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  • Technology Innovation Bearing Fruit for SunMoon Food

    Learn how the SunMoon Food Company went from the brink of bankruptcy in 2007 to a fast-growing provider of fresh produce.

  • Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact Launches Buildathon 4Good in Manila

    For Hazel May Pajotagana, CFO of HiGi Energy, a social enterprise focused on clean energy and environmentally friendly products, balancing the demands of managing finances for a busy nonprofit organization leaves little time to experiment and optimize HiGi Energy’s ERP system. That’s where the Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact Buildathon 4Good comes in.

  • How Australian Retailers can Compete with the Amazon Goliath

    Australian retailers have generally lagged in adopting modern ecommerce and omnichannel commerce practices, yet its citizens are among the earliest adopters of new technology and trends. As such, many Australian retailers are not ready for the imminent entry of Amazon and could face very tough times if they don’t lift their game. 

  • New Zealand-based Sports Apparel Specialist Goes Global with NetSuite

    As a New Zealand-based company, operating as global business from the beginning, Mons Royale was not only taking on well established companies in the sports apparel market when it began its journey, but with some significant challenges to overcome. Yet, spurred by the loyalty among outdoor adventurers to the company’s high quality and stylish merino wool clothing, Mons Royale quickly outgrew its initial software systems.

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Ready, Set, Next

    In his keynote for SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Executive Vice President details all the new features in NetSuite, including global expansion, industry solutions, omnichannel commerce, global supply chain automation, advanced bill of materials, time sheets in SRP, project profitability reporting, NetSuite for Agencies, NetSuite’s commitment to nonprofits, performance improvements, SuiteCloud platform enhancements, and new integrations between NetSuite and Oracle Planning and Budgeting.

  • Jim McGeever, Mark Hurd Promise More, More, More in SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Next Starts Now

    In the opening keynote from SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Global Business Unit Executive Vice President Jim McGeever shares what’s next for NetSuite and the industry. McGeever announces SuiteSuccess, a new industry cloud solution, and SuitePeople, core HR functionality built onto the NetSuite platform.

  • Small Business Can Act Big with Supply Chain Automation in the Cloud

    Each year, IT research consultancy firm Gartner ranks the top 25 supply chains in the APAC region, identifying the companies that have leveraged their supply chains to lead their industries and continue to drive momentum against competitors. Earning a spot among the automobile and tech giants in the top 10 for several years in a row now was Australia-based grocery chain Woolworths. 

  • The Small Business Growth Playbook: Four Steps for a Smooth Growth Trajectory in the Cloud

    As Australia’s Emma and Tom’s line of healthy juices and snacks grew in popularity, its operations started to become increasingly complex. As it confronted the promise of growth, it wanted to stay true to its mission – making fresh, healthy convenient food and drinks a part of Australian life, daily – while expanding access to its products supported by exceptional personalised customer service.

  • When is the Right Time to Switch from Rudimentary Accounting Software to Full Fledged Cloud ERP?

    Choosing when to invest in an ERP suite can be a challenge for many organisations with factors including previous investments, growth, new markets or new business models. For Mons Royale, a New Zealand-based apparel manufacturer and wholesaler of high performance merino clothing, international growth turned out to be a compelling reason to move on from an entry-level accounting system.

  • NetSuite PH’s SuiteRunners Club Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Boosts Camaraderie

    For some people, fitness is the end all, be all. They set early morning alarms, leverage apps and technology to track their trainings, and log more miles running in a month than a New York City taxi. Fitness ultimately becomes a lifestyle. In NetSuite Philippines, a group of individuals who practice this lifestyle established a club in February, 2016.

  • Dowi Hosiery Mills Modernizes its Business with Cloud ERP

    Dowi Hosiery Mills produces socks and other specialty garments at a large manufacturing plant spanning an entire hectare in Valenzuela City, Philippines. Until recently, however, the software running the business was aging and out of date. Dowi operated for years on homegrown, custom software and databases.

  • Chocolate Maker Theo & Philo Sweetens Its Business with Oracle+NetSuite Social Impact

    As one of the world’s tropical equatorial nations that produce the raw material for chocolate, the Philippines is experiencing growth as an exporter of chocolate. Not coincidentally, Theo & Philo is growing in the Philippines as well. A maker of premium artisanal chocolates, Theo & Philo is the brainchild of Philo Chua, who developed a love of cooking with chocolate while working as an IT programmer in Pittsburgh, PA. 

