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  • Blockchain: The Heart of Digital Transformation

    Find out why blockchain will be at the heart of digital transformation for businesses in the next three to five years.

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Past the Hype Cycle?

    Are blockchain and cryptocurrency just another set of tech buzzwords? Sand Hill East CEO Andy Brown thinks not.

  • World Series Champion Lou Piniella Reveals 3 Similarities in Baseball & Business

    Know the similarities between baseball and business as discussed by World Series Champion Lou Piniella.

  • CEO of Sand Hill East Offers Executive Primer on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

    Learn about the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency as discussed by Sand Hill East Founder and CEO Andy Brown.

  • Confused About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? Read On.

    Learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and how both can potentially impact your business.

  • Learn to Grow Like Ed “Too Tall” Jones

    Former Dallas Cowboy Ed "Too Tall" Jones shares lessons learned at Grow Live Dallas.

  • Chris Paul Talks Growth through Teamwork & Selflessness at Grow Live Houston

    Chris Paul joins Grow LIve Houston and discusses basketball, teamwork, Beyonce and the National Basketball Players Association.

  • Steiner Sports, Ring Lead the Way as Growth Reigns in New York

    Missed SuiteConnect East? Catch up on the opening keynote, customer growth stories and more.

  • Staying Off the Worst IPO of the Year List from ICR’s Tim Dolan

    Learn what your company needs to prepare to have a successful initial public offering (IPO).

  • 4 Steps to Becoming NetSuite Certified

    Want to get a NetSuite Certification? Start by reading this blog.

  • Six Critical Steps in Launching a Successful IPO

    Learn what fast-growing companies need to prepare for to launch a successful initial public offering (IPO).

  • 6 Key Trends for Business and Technology Decision Makers in 2018

    Find out the six technology trends that businesses must take into consideration in 2018.

  • IDC Insights: Selecting the Right ERP System Critical to Support Future Growth

    Digital Transformation (DX) is fundamentally changing businesses, allowing them to transform their decision making, which is enhancing their business outcomes significantly. Digital transformation is an enterprise wide, board-level, strategic reality for companies wishing to remain relevant or maintain or enhance their leadership position in the digital economy. 

  • IDC Marketscape Names NetSuite a Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Finance and Accounting Applications

    Following up on an IDC Marketscape report in which NetSuite was named a Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP Applications, the research firm has placed NetSuite in the Leaders Category in another report.The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Finance and Accounting Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment (doc #US42218017, September, 2017) names NetSuite a Leader. 

  • BI and Baseball at SuiteConnect: World Champions, Dashboards and the Magnus Effect

    Statistical analysis has long been a part of baseball. From following box scores and batting leaders in the daily newspaper, to the evolving emphasis on pitch counts and the creation of new stats in the “Moneyball” era, to advanced analytics that now measure things like Wins Above Replacement Player and UZR fielding zones, teams have long used statistics to try and gain an edge.

  • Hurd to Goldberg: NetSuite Might be the Most Exciting Acquisition Oracle’s Ever Done

    Less than a year after it was acquired by Oracle, NetSuite was on the main stage at Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco last month. NetSuite Founder Evan Goldberg was joined on the stage by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd to discuss the strategy and plans for the combined business moving forward. Much like his address at NetSuite’s own SuiteWorld conference in April, Hurd’s message was about more – more investment in development, sales and global expansion.

  • Jerry West’s Lessons in Leadership from SuiteConnect

    Jerry West, NBA champion, Hall of Fame player, successful executive and literal icon of the league, shared the lessons he’s learned about leadership and success at the recent Oracle OpenWorld and SuiteConnect events this month. West’s illustrious 14-year playing career was spent solely with the Los Angeles Lakers, taking over as coach after he retired from the game. 

  • SuiteConnect at OpenWorld Offers a Little Something for Everyone

    After more than 17 years of building a system on which to run a business in the cloud, NetSuite has a unique and intimate view of the way business is run across fast growing companies in all industries. It serves product-based businesses, services businesses and those that are a combination of both. In fact, NetSuite now counts at least one customer in all 1540 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

  • Built to Run a Business: NetSuite’s Secret to Customer Success

    A key factor in NetSuite’s success from Day One was the overarching goal of the company. NetSuite was built to run a business. The suite includes many outstanding capabilities, built in from the ground up, including: pure cloud architecture; built-in Business Intelligence; customization framework; ecommerce; and more.

  • An Inside-Out Approach to ERP can Deliver a Modern Customer Experience

    For businesses today still running siloed, departmental solutions of yesterday, there are daily challenges meeting the needs of the modern consumer. The answer for many is to turn their ERP system inside out. Consumers today have virtually unlimited options for researching and purchasing products, with online sales and new digital channels providing not only transparency into pricing but the actual shopping experience for millions of shoppers around the world.

  • Beware the Icebergs in the ERP Selection Process

    That iceberg the size of Delaware now floating free isn’t the only one people need to worry about these days. There’s a virtual armada of icebergs out there today taking the form of legacy ERP providers. These ERP icebergs show many of the same characteristics as their Arctic counterparts. 

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Ready, Set, Next

    In his keynote for SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Executive Vice President details all the new features in NetSuite, including global expansion, industry solutions, omnichannel commerce, global supply chain automation, advanced bill of materials, time sheets in SRP, project profitability reporting, NetSuite for Agencies, NetSuite’s commitment to nonprofits, performance improvements, SuiteCloud platform enhancements, and new integrations between NetSuite and Oracle Planning and Budgeting.

  • Jim McGeever, Mark Hurd Promise More, More, More in SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Next Starts Now

    In the opening keynote from SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Global Business Unit Executive Vice President Jim McGeever shares what’s next for NetSuite and the industry. McGeever announces SuiteSuccess, a new industry cloud solution, and SuitePeople, core HR functionality built onto the NetSuite platform.

  • NetSuite Reveals New Global Initiative, SuitePeople HR Software, SuiteSuccess Customer Success Model at SuiteWorld17

    Opening its annual SuiteWorld conference in a new city, as a new entity operating as an independent business unit, NetSuite shared what’s next for the business with approximately, 6,000 customers, partners and industry influencers. And in the words of Executive Vice President of NetSuite Global Business Unit Jim McGeever, next starts now.

  • NetSuite Among the Top 25 Public Cloud Companies to Work For

    In business since 1998, NetSuite has won plenty of awards. Some reflect the depth and versatility of the software while others reflect the transformative results we help deliver to our customers. Others still, reflect the positive work environment we strive to create, maintain and improve upon.

  • NetSuite Continues its Commitment to Grace Hopper Conference

    There’s a special feeling when you walk into the Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Conference. As a woman working in technology, usually when you walk into a room, you're in the minority. Here it's the complete opposite. Simply put, it's a different feeling when you are with other technically-minded women and think, “I’m not alone.”

  • SuiteWorld 16 in Review: Being Bold, Transforming Industries

    With 8,000 attendees from over 50 countries and 160 breakout sessions, there was an abundance of insight, best practices and inside tips for everyone involved. For those who couldn’t make the event and for those just couldn’t fit everything in, we’ve assembled all the coverage from the NetSuite blog in one location.

  • Girl Geek Dinner Serves up NetSuite's Commitment to Diversity

    When a colleague attended the Amazon Web Services conference in Las Vegas in 2012, he was struck when looked around at a session entitled “AWS Security” and noticed that among the roughly 500 people in the room there was not a single woman...

  • Will the Pace of Regulatory Change Drive Cloud Adoption?

    Regulatory risk and heightened regulatory scrutiny continued to rank as the top concerns for businesses in 2015, with 67 percent of respondents to a recent survey by the consulting firm Proviti saying it would have a significant impact on their businesses.

  • How Does NetSuite Fit Gartner’s Definition of Postmodern ERP?

