leaps and bounds adopting the latest technology.

  • EndoChoice® Offers Example for Fast-Growth Companies Moving to the Cloud

    The range of business cases justifying the cloud expands every day, but one prototype may illustrate the cloud's value more than any other: the young, fast-growing company.

  • Four Key Considerations for Distributors Hoping to Compete With AmazonSupply

    Wholesale distributors can expect variable markets, changing business models and steady, but fairly stable, economic growth in the year ahead, according to a recent report. One thing, however, is all but certain, AmazonSupply’s growing threat to the future of wholesale distribution.


  • Dynacraft One of the Few to Meet Rising Customer Demand for an Integrated, Seamless Experience

    Online shoppers today want it all. They don't just want fast shipping, or free shipping, or ready product availability, or the right to return a product bought online to a local store. They want ALL of those things and many others from manufacturers...

  • iAutomation Runs Its Business Like a Machine with NetSuite

    In industrial machinery, many complex moving parts and electronics need to come together for a machine to fulfill its mission, be it in manufacturing, packaging, custom tooling or other areas. The same is true for corporate mergers and acquisitions—to maximize value; disparate systems and processes need to be integrated and streamlined.

  • Cloud ERP a 10-year Journey for DiscTech

    Ten years ago the idea of managing a company from one, unified, cloud-based suite of applications would likely have seemed unfathomable to many. Jesse Menczer, CIO of DiscounTechnology, an independent distributor and value added reseller of...

  • Independent Distributors Can Take Key Steps to Compete with Larger Rivals

    It’s not easy being an independent distributor these days. They face constant competition from large national distributors, most of which have the advantage of multiple locations, more capital to support investments and the purchasing power to get volume discounts.

  • Ten Years with Cloud ERP Helps Allied Valve Flourish Amidst Oil Boom

    Posted by Barney Beal, Content Director, NetSuiteAn oil boom, cloud ERP and nimble adaptation to market conditions have made all the difference for one wholesale distributor.

  • Product Configurator Key Cog in B2B Ecommerce for CMP Corp.

    B2B ecommerce is one of the hottest trends in manufacturing and distribution, and CMP Corp. is staking its claim with an innovative website (www.cmpcorp.com) that includes an online product configurator that’s driving new revenue and business reach.

  • Sugar Producer Revamps its Operations to Enable Business Growth

    The tropical climate of the Philippines is ideally suited for the rapid growth of vast sugarcane crop. For decades, Roxas Holdings, Inc. has tilled the fertile soil to become the Philippines’ largest sugar producer, accounting for around 25 percent of the sugar production in the island nation...

  • Distributors Missing out on Marketing Automation are Missing out on Sales

    Most distributors know that they need to generate quality leads to drive their business, however most of them are underutilizing marketing automation. In fact, distributors are often unaware of the value of marketing automation...

  • Competing with Amazon in B2B Commerce IS Possible

    The decision to sell online is no longer one of “IF” or even “WHEN” for B2B suppliers. The decision distributors need to make today is “HOW FAST” – because the new arena for competition today is in B2B ecommerce and—just as we saw happen with B2C ecommerce—the B2B market is rapidly falling under the dominion of Amazon.com.

  • Cloud Applications Cutting Costs and Driving International Growth for Midmarket Manufacturers

    For most mid-sized manufacturers, doing business internationally has become a fact of life. Manufacturers today sell products to, and buy supplies from, all over the world. That requires navigating diverse markets, currencies, languages and regulations, while managing all of the business processes that cross corporate departments.

  • Lightspeed Boosts Customer Satisfaction, Optimizes Inventory with NetSuite, DDMRP

    It turns out a NetSuite-powered approach to materials resource planning can help ensure that all students can clearly hear their teacher and fellow students.

  • Shaw Industries Outlines its NetSuite Two-Tier ERP Investment

    Shaw Carpets’ CIO Roddy McKaig and Allen Stephens, Shaw’s Manager, IS Strategic Planning, laid out their ERP-driven international business expansion story in a keynote address and dedicated session at SuiteWorld 2014 this week.

  • The Ecommerce Features B2B Buyers Demand

    B2B ecommerce companies that don’t quickly adapt to the new reality of rapidly evolving expectations of B2B customers will soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage and miss out on a huge opportunity.