  • Global Media Company Outgrows Legacy Sage System, Reaps Rewards of the Cloud

    Start-up companies oftentimes have a distinct advantage over established competitors. They are not held back by legacy investments made in on-premise financial software and have typically invested in flexible, cloud-based solutions from the start or moved on quickly from entry-level accounting systems.

  • NetSuite Customers, Solution Providers, ISV Partners, and Industry Thought Leaders to Converge at NetSuite’s Sydney SuiteConnect

    Last year, the Australian government updated its Cloud Computing Policy, requiring non-corporate entities to adopt a cloud-first approach. That requirement part was significant. The last version of the policy, released in 2013, merely encouraged the adoption of cloud, providing guidelines to streamline procurement and migration, so the latest update demonstrated the momentum and importance of the cloud in Australia.

  • Paper Products Manufacturer Fuels Business Growth with NetSuite

    The market for hygienic paper products is fiercely competitive, but Sanitary Care Products Asia (Sanicare) earns a growing share of its home Filipino market from global rivals with product differentiation and precise execution. The Taguig City, Philippines-based manufacturer backs its products with a simple, compelling message: clean paper from virgin wood pulp, without treatment by chlorine or artificial bleaching agents. 

  • Asia Pacific CEOs: Cloud Serves as the Foundation for Driving Business Transformation

    When Singapore-based airlines, Scoot launched in 2011 to serve a market for low-cost medium and long haul flights, the startup looked at several on-premise ERP vendors to manage its operations. Impressed by the cost-efficiency, fast deployment, real-time visibility and flexibility afforded by the cloud, it decided on NetSuite.

  • Image Mission Streamlines Processes to Dress Women for Success

    Li Kin Pang will never forget the first woman her nonprofit organization, Image Mission Ltd, helped. A mother of three, the woman, whom we'll call Mae, had been the victim of domestic violence, and as a result had been forced to move with her children into her mother's one-room apartment. With so many pressures facing her, Mae kept her goals small, telling Pang that her dream was simply to get a job so she could afford her own apartment.

  • NetSuite Supports the 2016 International ICT Awards with LightCMS

    Recently, a team of volunteers, including myself and a combination of product managers and software engineers at NetSuite Philippines, was able to lend our support to the recently concluded International Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards. 

  • NetSuite Employee Spotlight: Vijay Raghvani

    When, Vijay Raghvani joined NetSuite in 2012 to look after the ANZ Channel, he never expected to be named the Worldwide Channel Representative just three years later.

  • Even Typhoons Can’t Slow Motech’s Rapid Growth with NetSuite

    Automotive service provider Motech had a long checklist of things it wanted to get from using NetSuite, but it's unlikely the list included protection against super typhoons. Yet, Motech got precisely that when Typhoon Haiyan hit its native Philippines in 2013.

  • Australian Retailers Well Poised to Meet Consumer Demands in the New World of Retail

    The biggest challenge for Australian retailers today is attracting and retaining customers, yet some 42 percent don’t have a customer experience management strategy in place, according to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan.

  • ASEAN Economic Community Brings Promise Coupled with Complexity: Are You Ready?

    While the official initiation of the ASEAN Economic Community holds enormous potential for Southeast Asia, CFOs believe its principles and parameters will make operating a business in the region more complex, a recent survey by CPA Australia and PwC revealed.

  • Seeing Machines Improves Business Visibility by Replacing Salesforce.com, MYOB with NetSuite

    For Seeing Machines, an innovative Australian company that makes sophisticated facial recognition technology to track fatigued and distracted drivers, basketball sensors that help NBA and college teams improve their shooting and technology for 3D laptops, a disconnect between its state of the art products...

  • NetSuite’s International Functionality Carries the Load for STM Bags

    Like many successful businesses that have undergone rapid growth and international expansion, STM Bags found that success comes at a price.Founded in Sydney, the company built international success with its phone cases and bags for laptops, tablets and other electronics. 

  • Forrester Says CIOs Must Focus on Customer-Facing Innovation

    CIOs spend a good amount of their budgets – on average 30 percent – on technology-related innovation, according to Forrester Research, but is that money being spent on areas that will truly make the business more successful?...