    From its origins in manufacturing resource planning to the move from the mainframe to client-server to its migration to the cloud, ERP software has gone through plenty of change.

  • Women in NetSuite Promoting Positive Change with New U.S. Maternity Policy

    Companies everywhere are recognizing the essential and unique role of women in business and technology, and at NetSuite we’re thrilled to be championing changes that will support more roles for women in leadership at our company.

  • Every Day Can Be SuiteWorld: Let’s Keep the AMP Fire Going

    SuiteWorld 2015 last month in San Jose, Calif. was a showcase for our customers. Throughout the event, innovative companies shared how they are using NetSuite to transform their businesses and to lead disruption in the vertical markets they serve.

  • Retail Experts Share Their Advice on Keeping up with Modern Consumers

    Intelligent order orchestration, beacons, mobile POS and constantly evolving customer expectations that retailers “know them” are just a few of the things that make succeeding as a modern retailer incredibly challenging.

  • Cloud-based SRP Shows Bottom Line Benefits for Services Organizations, Research Finds

    For anyone who doubts the impact that cloud-based services resource planning (SRP) products can have on a professional services organization, Jeanne Urich, managing director of Service Performance Insight Research, offered some compelling evidence during her talk earlier this month at NetSuite's SuiteWorld conference in San Jose, Calif.

  • CIOs Doing More than Keeping the Lights On with Cloud

    One of the themes established early and often at this year's SuiteWorld conference is "disruption." And make no mistake; disruption is everywhere one looks in business today, as companies grapple with disruptive business models, disruptive channels and disruptive technologies.

  • SuiteWorld Offers Fresh Perspective Into NetSuite Best Practices for ESET

    Over the decade that antivirus software maker ESET has been a NetSuite customer, the company hasn't just been a regular at SuiteWorld. It's presented at the annual conference, been an active participant in both NetSuite's user group and its customer advisory board, and has even served as a customer referral.

  • Advertising, Media and Publishing Set for Epic SuiteWorld: Disrupt or be Disrupted

    It’s no stretch to suggest that digital has impacted the advertising, publishing and media industry more than any other. It’s what makes working in these fields so challenging – and so exciting.

  • SuiteWorld a Cloud Family Reunion

    With more than a decade at NetSuite, SuiteWorld has the feel of an upcoming family reunion.

    In fact, from where this show -- and this company – started, it’s almost unimaginable the amount of growth that’s occurred. But when more than 7,000 people walk through the doors of the San Jose Convention Center, it’s going to be great to see them all.

  • Partners Like NXTurn Keep up with the Speed of Change at SuiteWorld

    As a veteran of nearly a decade worth of SuiteWorlds, Dave McGee is all too familiar with just how much the annual gathering of NetSuite customers, partners and solution providers can focus and energize a business.

  • SuiteWorld Brews up the Right Mix of Networking, Education for KegWorks

    For John Cirocco, the Vice President of Operations and Information Technology at KegWorks, SuiteWorld is part networking event, part learning experience and part public presentation.

  • Customers Share Why They Switched from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite

    The decision to replace an existing ERP system is never made lightly. Indeed, the time, expense and business upheaval of transitioning systems can scare away companies that confront all manner of business process bottlenecks, limits on growth and inconsistent data with incumbent systems.


  • How Long can Early Cloud ERP Adopters Maintain Their Unfair Advantage for?

    Companies running their ERP system in the cloud have a distinct advantage over their competitors thanks to its ability to scale rapidly, roll out to new subsidiaries or divisions easily and the freedom from software and hardware maintenance that it supplies.

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hyper-Growth Organisations

    There is no blueprint for establishing and running a successful company. However, even in the tough economic times we have faced over the last few years, there have been a number of organisations that have set themselves apart from the competition. Going from strength to strength these organisations include well-known brands such as Hailo, Orlebar Brown and GoPro.

  • The Cloud Changing the Role of the CFO

    If you’re a CFO starting at a new business and don’t want to be called a bean counter make sure you prove your business partner worth to your colleagues. A key to achieving this is to leverage the cloud.

  • Sea to Table Lands Business Transformation After 10-years on NetSuite

    Over a 10-year relationship, Sea to Table and NetSuite have both seen name changes and rapid growth and demonstrated that the right cloud ERP system can not only help to manage a business, but to help transform it.

  • Medical Supply Depot Details its Website Performance Improvements with NetSuite Best Practices

    Faster websites can mean higher search engine rankings, better customer conversion rates and, ultimately, increased revenue.

  • NetSuite-DocuSign Partnership Helps to Close Deals Faster

    Deals that use to take weeks have been cut down to minutes. “How?” you ask? A power-partnership known as DocuSign for NetSuite.

  • How to Gain Competitive Advantage in an Integrated ASEAN Market

    The ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are steadily moving towards the vision of a truly integrated ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. The ultimate goal is to transform ASEAN into a unified trade and investment bloc, with free movement of goods, services, investment, labor and capital, thereby making development more equitable among neighboring countries, improving the region’s competitiveness (especially versus the larger economies of India and China...

  • Company Viability, History Critical Considerations in the Cloud

    For all the promises of future functionality, product roadmaps and vision, one of the most important areas to evaluate a software vendor on – particularly a cloud business software vendor – is its track record. As the hype around cloud computing reaches a fever pitch, one of the big cloud computing trends is vendors across the spectrum cloud washing their products, even as startups are emerging daily. Yet for companies ready to invest heavily in a cloud product, especially their critical busines...

  • NetSuite August Tweets Tout Customers

    As the Summer of 2013 unfortunately draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favorite tweets in August, a month that saw some big customer wins, happy users, compelling customer success stories and yet another recognition for our professional services automation software.Those are a number of big wins outthere @NetSuite- impressive! The #PaaSwars are going to get better http://t.co/oDLVLnUdPi—Aditya Kamalapurkar (@aoladi) August 13, 2013Tearing into NetSuite FinancialReport writing. ...

  • Who’s afraid of ERP upgrades?

    The charts below represent the results of a survey by the Aberdeen Group asking ERP decision makers about their plans for an ERP upgrade. What is wrong with these charts? It’s not a trick question – if you’ve identified nine questions that shouldn’t make sense when applied to your business, you’ve hit the bull’s eye!

  • NetSuite OneWorld Drives Global Taxi System's Fast Growth

    Need to hail a cab from your mobile phone in New York, London, Dublin or Toronto? Hailo's global taxi app for Android and iPhones makes that possible in cities across the globe -- with the back-office help from NetSuite's OneWorld.  Hailo, a London-based company with 11 international subsidiaries, connects Smartphone users needing a taxi ride to the closest available taxi, via a downloadable AP and GPS tracking.  The concept has proved popular with both customers and taxi cab firms, en...

  • NetSuite’s July Twitterati

    With major partnerships, big plans for China, more recognition for Zach Nelson and more! July was no lazy summer month for NetSuite. In fact, it was downright busy.NetSuite customers, employees and friends were all there to capture and share the NetSuite experience on Twitter.

  • Software Maintenance - Another Reason to Move to the Cloud

    In February, SAP decided to increase the price of standard support on new contracts, just the latest step in the company’s troubled relationship with maintenance and its customers. A few years ago, customers fought back on SAP's attempts to impose a maintenance fee increase by forcing all customers to move from standard support to enterprise support -- a 22% hike. After a public outcry, SAP backed down.

  • New Zealand Customers and Partners to Take Part in Inaugural NetSuite Cloud Forum in Auckland

    2013 for NetSuite has been all about growth so far. Apart from the slew of acquisitions and partnerships, NetSuite‘s focus is to increase its presence internationally. Australia, one of the biggest international markets for the cloud, continues to be a key market to NetSuite’s global success.