  • IDC Offers Predictions, Advice for Manufacturers Moving to Omnichannel Commerce

    IT analyst firm IDC recently released its manufacturing predictions and it’s clear that omnichannel commerce is going to have a profound effect on the market for the foreseeable future.

  • Five Keys to Achieving Omnichannel Success

    Retailers, distributors and manufacturers are all quickly coming to understand the importance of omnichannel commerce -- the need to have an integrated system, shared data and consistent services across every customer channel.

  • The New Normal: B2B Customers Expect a B2C Experience: Webinar Takeaways

    GoPro, the world's leading activity image capture company, knows a thing or two about scaling distribution. Available across the world with wide distribution, GoPro already knows what a lot of manufacturers and wholesale distributors are just discovering...

  • Manufacturers and Distributors: How to Do Ecommerce Right

    Ecommerce has been a boon to retailers, enabling them to enter new geographical markets, attract customers who prefer to buy online or at off hours, and compete successfully with much larger retail chains.

  • IDC Manufacturing Predictions Have a Familiar Ring

    International Data Corporation (IDC) recently published their top 10 predictions for manufacturing in 2014 and the #1 prediction in particular caught my attention...

  • EndoChoice Leverages Ecommerce to Disrupt the Gastrointestinal Supplies Market

    Gastrointestinal disruption…now that doesn’t sound good. For EndoChoice, a company manufacturing gastrointestinal (GI) devices, diagnostics, infection control and imaging for GI specialists, it’s fantastic.

  • Earth-Kind Removes Legacy Software Infestation, Grows with NetSuite

    Earth-Kind, the maker of the first natural rodent repellent EPA certified for indoor use, has a culture that’s easy to say -- “lean, mean and green,” -- but far harder to adhere to.

  • Today’s New Normal: Why Distributors and Manufacturers Need to Think About B2B Ecommerce Now

    The traditional model of distribution is rapidly changing. It’s a whole new ballgame for manufacturing and distribution than it was 10 years ago. Today, B2B customers increasingly act like consumers with the desire for self-service tools and instant access to product information through their mobile devices.

  • Three Levels of Maturity for Manufacturers in Omnichannel Commerce

    Online reviews, price comparisons, online product videos and feedback via social media – all available instantly, in-store from a smartphone – have profoundly changed the consumer purchasing process. Add in same-day shipping and expectations around a seamless, consistent experience across channels and both ordering and return processes and many manufacturers are struggling to adapt.

  • Manufacturing in the Cloud: TEC Certified for Discrete Manufacturing

    I joined NetSuite in August, 2010 as a solution consultant (i.e. demo guy) in the manufacturing vertical. At that time, all of the verticals were relatively young at NetSuite (the company had just switched to a “verticalized” model the year before) but I think it’s safe to say that manufacturing was a bit of a new adventure for us.

  • TEC Certifies NetSuite's ERP for Manufacturers

    Manufacturers need their ERP systems to handle all aspects of their business. That includes everything from demand planning, costing, inventory and shop floor operations to HR, financials, marketing and sales. Unfortunately, not all ERP suites provide this full range of functionality. The good news: NetSuite's cloud ERP for Manufacturers supports all the functionality needs of discrete manufacturers.

  • Soligent Powers Business Growth Via The Cloud

    To grow their markets, distribution companies often face the challenge of providing more products and services options to their resale partners and customers. To do that, they need ERP systems flexible enough to support these increasingly complex packages. A case in point is Soligent, the largest distributor of solar panels and equipment in the U.S.

  • Data Physics Celebrates a Decade of Growth with Cloud Computing

    If you're debating the benefits of cloud-based computing, consider the experience of Data Physics Corp., a San Jose, Calif.-based manufacturer of vibration and sound testing and measurement products for a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to electronics and engineering.

  • NetSuite Cloud Making an IMPACT on Manufacturing, Uptime

    Increasingly, manufacturers are looking toward their ERP systems, more specifically cloud ERP systems, to help spur efficiency. This was clearly on display recently at the IMPACT Manufacturing Summit in San Antonio, Texas where NetSuite was both a sponsor and presenter.  I had the chance to share how manufacturers around the globe are transforming their operations and winning new business with cloud ERP.  I presented along with one of NetSuite’s many manufacturing customers, TrueBlue P...

