New Programs Redefine Commitment to Social Change

NetSuite has

always believed that corporate citizenship is an important part of building a

great company. That’s why, since 2008, we have offered our suite of cloud

software at

no cost to charities and social enterprises,

allowing them to realize the same operational efficiencies and cost benefits as

our commercial customers.

Today, more

than 300 grantee organizations use NetSuite. From bringing clean water to rural

populations to providing microloans around the world, these grantees are making

an incredible impact on society.


greatest assets—our powerful technology and our brilliant people—are the

cornerstone of our corporate citizenship effort. It’s with great excitement

that we are unveiling our updated logo and launching two new

Employee Corporate Citizenship Programs­—SuiteVolunteers and SuiteImpact



is the formal program for our pro bono activities. NetSuite employees in offices

around the world give their professional talent and time to charities and

social enterprises that are using NetSuite through our donation program. In

2013, grantees will apply for specific pro bono opportunities

during an open application period at the beginning of each quarter. Selected

grantees will be paired with NetSuite employee volunteers, who will take on the


From dashboard configurations to e-newsletter

strategies, we are thrilled to harness the power of our employees’ technical

skills and innovative ideas on behalf of our grantee partners. Grantees should

be on the lookout for applications to the 2013 program later this year.

Interested in becoming a grantee so that you can receive pro bono help as well? Apply for a donation today.

Our second employee program, SuiteImpact Teams,

allows each of our employees to participate in hands-on volunteer efforts in

the communities where we live and work. We are very excited for the launch of

these teams, as they will bring all of our NetSuite employees together to give

back around specific causes that are important to the company. 


SuiteVolunteers and SuiteImpact Teams will allow the NetSuite family to

redefine our commitment to the local and global community. We’re excited to

play our part in helping to create social change, and look forward to sharing

the results with you as these programs take shape. Have an idea of something

you’d like to see our employees work on? You can find us on Twitter @NetSuiteorg.

- Erin

Dieterich, Global Employee Engagement Manager

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