  • Four Reasons Why Cloud EDI Makes Sense

    Sooner or later, growing businesses that participate in supply chains will need to transmit and receive electronic data interchange (EDI) documents with trading partners. Many small manufacturers and distributors encounter EDI requirements when they connect with national distributors and retailers. Others need the accountability EDI brings to supplier arrangements.

  • Top Tweets from #NSW13

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 is behind us, and before we start looking ahead to next year’s event, it’s worth taking a look back at the connections, the lessons and the fun that was had at the most recent gathering of customers, partners and press. Some of the keynote addresses have already appeared. Here’s a look back at some of the many tweets that attendees shared.I really love the community that@netsuite has built around its financial platform @iangertler @malinhuffman#SuiteWorld — Jon Ferrara #...

  • Jim McGeever’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Tuxedos and ERP from the Inside Out

    Why was NetSuite COO Jim McGeever wearing a tuxedo at SuiteWorld 2013? In this recording of NetSuite Chief Operating Officer Jim Mcgeever’s keynote from SuiteWorld 2013, he explains his attire, what NetSuite and James Bond have in common and “ERP from the inside out.” Watch as McGeever describes the benefit of NetSuite as a company’s central data hub, unified billing and the power of OneWorld at multinational companies like Land O’ Lakes and how it can be combined with SuiteCommerce. McGeever al...

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Future Technology for Transforming Your Business

    At SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite’s own Dark Knight and CTO, Evan Goldberg, described how NetSuite is helping businesses transform and realize their vision. In the video from the event, Goldberg explains the enhancements NetSuite is making to the product, including new mobile capabilities, NetSuite StickEase, drag-and-drop importing of records to NetSuite files tabs, and what’s coming in the new user experience overhaul. He outlines coming billing, global financials and multi book accounting function...

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • NetSuite Sees Promise of the Cloud in EMEA Channel

    The EMEA region continues to be a growing and thriving part of NetSuite’s channel ecosystem and a recent Partner Day event at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Marlow, Buckinghamshire demonstrated the level of excitement and innovation for Cloud-based solutions in the region. We invited our EMEA partners to join us at the NetSuite Partner Day for updates on 2012 business results, future product plans, and new marketing campaigns. The event was also a great opportunity for partners to share their exp...

  • Piracle brings Automated Check Printing to NetSuite

    The NetSuite ecosystem continues to enhance the core product and the user experience with functionality that make the user’s jobs easier and their business run better. The latest enhancement is a NetSuite integration that’s helping to take the time, hassle and expense out of check writing. For consumers familiar with online banking, automatic payments and deposits, writing checks by hand may seem quaint, but for most businesses it’s the way things are still done.

  • Cazoomi Brings ‘beautiful harmony’ to Second Mile Water, Integrating NetSuite and Online Donation So

    Donations are the lifeblood of most charity organizations and allowing seamless, hassle-free donations can make a big difference in bringing them in.NetSuite Solution Partner Cazoomi is helping one of the newest NetSuite.org charity grantees Second Mile Water in its work to end water poverty by integrating its online donation process with its NetSuite system using SyncApps®. Second Mile Water, a nonprofit organization led by Founder & Executive Director Travis Ramos, is dedicated to not only...

  • A Dozen Reasons for Retailers to Attend SuiteWorld 2013

    Retailers today face constant change, with new technologies and customer demands constantly emerging. The advent of mobile commerce, social media, customer behavior tracking and personalization, along with omnichannel shopping present fresh challenges to retailers. To give NetSuite's retail customers a leg up on the competition, it is presenting an entire track of sessions devoted to retail at SuiteWorld 2013, May 13-16 in San Jose.  Each of these 12 dedicated retail–focused sessions i...

  • Why Multi-tenancy in the Cloud Matters

    The hype around cloud computing has been going on long enough that even the derogatory term for it -- cloud washing -- is several years old. Yet, with companies left and right fabricating their own cloud supremacy -- what we’ve termed the False Dawn of the Fake Cloud  here before -- buyers are left to sort through the fog. That’s why explaining the merits of multi-tenancy matter.

  • NetSuite in the Twittersphere: Acquisitions, Media Coverage, and Toolkits

    NetSuite has an active and engaged community of followers, customers and fans on Twitter. Today we’re highlighting some of the feedback, comments and shout outs we saw in the last quarter. To keep up to date with the NetSuite Twitter community, be sure to follow us @NetSuite.

  • Philz Coffee, Serving Customers via the Cloud – One Cup at a Time

    It seems like every time I turn around there’s a hot new coffee shop serving the best beans and the best coffee in town. For some it’s about cost, for some it’s about the beans, and for others it’s about the freshness, but for Philz Coffee the story is different. If you don’t know Philz, it had its start in the Mission District of San Francisco and since 2003 has been taking a “customer-centric” approach to coffee, one cup at a time.

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • Seven Ways Finance Teams Are Being Overworked, and How To Fix It

    Accounting and finance teams are being asked to do more than ever to provide actionable analytical insights and help solve business problems on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the haphazard growth of business systems often gets in the way, and the end result is that financial professionals are being overworked and struggling with financial software systems that are simply not up to the task. Here are some of the most painful ways finance teams are being overworked today: Financial professiona...

  • Cloud ERP in 2012: The Competitive Landscape

    Clearly 2012 was a big year for Cloud ERP. More providers than ever were declaring their commitment to the platform, all while sending some mixed signals as to their true intentions. For a company built on the cloud from the ground up -- strange as that might sound, it’s the truth -- watching the competition struggle with adapting to the new business model all while trying to maintain their legacy business makes for an interesting read.

  • SAP Raises Maintenance Again, Highlighting Benefits of SaaS

    Under surprising, but maybe not unexpected news, Frank Scavo and Jarret Pazahanick revealed today that SAP is again raising its fees for maintaining software it already sold. SAP has done this before. Four years ago, SAP eliminated its low-cost maintenance option (scroll down to bypass registration).

  • Matrix commerce, the perfect order, NetSuite and Retail Anywhere

    For a while now R “Ray” Wang, CEO and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, has been discussing what he calls matrix commerce, a shift in business focus from the transaction to the engagement process. Here’s how he describes it in a recent research report: Matrix commerce describes the processes, technologies and business models emerging at the intersection of omni-channel distribution, payment technologies, demand signals, supply chains, frictionless enablers and Big Data to deliver on a...

  • The Business Suite Advantage

    Dozens of islands of data. Thousands of spreadsheets. Licensing, maintenance and hardware upkeep costs for countless pieces of software.

  • Enterprise Transformation in the Cloud with NetSuite

    NetSuite is increasingly the platform of choice not simply to manage business processes and accounts in the cloud, but to completely transform enterprise strategy in ways that would take years longer with conventional software. Some of the biggest brands on the Forbes 2000 see NetSuite as their best way forward to success in the highly competitive global marketplace of the 21st century. You will find NetSuite at the heart of the revolution at one of the nation's biggest clothiers, which is about...

  • Wholesaler’s ERP Customization Pays Off with Stock Management Software

    Fresh Produce Group, an Australian wholesaler, has seen approximately $1 million in cost savings a year since installing NetSuite. The company runs NetSuite across the business, from financials to inventory management, through the sales process and even tracks stock issues with Netsuite’s case management functionality. Aside from the significant savings, Fresh Produce Group was able to build a couple of modules for its specific business, thanks to NetSuite’s easy ERP customization.

  • Looking at the Promise of 2013 and Software Horror Stories

    December blog posts tend to focus around two things, looking back at the year that’s passed and looking ahead at the year to come. This one will do both. For me, the last year -- and the nine before it -- focused on covering the market for enterprise applications where I worked as a reporter and editor at TechTarget.