  • Helping Distributors Unleash Innovation Amidst a Storm of Disruption

    Wholesalers and distributors are facing the “Perfect Storm for Mass Disruption” in the wholesale distribution marketplace, and the only way to weather the storm is with innovation. Consider the following two disruptive forces creating this storm: 1. The previous generation of business owners, buyers and contractors in your customer base is being replaced by new tech-savvy web and mobile users.

  • Where’s SAP’s Commitment to the Cloud?

    There’s no need to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about SAP’s commitment to the cloud. SAP (or “The Mothership” as one of my colleagues likes to refer to them) does just fine all by itself. Over the last few years, analysts and industry observers have questioned SAP’s cloud commitment.

  • Enabled Commerce: B2B Ecommerce and Manufacturing Webinar

    The speed at which manufacturing companies go to market is dramatically increasing and changing the traditional manufacturing model. Customers expect to be able to research and purchase a manufacturer’s product online as well as locate a store or authorized distributor quickly and easily. Distribution companies want to be able to place online orders with their negotiated pricing.

  • NetSuite and Frost & Sullivan to Address the Australian Ecommerce Gap

    Talk about a disconnect. Online retail sales in Australia are expected to surge to $25 billion by 2015, up 39% from 2013, according to the research consultancy Frost & Sullivan. And yet just one-third of the 77,000 retailers in Australia accept orders online.  The implications are clear.

  • Distributors Must Evolve to Meet Threat of Google, Amazon

    Distributors today are at a crossroads, and which direction they take will have serious consequences for their long-term survival. The next few years will be critical for distributors to start adopting Ecommerce and other related digital technologies before their competitors do. That is the message from a recent UnleashWD webinar in which I participated in along with three other distribution industry experts.

  • Three Obstacles to Global Success for Distributors

    Doing business in a global economy demands a high degree of flexibility. It’s not uncommon for a distributor to have to manage orders and payments in different currencies, tax rates and government regulations, as well as fulfill and ship products across international borders. Additionally, most companies, regardless of size, are no longer based in one location and there is a need to provide anytime, anywhere access to real-time data on transactions, accounts and shipments.

  • Innovation in Manufacturing, Distribution in Bicycling on Display at Interbike

    The biking industry is alive with innovation. No more clearly was this on display than at the recently-concluded Interbike 2013, North America’s largest gathering of the bicycle industry to celebrate, educate and conduct the business of cycling. As I walked the floor of the convention center.

  • NetSuite August Tweets Tout Customers

    As the Summer of 2013 unfortunately draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favorite tweets in August, a month that saw some big customer wins, happy users, compelling customer success stories and yet another recognition for our professional services automation software.Those are a number of big wins outthere @NetSuite- impressive! The #PaaSwars are going to get better http://t.co/oDLVLnUdPi—Aditya Kamalapurkar (@aoladi) August 13, 2013Tearing into NetSuite FinancialReport writing. ...

  • How Pet Companies Are Leveraging the Cloud for Competitive Advantage

    Posted by Ranga Bodla, Director, Industry Marketing, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing at NetSuite According to the American Pet Products Association, U.S. consumers are expected to spend $55.53 billion on their pets in 2013. Part of this growth is driven by more people adopting pets, but a big part is coming from continued innovation in the market with new products catering to a pet lover’s every need.

  • Cloud Computing Helping Australian Manufacturers Compete in Downturn

    Australian businesses may face a challenging period ahead as the mining investment boom declines and commodity prices, which have buoyed the Australian economy, fall thanks to the stalled Chinese economy. However, economists expect these developments, along with a decline in Australia’s currency, to be a boon for the manufacturing sector. Australia’s manufacturing sector has been in decline for years —struggling to compete with manufacturers from low-cost emerging countries and hampered by a str...

  • Significant Efficiencies Await Manufacturers That Automate Processes, Revitalize ERP

    Manufacturers may be reaching an inflection point in their slow but steady march toward modernization of their planning, production, and accounting processes, according to some recent researches. For example, Software Advice, an online marketplace and evaluator of business software, surveyed more than 2,000 manufacturers over the past year about their software buying plans and found that the majority — 60% — are in the process of replacing their old paper- and spreadsheet-based methods of tracki...

  • NetSuite’s July Twitterati

    With major partnerships, big plans for China, more recognition for Zach Nelson and more! July was no lazy summer month for NetSuite. In fact, it was downright busy.NetSuite customers, employees and friends were all there to capture and share the NetSuite experience on Twitter.