  • Administrator and SuiteAnalytics Courses Highlight Australian SuiteTraining RoadShow

    Hoping to get more out of your NetSuite investment without travelling away from Australia?


  • Family-run Freight Business Keeps Growing with NetSuite

    Many an entrepreneur hopes to one day pass the business to their children. But to survive, and thrive, in the face of the many challenges that small companies inevitably encounter, those entrepreneurs must be prepared to quickly adapt to market changes and to adopt new technologies that provide a competitive edge.


  • Snowboards, Char Kway Tao and Nonprofits: NetSuite Leads Tom Nagy on a Wild World Tour

    Since joining NetSuite directly out of college nine years ago via OpenAir, Tom Nagy, a regional account manager for Asia, has had some very different vantage points from which to view the evolution of NetSuite.

  • GovReports SuiteApp Promises Simplification of Australian Tax Reporting

    Tax reporting is never anyone’s idea of a good time, but that accounting requirement just got a little easier for businesses in Australia thanks to a new partnership between NetSuite and GovReports, a leading provider of government reporting lodgement solutions in Australia.

  • Four Pointers to Help Professional Services Organisations Win the Talent War in APAC

    There’s good news and bad news about the burgeoning professional services market in Asia Pacific.

    On the upside, demand for professional services in the region continues to increase meaning there are plenty of business opportunities for existing and new professional services organisations

  • Study Identifies Four Drivers of Change in APAC and Cloud Computing as a Means of Adapting

    The forces of change seem to be moving at an ever-increasing rate, spurred on by drivers ranging from globalisation to new digital technology to transformative business trends. Of course, which drivers of change have the biggest impact vary greatly by region and by industry.

  • NetSuite Launches Software Donation Program in Australia

    NetSuite recently announced a partnership with Connecting Up, Inc. to bring its software donation program to Australian nonprofits. Executed through the NetSuite.org corporate citizenship program, Australian nonprofits would gain immediate access to NetSuite’s cloud business suite of applications including ERP...

  • Five Reasons to Take Your Nonprofit to the Cloud Today

    The primary goal of many nonprofits is to support issues of public interest, often by raising awareness, getting funds and mobilizing resources to enable change that would benefit society in some tangible way.

  • Government Credits Offer Yet More Reasons to Move to the Cloud, but Choose Wisely

    Already a huge advantage for businesses around the globe, cloud computing holds additional bonuses for businesses in Singapore in the wake of the government’s initiatives to promote productivity through technology via subsidies.



  • Employee Spotlight: Angela Mager Takes her Career Across the Globe with NetSuite

    Angela Mager went from NetSuite customer to NetSuite solution consultant and ultimately on a trip around the world with one phone call.

  • Cloud Significantly Impacting the Role of CFO in Asia Pacific

    The role of the CFO has traditionally been a “head down, monitor the numbers” sort of role. I remember all too well in my early finance career being seen as a function that primarily existed to run reports and prepare PowerPoint presentations!

  • SuiteRun: NetSuite Manila Employees Enjoy a Day of Fitness for a Cause

    Running has always been a popular fitness activity among NetSuite employees. Apart from the health benefits that it offers, running is also a refreshing break from everyone’s hectic schedules.

  • Employee Spotlight: Over 15 Years Ash Thapar Thrives with NetSuite

    From customer to sales person to project manager across multiple countries, Ash Thapar, director of professional services for Asia Pacific-Japan, is intimately familiar with NetSuite.

  • Cloud, Flexibility and Scalability Key Considerations for Restaurant Chain Expanding Internationally

    When childhood friends and transplanted New Yorkers Robert Hazan and Steven Marks found themselves in Australia in 2002, they craved their favorite fast casual cuisine - Mexican. When they couldn’t find a decent plate of Mexican food...

  • NetSuite’s New APJ Sales Chief Discusses True Cloud, Big Plans for Asia

    NetSuite continues to make significant investments around the world and Asia-Pacific is no exception where we are building on an established strong presence to meet the expanding needs of existing and future customers and partners in the region.

  • Storied University Embraces Cloud Applications in its Business, Computer Science Schools

    A school with a history that dates back more than 400 years still needs to look to the future.