  • NetSuite Training, Channel and NetSuite.org Reflect on 2012, look to 2013

    The past year was a big one for NetSuite and the coming year promises to be even bigger. In the spirit of the season, some of NetSuite’s executives took a look back at 2012 and a look ahead at 2013. NetSuite’s Channel Moves Upstream This was a real bellwether year for traditional, on-premise Solution Providers to move to the NetSuite cloud, with Blytheco setting the tone early, and many significant firms/VAR100 firms following.

  • Two-Tier ERP the Swiss Army Knife for the Enterprise

    I will engage with anyone, anywhere about the reasons NetSuite is a suitable end-to-end solution for any enterprise, regardless of size. But companies can benefit from our capabilities without turning off all of their other systems. The most obvious application of NetSuite as a targeted solution is the growing adoption of two-tier ERP, when NetSuite is rolled out to divisions or worldwide subsidiaries while headquarters stays on the incumbent ERP system.

  • BYOD — What’s the Fuss?

    As consumer tech continues to develop, more and more employees are using their own smartphones and tablets in the world of work, while resisting—or simply not making use of—corporate devices that their organisation has supplied. While employees may find they are more productive, this phenomenon poses a number of questions to a business, the first of which is: “Do we embrace building an environment in which BYOD (bring your own device) is accepted?” This decision will determine whe...

  • For UK Wholesale Distributors, a £16 Billion Opportunity in Direct Sales

    High Street footfall continues to decline thanks to the damp squib of an English summer and the Olympics did little to console retailers. It seems that business leaders in the UK wholesale market were right to think conservatively about their sales growth, with recent research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) showing that over a third of wholesale distribution (WD) companies expect growth to remain static or shrink over the next year. However, there is light on the horizo...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Walking Dead

    One of the first authors that I got into as a teenager was Stephen King and the book that got me there was The Stand, a classic tale of post-apocalyptic survival ending in a fight between good and evil. So you probably won't be surprised to learn that my favorite show on TV the last couple of years has been AMC's zombie series, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead starts with our hero, Rick Grimes, waking from a coma in a hospital to be greeted by a world ravaged by zombies.

  • Bet Your Future in the Cloud

    The global marketplace is transforming the way Australian manufacturers and distributors need to operate as their future survival is being determined by global influences that cannot be ignored. The hard truth is that we operate in a truly global marketplace and if Australian businesses don’t make necessary changes to their business models to join this marketplace, they risk disappearing all together. Factors out of the control of these businesses have provided the greatest threats, particularly...

  • Join Frost & Sullivan and NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson in Singapore for the 2012 Cloud Tour!

    We’re heading to Singapore for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour! Join us on Tuesday, October 16, at the Raffles Hotel for an exclusive forum featuring Frost & Sullivan and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. Frost & Sullivan will unveil new C-level research that investigates the key challenges facing Singapore organizations and examines why the consumerization of IT is making multichannel operations an imperative for businesses.

  • NetSuite Teams Up with The Australian Financial Review for the 2012 Cloud Tour—Register Now!

    The destination is set for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour. On Tuesday, October 9 in Sydney and Thursday, October 11 in Melbourne, we invite everyone to join us for an exclusive forum featuring The Australian Financial Review and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson is also set to speak at the event on the current approaches, findings and real-world experiences of cloud adoption and the advancement of the next generation of c...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: 2 Tier or Not 2 Tier...

    ... Yes, that is indeed the question. This week finds your avid blogger manning the NetSuite booth at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

  • Why are the World’s Most Game-Changing Companies Standardizing on Cloud ERP?

    The new generation of leading companies think, act and operate differently and are changing the dynamics of business.  The most innovative companies are growing at meteoric unprecedented rates, winning market share, and transforming industries. Kiva, who has revolutionized the micro-finance industry, supports the distribution of more than $300 million in loans to entrepreneurs in 55 countries.  Splunk pioneered the new “Big Data” space and continues its success with a recent IPO on NAS...

  • Cloud Computing Open Doors for Multichannel Retailing in Australia

    Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. When they interact with a retailer, they make few distinctions between brick-and-mortar stores, online or other channels. They want to shop whenever and however they please, through any channel—and they want a great experience every time.

  • Cloud Computing: Debunking the Myths

    For the past couple of years, the IT world has seen the increasing popularity of cloud computing, easily becoming 2012’s most talked about business software solution. More and more organisations have chosen to adopt the cloud to some extent. In Asia Pacific alone, a 2011 Frost & Sullivan survey indicated that cloud computing has emerged as the #1 priority for a significant number (38%) of businesses.

  • Real-Time Analytics: What High-Tech Firms Need to Know, Right Now

    Recent research calls the business intelligence (BI) market one of the fastest-growing sectors in today's tech industry, which means more and more organizations are realizing the value of deep insight into performance. We consistently hear from our software and high-tech customers that real-time analytics, is a particularly high priority. For example, no sector consistently demands and embraces our dashboards more than our software clients.

  • Omnichannel Commerce: Are You Ready?

    Welcome to the age of omnichannel commerce. Just a few years ago, shoppers who used multiple channels did so one at a time, usually for separate transactions. But today, they move fluidly across websites, smartphones, tablets, social media, call centers and brick-and-mortar stores, giving rise to the omnichannel phenomenon that is here to stay.

  • Two-Tier ERP: Embrace the Cloud Faster

    Someday, all business will run in the cloud. That's the vision NetSuite was founded on, and that's the reality we have worked to help our customers achieve. Today, things are a little more complicated, which is why a growing number of larger companies are taking a two-tier approach to cloud ERP.

  • Taking Your Business Overseas? Pack Your Passport, and Cloud Financials

    Expanding your business to new markets is exciting on many levels. But once the thrill of new potential and new cultures wears off, you are left with a very important, utilitarian problem—how will we keep track of profit and loss in this new office, in this new currency, with this new set of tax and regulatory requirements? In the past, the solution was typically to extend a complex corporate ERP system to the satellite office, or adopt a regional accounting package and go through the cumbersome...

  • SaaS Ready in Latin America

    When NetSuite started its business back in 1998 with the vision of bringing the power of traditional applications used by the world's largest enterprises to smaller companies via the web, the Internet itself was just starting in Latin America. In 1999 Latin America had only 5.7 million users (1.3% of the total population) and it wasn’t until the late 2000s that Brazil, one of the strongest online markets in the region, would see its first broadband connections. In recent years, however, hug...

  • Outdoor Retailers Thrive with the Cloud

    These are incredibly exciting times in the outdoor retail industry. Innovative products, high consumer demand and an almost audible buzz on social media are driving growth in all sorts of outdoor markets, from bicycles to camping and mountaineering gear to sleek and richly functional GPS units and audio-visual equipment. The industry’s exuberance will be on full display on August 1–5 in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show, with hundreds of vendors showcasing th...

  • Are London Businesses Ready, Set, Go for the Olympics?

    You would need to have been hiding under a rock not to know that the Olympics will shortly be arriving in London. With record levels of tourism and trade expected, you would imagine that this would present numerous opportunities to the capital’s thousands of businesses, yet whether this influx is actually beneficial for London’s typical business is up for debate. In fact, a recent CBI report showed that only a quarter of companies in London expected to benefit from the Olympics.

  • Making THE Revenue Recognition Rule Work for Your Business

    More than two years have passed since the revenue recognition rule came into effect. Formally, I'm talking about the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) rule EITF 08-01, but because of the sweeping and significant changes it made to the way revenue from high-tech and multi-element products sales is recognized, at NetSuite we refer to it simply as the revenue recognition rule. Certainly, it has created new and complicated accounting obligations for a wide range of businesses—not just high...

  • Manufacturing The Cloud: 24 minutes between friends

    There has been much prognostication about NetSuite’s industry leading 99.5% uptime guarantee. As detractors and observers will rightly comment: "that translates to nearly 44 hours of unplanned downtime per year. That is almost 2 full days of ‘allowable’ outage".