  • Software Maintenance - Another Reason to Move to the Cloud

    In February, SAP decided to increase the price of standard support on new contracts, just the latest step in the company’s troubled relationship with maintenance and its customers. A few years ago, customers fought back on SAP's attempts to impose a maintenance fee increase by forcing all customers to move from standard support to enterprise support -- a 22% hike. After a public outcry, SAP backed down.

  • How 3D Printing Will Transform Manufacturing, the Global Supply Chain

    Toward the end of Sound City, Dave Grohl’s new documentary about the famous LA recording studio, Mick Fleetwood laments the technological advances that have changed the face of music production, leading people to believe they can do it all on their own. People are much happier, Fleetwood contends, when we work with others. The manufacturing industry could be on the verge of the same conundrum with the advent of 3D printing.

  • Four Reasons Why Cloud EDI Makes Sense

    Sooner or later, growing businesses that participate in supply chains will need to transmit and receive electronic data interchange (EDI) documents with trading partners. Many small manufacturers and distributors encounter EDI requirements when they connect with national distributors and retailers. Others need the accountability EDI brings to supplier arrangements.

  • Top Tweets from #NSW13

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 is behind us, and before we start looking ahead to next year’s event, it’s worth taking a look back at the connections, the lessons and the fun that was had at the most recent gathering of customers, partners and press. Some of the keynote addresses have already appeared. Here’s a look back at some of the many tweets that attendees shared.I really love the community that@netsuite has built around its financial platform @iangertler @malinhuffman#SuiteWorld — Jon Ferrara #...

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Future Technology for Transforming Your Business

    At SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite’s own Dark Knight and CTO, Evan Goldberg, described how NetSuite is helping businesses transform and realize their vision. In the video from the event, Goldberg explains the enhancements NetSuite is making to the product, including new mobile capabilities, NetSuite StickEase, drag-and-drop importing of records to NetSuite files tabs, and what’s coming in the new user experience overhaul. He outlines coming billing, global financials and multi book accounting function...

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • Global Trends are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing is once again going through a transformation, but this its time focused not on costs, but innovation. A recent Harvard Business School (HBS) survey found manufacturing companies were the businesses most active in undertaking programs and initiatives to boost U.S. competitiveness.

  • Manufacturing in the Cloud: “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”

    Avid readers of my blog posts will no doubt have picked up on my musical taste as leaning towards rock / alternative. But if you were to hit random play on my iPad you might be surprised at the spattering of all genres including rap, R&B, folk, pop and jazz. My parents were keen ballroom dancers back in the day (like many of that generation—that’s where they met…) and regularly attended competitions with yours truly in tow.

  • Could Your Snow Sports Business Run Better in the Cloud?

    A number of businesses in the highly-competitive market for snow sports gear and apparel are finding that running their business in the cloud is helping them keep pace with larger competitors. Far too often, smaller organizations are forced to dedicate crucial personnel to managing IT applications instead of driving the business. Cloud computing can change the equation for snow sports specialty brands and enable business success.

  • Readers React

    The NetSuite Blog gets its fair share of reader comments. Periodically, we like to share some of the more interesting and useful feedback we get on the blog. Below are some recent comments we received, ranging from DDMRP to cloud security.

  • Wholesale Distribution Companies Find Success in the Cloud

    Every week, we hear from more and more wholesale distributors interested in what cloud business management can do for their companies. That’s in line with results from our recent survey, “The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2012,” which found that 42 percent of wholesale distributors would be sizing up cloud technologies in the near term as a way to increase efficiency. Naturally, some wholesale distributors are apprehensive about transitioning from the on-premise systems they’ve used...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: DDMRP and the Death of a TLA, Part 4

    Demand-driven materials requirements planning (DDMRP) is more than just an idea, it’s an approach delivering real results. In the preceding posts in this series I’ve discussed why material requirements planning (MRP) needed a bit of a shake-up, the concepts behind DDMRP and the similarities between some of NetSuite’s native tools and the visual messaging concepts required to execute a DDMRP solution. One of the unique things about DDMRP is that we are being presented with not just a theoretical ...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: DDMRP and the Death of a TLA, Part 3