    That’s what the University of Santo Tomas (UST), a Catholic school in the Philippines founded in 1605 and still managed by the Vatican, is doing by embracing the cloud as part of its computer science program.

  • A Day Well Spent: NetSuite Manila Employees Give Back

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

    That’s how the famous Holiday tune goes. Indeed, Christmas time is wonderful especially when we take it all in and enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes we get caught up in the madness that goes with the season...


  • Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Deploys NetSuite to Strengthen Social Impact

    The list of accomplishments for Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines is long and impressive. Founded in 1987, the nonprofit organization has helped improve the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Filipino with programs for education, clean water, economic opportunity, youth empowerment and disaster relief projects.

  • Hair Salon Chain Pins Future Growth to the Cloud

    How important is the cloud to the growth of your business? Consider why Hairhouse Warehouse (HHWH), Australia’s leading hair and beauty retailer and salon and beauty services provider, is moving its entire enterprise, including its stores and ecommerce business, to NetSuite's cloud-based OneWorld platform.

  • Before Disaster Strikes, Businesses Should Move to the Cloud at Lightning Speed

    Many of cloud computing’s benefits are well-known, including greater flexibility, scalability and lower IT costs. But cloud also excels in providing business continuity against unplanned disruptions such as power outages, server room fires and natural disasters.

  • The Forecast for Philippine Businesses: Cloudy

    The Philippines is poised for a large-scale move towards cloud computing. The country has leapt an impressive four levels in the Asia Cloud Readiness Index in just two years, from 14th place in 2012, to 12th in 2013, and now 10th place in 2014.

  • Rapid Pace of Change, Omnichannel to Headline Online Retailer Event

    Retail used to be an in-person, in-store experience, but that has changed with most consumers today connected online all the time. An increased pace of life coupled with an increased technological capability has spurred on the development and demand for a multi-channel approach to retailing.

  • NetSuite Manila Office Continues to Elevate Local Volunteer Programs

    Over the years, the NetSuite Manila Office has grown to hundreds of employees. The bigger the organization gets, more we’re committed to giving back to the local community in which we reside. We do this by continuously expanding our social contribution programs under the wing of NetSuite.org...

  • Sugar Producer Revamps its Operations to Enable Business Growth

    The tropical climate of the Philippines is ideally suited for the rapid growth of vast sugarcane crop. For decades, Roxas Holdings, Inc. has tilled the fertile soil to become the Philippines’ largest sugar producer, accounting for around 25 percent of the sugar production in the island nation...

  • Carryboy Philippines Speeds Its Growth in the Auto Accessories Market with NetSuite

    Carryboy Philippines has grown to become a leading player in the automotive accessories market, selling canopies, rollbars, pick-up bed covers and other products to auto and truck enthusiasts. But with rapid growth came the challenges of scaling its business processes and systems to meet the expectations of its customers.

  • The Cloud’s Role in Liberating Finance Executives for Strategic Innovation

    With the January 2015 creation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) fast approaching, Southeast Asia is poised for a business and economic upswing. The AEC’s elimination of tariffs and trade barriers promises to be a catalyst for growth across the region, but also poses risks to companies not agile enough to capitalize on the opportunity.

  • The Social Change Tech Scene in the Philippines

    In late February, I met up with 40 or so folks from the Manila technology start-up and NGO communities at NetSuite’s Manila office for an event sponsored by TechTalks.ph a nonprofit, independent community of business, technology, and start-up enthusiasts.

  • Omnichannel Retail Helps CELL Bikes Shift into High Gear

    Australian retailer CELL Bikes launched in 2002 with a vision of exemplary customer service and top quality bicycles and gear for enthusiasts to “ride more for less.” As its business grew, however, CELL Bikes found itself struggling to keep pace on what seemed like an endless uphill climb.

  • NetSuite Volunteer Story: A Journey to Tacloban

    Last November, Typhoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines, devastating a portion of the island nation and leaving wreckage in its path. The category 5 super typhoon impacted over 10 million people. As a global company, with operations in the Philippines, we immediately launched our Disaster Relief program...

  • Online Retail on the Rise in the Philippines

    It’s easy to rush to the nearest mall or call your travel agent to book the best package available for a trip but more and more Filipinos nowadays are choosing the most convenient, most affordable and the safest way possible to purchase products and services—online.