  • NetSuite’s Ability to Help with Conflict Resolution

    Some clients are tightening up their conflict policies, making it increasingly challenging for ad agencies to grow their businesses. According to AdAge, when Marriott recently chose to consolidate its buying power, it created a conflict policy that moved from a typical restriction against having Hilton as a client to a list of competitors ranked by tiers. To win the business, WPP’s MEC had to resign from some rival business in Asia Pacific.1 As agencies try to find revenue growth and as mar...

  • Six Keys To Preparing for a Successful High-Tech IPO

    Taking a company public is one of the most professionally and personally rewarding opportunities for a business leader, particularly in high growth tech and software industries. It can also be fraught with risk, pain and even public humiliation if mishandled—a quick browse through the business pages makes that perfectly clear. Tech IPOs can be soaring successes, with the right planning.

  • New Study Shows Marketing Agency Optimism Is Tempered by Concerns over Rising Service Levels

    With the UK announcing in April its return to recession, businesses across all sectors are vying to be as efficient as possible to maximise the chances of growth and profitability in the months ahead. Service agencies face a specific set of challenges here due to the fact that many give away time for free, unlike other industries that bill every pound. This is something agencies have grappled with for many years, but with the focus on profitability in a very uncertain economy, it’s something tha...

  • Summer Doldrums: An Opportunity to Assess Next Steps for Your Professional Services Organization

    In preparing to write this post, I was searching for a thought that might prompt you to action during the time of year when warm weather and greater daylight beckon many of us to vacations and more outdoor, non-work activities. “summer doldrums” popped into my head. As this seemed counter to my association of summer as a period of increased activity, particularly having lived on the East Coast, New England and the Midwest where colder winters drove many indoors, I did a little checking.

  • The Power of Ecommerce

    I can hear you thinking, "With a headline like that, what’s next… is he going to tell us about the power of the Internet and the magic of jet airplanes?" Actually, the headline is only half the story. The other half is, “…when connected to underlying business applications.” Imagine ecommerce as part and core of your ERP, CRM and even supply chain management applications and processes. Imagine being able to see the full customer lifecycle and ecommerce seamlessly triggering order and fulfillment,...

  • Customer Successes in the Spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012

    Customers tell us that they gain tremendous value by hearing directly from leading NetSuite users on how to excel with cloud business management—best practices, lessons learned and tips to drive efficiency. That’s why customer successes will be in the spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012. Our annual conference features 10 breakout sessions with real-world NetSuite customers covering topics ranging from financials to sales and marketing, dashboards and analytics, and global NetSuite OneWorld deployments....

  • SuiteWorld 2012: A Focus on Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution and Software Verticals

    The verticalization of cloud ERP is one of the hottest trends in the industry, and it’s in the spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012, May 14–17 in San Francisco. If you’re a NetSuite customer or partner in manufacturing, wholesale distribution or the software industry, SuiteWorld is your best opportunity of the year to build your knowledge, network with industry experts and peers, and learn what’s new (and in the pipeline) for NetSuite industry solutions. We’ve put together in-depth sessions for manufact...

  • 2012 Is the Year that Manufacturing Gets SaaS-y

    Over the last three years, NetSuite has been conducting benchmark surveys on the state of the business within the mid-market manufacturing industry. This year’s survey was conducted in January 2012 to understand how manufacturers were feeling about the outlook for their business for 2012. The exciting news is that the majority of respondents reported significant optimism for growth in the future.

  • Running NetSuite OpenAir? Three Big Reasons to Attend SuiteWorld 2012!

    SuiteWorld 2012 is the must-attend event of the year for businesses running NetSuite OpenAir, as well as for companies running NetSuite Advanced Projects. Why attend? Well, it’s the one event this year where you can get trained on NetSuite OpenAir, get best practices from fellow services professionals, network with experts and peers, and find out about some of the latest product features.

  • Modern Business Dilemma: When Is Now Now?

    I’m a big fan of Mel Brooks and his schticky parodies, such as the 1987 cult film “Spaceballs.” In one classic scene, the Spaceballs character Dark Helmet gets comically hung up trying to understand when is “now now.” Every time I see that clip, I’m reminded how it parallels the challenges of business decision-making and how you could replace the parody with a typical business meeting. Instead of Dark Helmet and his rambling confusion over “now” and “then” (check out the YouTube clip), you can i...

  • Competitiveness of Many Asia Pacific Countries Tied to Cloud Computing

    The Business Software Alliance in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently came out with a study that assessed the competitiveness of various countries in supporting a strong IT production sector as measured by indicators such as legal environment, human capital and R&D spending. The study gives decision-makers insight into how the investments that countries make in education, infrastructure, regulation and other enabling factors contribute to the competitiveness of th...

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: SuiteCloud Platform

    With the countdown to SuiteWorld 2012 under way, we’ve been using this blog to highlight some of the ten tracks (featuring more than 100 sessions) that will be featured at our second annual global conference for NetSuite customers, partners and developers on May 14–17. This post takes a look at the conference track on the SuiteCloud platform, but first, here are links to previous posts on the tracks for financial management, supply chain and CRM. Look for more posts in the near future about...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Location, Location, Location

    With changes in the global economy making it increasingly difficult to plan anything long term with any certainty, the ability to be agile and to change plans quickly and cost-effectively becomes all the more important. NetSuite is inherently agile and not just because of our configurability (as covered in my last blog) but because your company information is centrally managed with reduced infrastructure. Ownership of data is a question often raised by prospects during a sales cycle.

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: CRM

    It’s more challenging than ever for both B2C and B2B companies to keep their customers happy.  With mobile devices, social media and an abundance of channels, customers are connected like never before. Are your sales, marketing and support teams connected to your customers—or are they managing by guesswork and losing opportunities and business?

  • Rising to the Challenge: Productivity in Accounting and Finance Organizations

    As part of a strategic partnership, NetSuite recently worked with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) on joint research to better understand the key trends and challenges facing accounting and finance organizations. Based on a survey of 1,726 IMA members conducted from September to December 2011, researchers identified the most critical challenges faced by accounting and finance teams today.  To share the results of this research of finance and accounting professionals, we recentl...

  • The Operations Role in a Consulting Firm

    The NetSuite team spends tons of time talking to our consulting/professional services customers about operations responsibilities. We tend to focus on the areas where we solve problems—improving profitability, increasing utilization and automating back-office processes (timesheets, expenses, invoicing, etc.) One of our newer account representatives asked me about the typical resource management expert at a consulting firm, and while discussing the topic, we identified two camps: Partnership firm...

  • SuiteWorld Sneak Peek: Financial Management in the Cloud

    Want to broaden your knowledge of NetSuite’s financial management functionality? There’s no better opportunity than to join us at SuiteWorld 2012, May 14–17 in San Francisco. Whether you’re a CFO, accounting manager or front-line staff, you’ll gain insights to boost your productivity in our SuiteWorld track on financial management and the NetSuite OneWorld global business solution.

  • How Outdoor Brands Are Leveraging the Cloud for Competitive Advantage

    In late January, NetSuite was a sponsor of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, a major event in Salt Lake City, Utah, that showcased products from companies in the outdoor recreation industry. NetSuite has been successfully servicing outdoor companies as our cloud-based business management software solutions allow these retailers to gain competitive advantage in what is an increasingly difficult space to gain visibility and differentiation.  Cloud computing (where key applications to manage...

  • The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2012

    The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2012 During the last quarter of 2011, NetSuite conducted a benchmark survey on the state of business within the mid-market wholesale distribution industry. The exciting news is that the majority of respondents reported significant optimism for growth in the future. More than 69% believe their business will improve in the near term, and almost 99% reported that they believe their business will either improve or remain steady—a dramatic and significant imp...