    In the last blog post we discussed the compatibility of NetSuite’s native electronic signaling (reminders, etc.) with some of the basic principles of demand-driven materials requirements planning, aka DDMRP. To take that a step further, DDMRP specifically uses multiple color-codings to signal inventory positions to the planner: We can accomplish this in NetSuite through a variety of native features, including color highlighting on saved searches: Traditional MRP solutions typically will res...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: DDMRP and the Death of a TLA, Part 2

    I don’t know about you, but I’m really all about look and feel, so my reluctance to jump on the material requirements planning (MRP) bandwagon --and its resulting pages upon pages of unintelligible outputs -- really isn’t all that surprising. Let’s go back a few years to when I was interviewing with NetSuite. I’d been keeping an eye on them for a while because I loved the cloud concept, and before I made up my mind whether to join I asked to see a demo.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: DDMRP and the Death of a TLA, Part 1

    ERP, MRP, ATP, APS, CTP, SCM, CRM, WMS, TMS… The software (and business) world is full of Three-Letter Acronyms (TLAs) that we tend to throw around as a way of telling people that we know what we are talking about. Come on, admit it—you’ve done it too, hoping you’re the one who can throw out a TLA that requires explanations such as… “So in that way the demand plan will then generate your supply plan which is essentially your MPS…” (quicklook around and pause for effect) “…Master Production Sched...

  • Manufacturing & Distribution: It’s All About the Cloud and Logistics

    Recently I have seen a few wonderful articles about the state of the wholesale/distribution and manufacturing industries and the growth of the cloud. One article from software strategist Louis Columbus highlighted recent Gartner research that found cloud computing was the third highest priority for CIOs for 2012 through 2015: Interestingly, Gartner’s research found that manufacturing companies and distribution companies are about to accelerate their embrace of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (Sa...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Exposing the Fake Cloud

    Writing, blogging is of course a creative process and it’s funny the things that cause the initial spark and may end up being a full-fledged blog. I write most of my blogs over the weekend for some reason… probably because my overactive brain is looking for something to do without demos to prep for. This particular blog I can trace back to a particular moment in time.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Future Looks Bright

    As previously discussed, NetSuite has two major releases annually (cleverly named .1 and .2 respectively) and we just completed the upgrade process—so all of our customers are now on the 2012.2 release of NetSuite. From a manufacturer’s perspective, there are several highlights in the 2012.2 release: Manufacturing Work in Process Manage your shop floor activities with finer control with the new Manufacturing Work in Process (WIP) functionality. This new functionality adds a multi-step process, w...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Meet ’n Greet

    I've been doing these “Manufacturing the Cloud” blogs for around a year now. How quickly time flies! Let me see.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Walking Dead

    One of the first authors that I got into as a teenager was Stephen King and the book that got me there was The Stand, a classic tale of post-apocalyptic survival ending in a fight between good and evil. So you probably won't be surprised to learn that my favorite show on TV the last couple of years has been AMC's zombie series, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead starts with our hero, Rick Grimes, waking from a coma in a hospital to be greeted by a world ravaged by zombies.

  • What We All Learned From The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012

    Last month, we sponsored and took part in the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 trade show. It was NetSuite's fourth trip to an Outdoor Retailer show, and we were there to help support our new outdoor category customers, including HydroFlask, Solio and X-1, as well as a number of other exhibitors who have been using NetSuite for years. Being on the show floor, talking to people in the outdoor industry and thinking about their business challenges really cemented why I find the outdoor wholesale...

  • Avoiding Supply Chain Risk by Moving to the Cloud

    There is much debate within organizations whether to adopt the cloud or to just maintain their current on-premise systems. Although many companies have already made the leap, a huge chunk of the market is holding back, citing risks around security and privacy. And so the debate continues.

  • The Network is the Manufacturer

    Once, manufacturers and distributors could win market share and margin by “inventing a better mousetrap”, or being just a little better capitalized than the next guy. That doesn't work anymore. Everybody knows everybody, and what's more, everybody knows how to make whatever it is you make.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Fore!

    Yes, it’s that time of the year again – The Masters is over and the golf courses are starting to get busy again. Depending where you live of course, the golf courses may be open year-round: but that would spoil my storyline… Being from Scotland originally, I started golfing when I was around 6 and a couple of years later became a junior member of the golf course where my dad played: Hilton Park just a bit north of Glasgow. One of the things that I like best about golf is the concept of it being ...

