James Dantow

Senior Vice President for Worldwide Support, NetSuite

With over 20 years in leading global IT and Operational Services, James has worked across five continents setting up and establishing BPO and IT services business units in multiple industry sectors. James has been with NetSuite for eight years having built the Manila Global Delivery Centre in 2006. Prior to NetSuite, James was VP of Continuous Improvement and Operations at a leading BPO outsourcer with over 4,500 employees delivering solutions to firms in the sectors of technology, financial services, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing. Prior to this, James was a director of business applications at a high speed wireless telecommunications provider supporting ASP applications such as Web development, ecommerce and point-to-point wireless data services specifically designed at the SME markets in Canada. James began his career within a division of IBM Professional Services, where he delivered and managed services engagements built around enterprise software applications for eight years. James is a CMA and holds an MBA from the School of Business at Queen’s University.