NetSuite Links In-Store and Online Experience

Posted by Tony Kontzer, Guest Blogger

Already a powerful presence in the retail world, cloud pioneer NetSuite on Tuesday upped the ante by introducing SuiteCommerce InStore, a new omnichannel point-of-sale solution that integrates the online and in-store customer experience.

While customers will be able to seamlessly blend their online and in-store shopping experiences, InStore also will give store employees access to the latest inventory data as well as customers' online and in-store transactional and behavioral histories. The result will be improved customer engagement and increased sales.

"The same platform you use to deliver ecommerce experiences is the exact same platform you use to deliver in-store experiences," NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson said in announcing InStore during his keynote Tuesday at SuiteWorld. "This is the holy grail."

You'll certainly get no argument from Kadima Lonji, global CTO of Billabong. The iconic surf apparel brand has been furiously restructuring itself with a new management team that's been held back by an antiquated IT environment. Thanks to an aggressive acquisition strategy, the company found itself relying on separate ERP, ecommerce and point-of-sale systems for each global region. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

"We have so many systems, and they seem like they're connected, but in reality, it's hundreds of little integrations," Lonji told thousands of SuiteWorld attendees in joining Nelson on stage for his keynote. "Managing all those integrations is a challenge."

In today's fast-moving business environment, Lonji said, that hodgepodge of systems simply won't cut it.

"The problem we're trying to solve is around inventory, the customer experience and going global," he said. "A platform that can solve all of these things is critical."

For example, Lonji said that Billabong has been unable to help in-store customers find colors or sizes of products not in stock in that particular store. If NetSuite's technology can help save just one sale a day in each store by providing access to that kind of data, the company would generate an additional $13 million in revenue each year.

Enter NetSuite. Billabong already plans to deploy SuiteCommerce InStore to power its revamped omnichannel commerce environment. InStore will allow the company to unify online commerce for both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer channels, retail point-of-sale systems and call center operations across its 10 brands, all in one tightly integrated, cloud-based environment.

"The capabilities of this new technology are amazing," said Nelson. "It's a full featured point-of sale, but not coupled with your Web site. It is your Web site."

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore is available immediately in the U.S. at a monthly cost of $39 for each named store associate. International releases are planned for early 2016.


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