  • Benchmark Yourself Against Other Professional Services Organizations

    At this time of year, many people make and break New Year’s resolutions. Some even keep them. These resolutions, however, are typically considered for our personal lives.

  • Cloud ERP: Freedom to Move, Freedom to Innovate

    People use iPhones and other mobile devices in all sorts of ways—texting, phoning, listening to music, watching movies. But to a large majority of business professionals, these devices and others like them, including today’s ever-lighter laptops, mean one thing more than any other—freedom to move.  Think about it. Just a few years ago, the idea of telecommuting was more a dream than a reality, partly because it was hard to do.

  • Can ERP Keep Up with the Speed of Business?

    Thanks to the web, today’s local startup can become tomorrow’s global competitor—literally. A good business idea and a strong web strategy can create a new market almost overnight. At the same time, that good idea can be quickly swamped by more nimble competitors if it has to drag an outdated ERP infrastructure along behind it.

  • Businesses Still Gambling with Outdated ERP

    Every month, we see more evidence that companies are suffering as a result of being locked into outdated ERP systems. A study published last week by the Technology Evaluation Centers IT research consultancy identified that 55% of mid-market organisations are unable to make data and business process changes to their ERP systems due to the costs associated with outside IT consultation. The research concurs with an earlier Forrester study that found 50% of ERP customers are stuck with aging ERP tha...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Air Conditioned Server Room

    So it looks like cloud computing is here to stay after all. Like most innovations, there are a few early adopters while the majority sit back and look on with interest to see where it’s all going to go. Evolution is a pretty cool thing—just ask Darwin.

  • Old ERP: Gambling with Regulatory Compliance

    Rules, rules and more rules. You know the drill. While your company is doing its best to compete in its industry, it’s also trying to stay current with a seemingly never-ending barrage of accounting and regulatory challenges.

  • The IMA Survey: Issues Facing ERP

    Where Would You Improve your ERP? What would you most like to change about your ERP system? Where does the cloud fit in your roadmap?

  • Where’s the Innovation?

    It’s well known that enterprise IT wants and deserves to play a more strategic role in company business operations and planning.  That means becoming more proactive than reactive, aligning IT with your company’s strategic objectives, and finding new ways to put IT innovation to work in building your company’s competitive advantage. The problem is, you can’t do all these things without greatly expanding your budget or substantially cutting costs.  Five years ago this problem might have ...

  • The End of On-Premise Version-Lock

    For as far back as one can remember, it seems like enterprise IT departments and finance teams have simply dealt with the ongoing frustrations, time-sink and risks caused by upgrading their on-premise ERP systems. Large budgets are set aside, top IT talent is redeployed to get the work done and teams of consultants are paid handsome contracts to map out a logical ERP upgrade strategy. Risk is managed through long hours and hard work, and then, upon actually upgrading to the new software, more ti...

  • Solving the Pain of Professional Services Project Management

    Professional services is by definition a project-based business. Services firms can have dozens of projects in the pipeline at any given time. Executing those projects on time and on budget is critical to business success.

  • Sage Switch Guide Provides the Path to a Better Life

    If you are a Sage user, you have probably already experienced the challenges that multiple disparate software solutions have on your ability to grow. Businesses running on Sage often find themselves running too many applications, leading to data duplication, errors and wasted effort. They have to invest valuable time and money in software upgrades, and are rewarded with outdated information and a lack of real-time visibility.

  • The Future of the Cloud Is in the Believing

    I believe that our daily interactions with NetSuite customers and prospects are an excellent indicator of where business is going.  Last week, as NetSuite’s VP of Professional Services APAC, I participated in three presentations to prospects interested in NetSuite cloud ERP. So what? Isn’t that a typical week in the office?

  • NetSuite Stakes Claim to SRP

    As the pioneer of the SRP vision which seeks to revolutionize operations for services organizations as MRP did for manufacturing businesses, NetSuite SRP has built a strong footprint globally. Services organizations are making the move to the cloud. NetSuite’s key competitor, Deltek is actively losing market share to NetSuite’s cloud-based professional services solutions.

  • NetSuite Powering Private Software Company Success

    Earlier this year, NetSuite announced that its leading cloud ERP powers more than one-third of JMP Securities Hot 100 Private Software Companies. Considered some of the best and brightest in the software industry, these companies are using NetSuite to run their key business processes, from order-to-cash, subscription renewals, billing, financial reporting, revenue recognition and professional services automation. Similar to the JMP Securities Hot 100, AlwaysOn, a premier source for analysis and ...

  • Powering the Hyper Growth Small Business

    The web enables a small business to go global instantly – reaching millions of customers and hundreds of millions in a year or two where it used to take a decade or more. But if your accounting and sales systems aren’t aligned to get you where you need to do be,  because your running software like QuickBooks or Sage,  then it can slow any small business down - just as your about to hit the inflection point. The NetSuite Cloud Fuels SMB Growth Beyond The Rack is a great example of align...

  • The Impact of Services Resource Planning

    Back in the 1980s, a new concept was introduced to manufacturing companies—one that defined a method for centrally coordinating all the resources and moving parts that make up a manufacturing company. No longer would individual functions need to be managed in disjointed systems, files, spreadsheets and so forth. Instead, data, material inventories, budgets, orders, human resources and more would all be centralized.

  • BusinessCloud9’s Exclusive Interview with NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson

    Recently BusinessCloud9, the UK’s first Cloud Computing publication met up with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson for an exclusive chat about his views on the Cloud market state of the nation. During the interview, NetSuite CEO also explains differences between small customers and small businesses. “When it comes to small companies, we've said for a long time that we've stopped selling to companies who pay us less than $10k a year.

  • Outgrown QuickBooks? Don’t Let Your Business Stagnate!

    Are you a startup or high-growth business that has reached an inflection point? Are you beginning that hyper-growth stage where your sales, customers and revenue are skyrocketing, but your business is experiencing growing pains and having major difficulty keeping up with this increased demand? Do you happen to also be using QuickBooks for your accounting software?

  • Supply Chain Networks: Help Us Help You Untangle the Hairball

    Supply chains are neural networks interconnecting a multitude of players and provide value to customers through products and services. Supply chain networks can be formal or informal, simple or complex, and interconnected by a wide variety of technologies.  Supply chain durability and resilience determines the success of a supply chain throughout time.  Unforeseen market, infrastructure, political, regulatory and/or environmental situations can and will interrupt the smooth flow of inf...

  • Why having the latest and greatest software matters for Eloqua

    I wrote previously about the experiences of KANA as a software company with NetSuite, based on a panel discussion with executives of three software companies at SuiteWorld. Also on the panel were Eloqua and RightNow Technologies. This was my second experience speaking to Eloqua, having first spoken with their CFO, Don Clarke, on a webinar about Hot 100 Software Companies.

  • NetSuite Wins Best Financial Management Software CODiE Award!

    Well, the wait is over at NetSuite. Wednesday May 25th 2011 was SIIA CODiE day, and you might gather from the above picture that yes, we won an award - and a pretty significant one. I was honored to join the awards event, together with fellow NetSuiter's Mei Li, Mei He, and Paige Musto.

  • Paving the Way for the Enterprise Cloud

    The March of Cloud ERP into the EnterpriseAt NetSuite we just completed our SuiteWorld 2011 user conference, the largest conference focused on cloud ERP. With over 2,000 attendees encompassing customers, partners, prospects and analysts the message was clear: Cloud ERP has arrived. In fact, as Jim Shepherd of Gartner observed: “cloud based ERP may be approaching the tipping point”.From fast growing companies such as Groupon running NetSuite, through to global enterprises, it’s ...

  • Mid-Year Market Performance Check-in. Cloud ERP is Mainstream

    No doubt there’s a lot of noise in the cloud marketplace these days. There seems to be a new cloud financial management vendor popping into existence every day. Meanwhile the existing on-premise vendors are desperately trying and disguise their existing portfolios as cloud.