  • Yogi Berra and the Wholesale Distribution Industry

    Yogi Berra, the Hall of Fame New York Yankees catcher, might be more famous for his nonsensical aphorisms than for the .285 batting average, 358 home runs and 13 World Series rings he accumulated in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. One of my favorite Yogisms: “Ninety percent of the game is mental—the other half is physical.” Why is that a favorite? Because my role here at NetSuite covers the wholesale distribution industry, and Yogi’s blithe remark describes wholesale distribution to a tee.

  • Manufacturing The Cloud: 24 minutes between friends

    There has been much prognostication about NetSuite’s industry leading 99.5% uptime guarantee. As detractors and observers will rightly comment: "that translates to nearly 44 hours of unplanned downtime per year. That is almost 2 full days of ‘allowable’ outage".

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Objects in the Rearview Mirror

    “Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.” – Jim Steinman I grew up listening to the music of my older brother and sister, which in the Davidson household in ’70s Glasgow, Scotland, meant a steady diet of what we now call classic rock but in particular AC/DC, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Meat Loaf and UFO (who by the way recorded the best live album ever, “Strangers in the Night,” but that’s another story), to name a few. Then the 1980s came around and as everything got ...

  • The Power of Ecommerce

    I can hear you thinking, "With a headline like that, what’s next… is he going to tell us about the power of the Internet and the magic of jet airplanes?" Actually, the headline is only half the story. The other half is, “…when connected to underlying business applications.” Imagine ecommerce as part and core of your ERP, CRM and even supply chain management applications and processes. Imagine being able to see the full customer lifecycle and ecommerce seamlessly triggering order and fulfillment,...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: It’s a SuiteWorld After All…

    Anyone who has taken their children to Disney will probably have also taken them to the “it’s a small world” ride. The theme song has become one of the most well-known tunes of all time and was originally written and composed in 1964 by the Academy Award-winning team of brothers Richard and Robert Sherman at the request of Walt Disney, who wanted a simple song that could be easily translated into many languages. So excuse the artistic license in replacing “Small World” with “SuiteWorld,” but aft...

  • SuiteWorld 2012: A Focus on Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution and Software Verticals

    The verticalization of cloud ERP is one of the hottest trends in the industry, and it’s in the spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012, May 14–17 in San Francisco. If you’re a NetSuite customer or partner in manufacturing, wholesale distribution or the software industry, SuiteWorld is your best opportunity of the year to build your knowledge, network with industry experts and peers, and learn what’s new (and in the pipeline) for NetSuite industry solutions. We’ve put together in-depth sessions for manufact...

  • 2012 Is the Year that Manufacturing Gets SaaS-y

    Over the last three years, NetSuite has been conducting benchmark surveys on the state of the business within the mid-market manufacturing industry. This year’s survey was conducted in January 2012 to understand how manufacturers were feeling about the outlook for their business for 2012. The exciting news is that the majority of respondents reported significant optimism for growth in the future.

  • Modern Business Dilemma: When Is Now Now?

    I’m a big fan of Mel Brooks and his schticky parodies, such as the 1987 cult film “Spaceballs.” In one classic scene, the Spaceballs character Dark Helmet gets comically hung up trying to understand when is “now now.” Every time I see that clip, I’m reminded how it parallels the challenges of business decision-making and how you could replace the parody with a typical business meeting. Instead of Dark Helmet and his rambling confusion over “now” and “then” (check out the YouTube clip), you can i...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Location, Location, Location

    With changes in the global economy making it increasingly difficult to plan anything long term with any certainty, the ability to be agile and to change plans quickly and cost-effectively becomes all the more important. NetSuite is inherently agile and not just because of our configurability (as covered in my last blog) but because your company information is centrally managed with reduced infrastructure. Ownership of data is a question often raised by prospects during a sales cycle.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Platform 9 ¾

    One of my favorite pieces of creative writing has been the outrageously popular Harry Potter series. In particular, I’ve always appreciated how the author managed to weave little pieces of realism into the story by referencing common elements of modern society to offset the wild and wonderful world of wizardry. Take for example the concept of taking a train to Hogwarts, and only being able to access that train from a special platform — platform 9 ¾.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Air Conditioned Server Room

    So it looks like cloud computing is here to stay after all. Like most innovations, there are a few early adopters while the majority sit back and look on with interest to see where it’s all going to go. Evolution is a pretty cool thing—just ask Darwin.