  • NetSuite SuiteWorld Insight From Epiphany CEO

    It’s my first time blogging and it feels like public speaking but in silence. All–in–all a bit unnerving, but rather exciting. Another exciting first is the opportunity to attend SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s global user and partner conference.

  • Where Do You Want To Go Today? For Microsoft Great Plains Customers - it’s to the NetSuite Cloud

    Remember the old Microsoft slogan from the 90’s,"Where do you want to go today?”. Well, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) customers are already answering that question.  And the answer is the NetSuite cloud. Businesses across a wide range of industries and sizes are on the move from Great Plains–global media companies like Asia Digital Holdings, sports and entertainment firms such as Wasserman Media Group, through to wholesalers like Instrumart.

  • The Future of Software: Cloud ERP Gains Traction in the Enterprise

    I attended a recent webinar by IDC and NetSuite entitled “The Future of Software: Why Cloud Computing Matters to You” and learned some interesting trends about cloud adoption that occurred over the past year, as well as predictions for the future. On the event, Michael Fauscette Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC confirmed a trend, which at NetSuite we’ve been seeing with our customers - that cloud computing is increasingly being adopted by large enterprises. In fact, IDC for...

  • The Decline of Single Instance Big ERP. Why Two-Tier ERP is on the CIO Agenda

    Remember back in the middle of last decade, when a single enterprise Oracle or SAP instance from corporate to every sub was all the rage? It was touted as the solution to an enterprise’s visibility and consolidation ills. It was meant to be simple: Just take your corporate SAP or Oracle instance, roll it out to your geos and subsidiaries, and wham, your organization is running like clockwork.

  • And You're Worried about Cloud ERP? Survey Finds Nearly Half of SAP Users Unhappy with Performan

    When was the last time your business’ IT team provided your department with a Service Level Commitment for your ERP deployment? How about when they paid a penalty to your department for not delivering the ERP response times you need to run efficiently? Where does your IT team publish your ERP deployment’s performance?

  • In Manufacturing, Momentum Swings Toward the Cloud

    What a difference a couple of years makes in the manufacturing industry. It wasn’t that long ago that cloud computing was considered to be some faraway future vision for manufacturing. Meanwhile, many manufacturers were offshoring production to reduce costs, and the sector seemed to be in decline.

  • The IMA Survey Data is in! How Finance Views Cloud ERP

    Where is the finance organization in adopting cloud technologies? What are the frustrations with the current on-premise ERP systems that finance organizations typically use? And what excites finance teams about cloud based applications?

  • Two-Tier ERP - Stories From the Front Line

    Recently, Netsuite announced a strategic partnership with Informatica that will enable the development of a two-tier ERP solution for global enterprises.  This development will enable larger companies running legacy on-premise applications (such as SAP R/3) to tightly integrate with Netsuite’s leading cloud ERP solution.  The benefits of such a solution will, without doubt, lead to a significantly faster and more cost effective ERP deployment in new markets. As someone who has spent mu...

  • Benchmarking the Evolution of Services Businesses: The Future Looks Bright

    It has been an interesting couple of years for professional services firms of all shapes, sizes and specialties.  The economy has presented challenges that haven’t been seen in decades and some that have never been seen before.  At some level, we’ve all adjusted the way we do business, and the just- released results of SPI Research’s 2011 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark speak loud and clear on the results:  professional services businesses are now beginning to reap the be...

  • Increase Your Web Sales While Reducing Your Costs!

    During the 2010 holiday shopping season, NetSuite merchants increased their online sales by an average of 24%, twice the national average! More impressively, they managed to do this while lowering their costs. Here is how they did it.

  • Learn Vertical Best Practices at NetSuite SuiteWorld

    We hope by now you’ve registered for SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s upcoming user and partner conference in San Francisco, May 8-12, 2011.  This promises to be a jammed-packed event with not only great customers from North America, Asia and Europe sharing their best practices within the industries of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, services, software, and ecommerce; but also key members of NetSuite’s product management, professional services, and partner community. I am responsible for the i...

  • A Recurring Theme for Software Companies

    NetSuite recently launched the next iteration of our Software Company Edition, a verticalized version of NetSuite designed specifically for software companies. The focus of this release was on helping companies manage their recurring revenue with new functionality that automates and streamlines renewal processes. For most software companies, recurring revenue is critical and is often used as a metric to gauge the health of a company.

  • SuiteDreams for Dummies

    Wiley Publishing just released NetSuite for Dummies. Now, NetSuite end users can rest easy knowing that the book is generally available at most large retail bookstores and on Amazon.com.  The book is designed to help users quickly maximize their investment in cloud ERP, by providing a comprehensive overview of NetSuite and, in some sections, detailed instructions on specific topics, in an easily digestible format.   (Wiley; ISBN: 978-0-470-19107-1; $24.99) Using the book as a guide, re...

  • Five Best Practices for Successfully Deploying Cloud-Based Financials

    Exclusive NetSuite and IMA Webinar If you missed the last webinar co-hosted by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) and NetSuite on "What the Cloud Means to Finance" this is your chance to join us for another exclusive event. This webinar, "Five Best Practices for Successfully Deploying Cloud-Based Financials," will provide practical insights from senior financial executives at three businesses that took their financials to the cloud. They’ll discuss the drivers, key evaluatio...

  • Cloud and SaaS Financials Adoption — the Latest Pulse

    Proformative, a leading online community for finance and accounting professionals, recently conducted a survey to measure attitudes toward cloud and SaaS accounting software applications amongst financial executives.  The results once again reinforce the growing momentum of the move from traditional on-premise applications to cloud financials, while shedding some light on what finance executives feel are the positives and risks related to this increasingly adopted technology.  A few ke...

  • Social Enterprises Change the World with NetSuite Software

    NetSuite.org proudly announced our support of social enterprises including Kiva, Easy Office, United Prosperity, EdTec and Envirofit and how we help Kiva make loans that change lives. Since social enterprises— businesses that are changing the world for the better — have the same needs as our commercial clients, helping them improve their operations was a natural fit. The press coverage, including stories in All Things Digital, ReadWriteWeb and Talkin' Cloud, to...

  • Is a Software Hairball Choking Your Business?

    We recently launched our latest software hairball video along with a new Hairball Elimination Kit to humorously increase awareness of the wasteful habit among growing and mid-sized businesses to compile disparate and siloed systems over time. The idea is to help these companies self-diagnose the “ailment” we call Software Hairball Syndrome (SHS). Identification of SHS as a critical business issue may fly under the radar for many companies because it affects multiple functions...

  • SuiteWorld User Conference: What Would You Like to See in San Francisco?

    At NetSuite, we're gearing up for 2011 and our first ever user conference: SuiteWorld! We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are. The NetSuite Nation is a strong and growing community, and we're thrilled to bring our customers and partners all together in San Francisco from May 8 – 12.

  • In Manufacturing, Avoiding the Million Dollar Mistake

    Industry analyst Dan Woods recently published a white paper called “The Million Dollar Misperception” that examines some of the mistakes mid-size manufacturing companies make in their efforts to scale, grow and expand. A Forbes columnist who heads CITO Research, Woods delivers valuable analysis and insights into what he calls the “waves of change” that are rocking manufacturing. (Download your copy of the white paper here).

  • Beware the Wolf in Cloud's Clothing

    I recently presented at the Springboard Research Cloud Seminar in Sydney on the benefits of Cloud Computing and the types of business management insights and efficiencies that Cloud-based applications like NetSuite OneWorld can bring to global companies.  There, just as at Oracle OpenWorld a week later and any number of similar events that have been held around the world in recent months, the question 'what exactly is Cloud Computing?' was asked and how can you tell the difference between r...

  • SAP Brings Stone-Age Software Economics to Cloud Computing

    The appetite for cloud computing applications among businesses today is dramatic, with leading analyst firms like IDC, forecasting cloud computing to grow six times faster than all software over the next few years.  With more and more companies turning their backs on stone-age on-premise software that’s expensive to buy and run, it’s no surprise that the old on-premise vendors, like SAP, that became addicted to peddling multi-million dollar ERP deployments are frantically trying to jump int...

  • The IMA Survey Results Are in - What the Cloud Means to Finance

    NetSuite's new partnership with the Institute of Management Accountants is a real opportunity to understand how cloud based ERP is perceived by finance organizations, as well as get a clear perspective about some of the concerns (and myths) that still remain. Recently, I moderated a panel discussion of CFO's at businesses that had adopted NetSuite's cloud ERP (rather than choosing to plough the traditional on-premise ERP road). The topic of the webinar was "What the Cloud Means to Finance", and ...

  • NetSuite and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Help Address Demand

    We’re excited to announce that NetSuite has partnered with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to help CFOs, controllers and finance executives take advantage of the industry’s rapid movement to cloud accounting software solutions. By combining our leadership in cloud computing with IMA’s decades of experience in meeting the needs of finance professionals, we’re hoping to help IMA members identify gaps in their finance organizations, target growth opportunities and understand how cloud...

  • Don’t Forget the Human Element of Centralization

    In my professional services role, I see many customers make a common mistake when it comes to cloud computing deployments: they simply forget about the de-centralization of their workforce. The implementation of cloud computing has many benefits over and above traditional software deployments; however, one benefit in particular can turn out to be a “double-edged sword” if not handled correctly—that is the fact that you can deploy the software from one location to the entire universe of end users...

  • Stop the Software Integrations!

    For many years, small businesses have been purchasing “best-of-breed” business systems for every department of their organization and then dealing with the repercussions of those decisions later.  It makes sense at first because this approach solves your most immediate pain, shuts up the most loudly screaming department head for awhile, and seems to be the least complicated way of solving their problems.  So companies end up with one system for sales, another for accounting, maybe Exce...

  • Old Age Sage and New Age NetSuite

    The Sage World user conference kicked off the other day in sunny Telford here in the U.K. with the usual PR fanfare—and the not-so-usual spectacle of a couple of NetSuite poster trucks circling the conference centre. Our poster trucks (and some tweets) were light-hearted needling that borrowed a bit from U.K.

  • State of Wholesale Distribution: A Survey of Key Business Objectives and Challenges among Mid-Market

    NetSuite recently completed a "State of the Industry" Wholesale and Distribution survey – it was a great undertaking that allowed us to get insights and feedback from a great cross-section of mid-market and fast growing business leaders. We didn't intent to do original research but in trying to get a sense of the market place we quickly realized that there weren't any good sources – NAW does terrific work but their focus is on the industry giants, we wanted to learn about typical wholesaler and ...

  • Revenue Recognition Transformation Series with NetSuite

    As some of you in the Bay Area may know, we recently kicked off our Revenue Recognition Series at the Four Seasons, Palo Alto on June 10th. It was standing room only as finance professionals from around the Bay Area gathered to hear NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson, discuss the strategies needed to adopt the new EITF rules and ways NetSuite is making it easier for companies to comply. Additionally, attendees heard from some of the industry’s top revenue recognition experts including senior executives f...

  • The Clock is Ticking to Adopt the Latest EITF 08-01 Revenue Recognition Rules

    We're firmly over the halfway mark for 2010 – and if you're in the revenue accounting department of a company affected by the new revenue recognition rules, then you know it's definitely getting down to the wire for EITF 08-01 or EITF 09-03 adoption. Maybe you've already adopted the new rules or are in the process - and are juggling spreadsheets to try and handle the new rules right now. But the fact is, for your first fiscal year that starts or started after June 15 this year it's time to adopt...

  • iPad and the Cloud – a Match Made in Heaven?

    Without doubt, one of the key business benefits of cloud computing is the realization of anywhere, anytime access.  This essentially means that you can access your same personalized view and data from your office computer, your home computer, your friend’s computer or an airport kiosk.  Typically the only requirement is a commonly supported internet browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

  • Gartner’s Ecommerce MQ Positions NetSuite in Visionaries Quadrant

    NetSuite Ecommerce was once again positioned in the Visionary section of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  The leading industry analyst reviews all of the major ecommerce players.  For the second year running, Gartner put NetSuite in the Visionary quadrant, right alongside Demandware, and only behind two multi-million dollar solutions – ATG and IBM WebSphere.

  • A Remarkable First Half of 2010 - Growth and Innovation

    Now we're right in the middle of 2010, it feels like a good time to check in and see how the adoption of cloud computing is progressing. Especially so, given we're now emerging from one of the worst recessions on record. Is the reality matching up to the buzz?

  • All About the Cloud Conference

    Last week the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) hosted the 2010 All About the Cloud conference in San Francisco. This conference is 2.5 days packed with information on the latest trends and developments in the industry. Attendees and exhibitors encompassed software companies from start-up stage to blue chip, Fortune 100 companies, as well as service providers who provide on-premise vendors with services that will help them make the leap to the cloud.

  • SuiteCloud 2010 - Recap

    Thanks to all those who attended SuiteCloud 2010 – the annual NetSuite partner conference! We appreciate all our sponsor participation and partner turnout of over 500 attendees. In case you are a NetSuite partner who wasn't able to attend, here’s what you missed: Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, kicked off the conference with a special launch event on Wednesday night.

  • Easy eLearning: NetSuite Self-Paced Training

    We are all so busy at work: meetings, project deadlines, conferences.  Yet, we also know that to successfully integrate new information, a new program, or a new system into our work lives, we need training; ideally, we need training in a timely fashion. With NetSuite Central, you have a top-notch training library at your fingertips, any time of day, every day.   Maybe you are onboarding a new group of sales people onto the CRM system, or you've decided to have your AR team take on...

  • NetSuite's Partner Conference SuiteCloud 2010

    Have you heard? NetSuite has announced SuiteCloud 2010, NetSuite’s annual partner and developer conference! The event will be held April 14-16 at the Intercontinental Hotel, in San Francisco.

  • Learning in the Cloud – Benefits of the Virtual Classroom

    You don’t have to travel beyond your computer to attend training classes any more. The agony of explaining the benefit of attending a workshop and justifying the expense of the travel associated is a thing of the past. With the prevalence of virtual instructor led training, you now can have the benefits of a workshop environment, without the cost of travel!

  • Establishing Trust and Identity in the Cloud

    As cloud computing spreads itself worldwide, it is easy to imagine every organization will tap into this opportunity.  At the same time, cloud computing brings a new angle to long-standing concerns around security and authentication of users.  A few questions commonly asked in the Cloud Security arena are "How does one authenticate myself to a SaaS/PaaS vendor?" and "How does one prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing my information?"  Typically, one would use his/her u...

  • Your Server Room or the Cloud?

    I was recently asked how a company decides whether an on-premise or a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is right for them. Clearly, being a NetSuite employee I’m a big fan of the cloud – but prior to NetSuite I spent fifteen years working with businesses mainly installing traditional on-premise systems. To answer the question, it’s been interesting speaking with NetSuite customers over the past year about what led them to unplug their existing finance or CRM software and move to the cloud.

  • Success Tip for a Cloud Implementation Project: User Newsletter

    The success of a cloud computing implementation project often depends on the ability of the organisation to embrace the change. If we are to maximize our chances of moving the organisation in the desired direction, it is critical that we get the entire organisation to buy-in to the vision and expected benefit. Especially in the case of cloud applications which bring a different paradigm of operations to an organisation.