  • The Impact of Services Resource Planning

    Back in the 1980s, a new concept was introduced to manufacturing companies—one that defined a method for centrally coordinating all the resources and moving parts that make up a manufacturing company. No longer would individual functions need to be managed in disjointed systems, files, spreadsheets and so forth. Instead, data, material inventories, budgets, orders, human resources and more would all be centralized.

  • Supply Chain Networks: Help Us Help You Untangle the Hairball

    Supply chains are neural networks interconnecting a multitude of players and provide value to customers through products and services. Supply chain networks can be formal or informal, simple or complex, and interconnected by a wide variety of technologies.  Supply chain durability and resilience determines the success of a supply chain throughout time.  Unforeseen market, infrastructure, political, regulatory and/or environmental situations can and will interrupt the smooth flow of inf...

  • Is a Warehouse Management System Right for You?

    A Warehouse Management System (WMS) refers to the combination of people, technology and other resources that handle the receipt and distribution of inventory to meet customer demand at appropriate service levels. The WMS will identify appropriate activities or tasks, monitor performance and simplify operations. The system is designed for optimization of inventory, space, equipment and labor.

  • The State of Manufacturing in 2011

    During the first quarter of 2011, NetSuite conducted a benchmark survey on the state of business within the mid-market North American manufacturing industry. The exciting news is that the majority of respondents reported significant optimism for growth in the future. More than 75% believe their business will improve in the near term, and almost 98% reported that they believe their business will either improve or remain steady—a dramatic and significant improvement over results NetSuite saw in it...

  • In Manufacturing, Momentum Swings Toward the Cloud

    What a difference a couple of years makes in the manufacturing industry. It wasn’t that long ago that cloud computing was considered to be some faraway future vision for manufacturing. Meanwhile, many manufacturers were offshoring production to reduce costs, and the sector seemed to be in decline.

  • Record Number of NetSuite Partners Expected at SuiteWorld 2011

    With less than two months to go before the big event, NetSuite has already surpassed 1,000 registrants for SuiteWorld 2011 and the number of customers, partners and developers just keeps growing. While SuiteWorld 2011 is NetSuite’s first user conference, it follows on the heels of last year’s successful SuiteCloud partner-only conference. And SuiteWorld this year includes dedicated content for the NetSuite partner ecosystem.

  • Learn Vertical Best Practices at NetSuite SuiteWorld

    We hope by now you’ve registered for SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s upcoming user and partner conference in San Francisco, May 8-12, 2011.  This promises to be a jammed-packed event with not only great customers from North America, Asia and Europe sharing their best practices within the industries of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, services, software, and ecommerce; but also key members of NetSuite’s product management, professional services, and partner community. I am responsible for the i...

  • SuiteDreams for Dummies

    Wiley Publishing just released NetSuite for Dummies. Now, NetSuite end users can rest easy knowing that the book is generally available at most large retail bookstores and on Amazon.com.  The book is designed to help users quickly maximize their investment in cloud ERP, by providing a comprehensive overview of NetSuite and, in some sections, detailed instructions on specific topics, in an easily digestible format.   (Wiley; ISBN: 978-0-470-19107-1; $24.99) Using the book as a guide, re...

  • In Manufacturing, Avoiding the Million Dollar Mistake

    Industry analyst Dan Woods recently published a white paper called “The Million Dollar Misperception” that examines some of the mistakes mid-size manufacturing companies make in their efforts to scale, grow and expand. A Forbes columnist who heads CITO Research, Woods delivers valuable analysis and insights into what he calls the “waves of change” that are rocking manufacturing. (Download your copy of the white paper here).

  • SAP Brings Stone-Age Software Economics to Cloud Computing

    The appetite for cloud computing applications among businesses today is dramatic, with leading analyst firms like IDC, forecasting cloud computing to grow six times faster than all software over the next few years.  With more and more companies turning their backs on stone-age on-premise software that’s expensive to buy and run, it’s no surprise that the old on-premise vendors, like SAP, that became addicted to peddling multi-million dollar ERP deployments are frantically trying to jump int...

  • SuiteApp Spotlight: Bringing Cloud Content Management to NetSuite with Box.net

    Did you ever send a document to a customer only to find out it did not include the last edits from a colleague because those are still stuck in your inbox? You store a lot of business information in NetSuite and use NetSuite to collaborate with colleagues around that information. Can NetSuite also help you to collaborate around - say - spreadsheets?