  • How Two-Tier ERP Is Reshaping Global Business in APAC

    For years, multinational organisations have struggled with patchworks of desktop applications and spreadsheets to run global subsidiaries. In these types of corporations with disparate IT systems, management at company headquarters might receive a monthly report...

  • In APAC, NetSuite Helps Unlock the Value of the Customer

    In both B2B and B2C realms, mobile and social customers are more fickle and discriminating than ever. They expect merchants and service providers to anticipate their needs and provide a consistently superior experience. To improve customer retention, build loyalty and drive revenue, you’ve got to know your customers as well as you know your own business.

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila Lends a Hand in Classroom Restoration

    It is true what they say that big things come from small beginnings. Regardless of how big or small the contribution is, what matters at the end of the day is its impact to the community.

  • How to Gain Competitive Advantage in an Integrated ASEAN Market

    The ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are steadily moving towards the vision of a truly integrated ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. The ultimate goal is to transform ASEAN into a unified trade and investment bloc, with free movement of goods, services, investment, labor and capital, thereby making development more equitable among neighboring countries, improving the region’s competitiveness (especially versus the larger economies of India and China...

  • Island Rose Trims Overhead by Moving to the Cloud

    Valentine’s Day may be months away, but the gesture of giving flowers to a loved one is not restricted to just February. This is why the Philippines’ largest flower retailer and distributor, Island Rose, ensured that they are armed with the right technology to manage inventory and order processing year-round without any delays. Operating online, Island Rose had to struggle with difficulties such as additional costs in administrative work and periodic server upgrades that come from using on-premi...

  • Philippines Delivery Service AIR21 Takes Flight in the NetSuite Cloud

    Many Philippine businesses and citizens know AIR21, which since 1979 has grown to become a leading provider of door-to-door delivery and logistics services across the nation. For AIR21, the problem was that it didn’t know its customers. For years, a heavily customized homegrown CRM application in use at AIR21 limited visibility into customers and prospects, hurting the company’s ability to cultivate stronger relationships and drive cross-sell revenue.

  • NetSuite and Frost & Sullivan to Address the Australian Ecommerce Gap

    Talk about a disconnect. Online retail sales in Australia are expected to surge to $25 billion by 2015, up 39% from 2013, according to the research consultancy Frost & Sullivan. And yet just one-third of the 77,000 retailers in Australia accept orders online.  The implications are clear.

  • NetSuite August Tweets Tout Customers

    As the Summer of 2013 unfortunately draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favorite tweets in August, a month that saw some big customer wins, happy users, compelling customer success stories and yet another recognition for our professional services automation software.Those are a number of big wins outthere @NetSuite- impressive! The #PaaSwars are going to get better http://t.co/oDLVLnUdPi—Aditya Kamalapurkar (@aoladi) August 13, 2013Tearing into NetSuite FinancialReport writing. ...

  • Cloud Computing Helping Australian Manufacturers Compete in Downturn

    Australian businesses may face a challenging period ahead as the mining investment boom declines and commodity prices, which have buoyed the Australian economy, fall thanks to the stalled Chinese economy. However, economists expect these developments, along with a decline in Australia’s currency, to be a boon for the manufacturing sector. Australia’s manufacturing sector has been in decline for years —struggling to compete with manufacturers from low-cost emerging countries and hampered by a str...

  • Partnership and Vertical Expertise are Key to Success in the Cloud Channel

    Last week, I talked about two key features Value Added Resellers (VARs) must avoid when looking for a cloud services provider and partner – a fake cloud and a software hairball. For today’s discussion, Let’s talk about what resellers must embrace if they are looking to succeed in the cloud channel. Vertical specialty As the market develops, it’s becoming obvious that ‘one-size’ does not fit all.

  • Software Hairballs, False Cloud Present Pitfalls for the Channel

    Businesses once wary of cloud computing are increasingly migrating their critical applications to this dynamic environment and that has forced a dramatic change for the channel industry. As customers and prospects have come to expect to find everything in the cloud, Value Added Resellers (VARs) are beginning to understand that they must ‘adapt or die.’ Many we talk to report overwhelming demand for cloud services. But exactly how can VARs maximise their profits in the cloud era?

  • NetSuite’s July Twitterati

    With major partnerships, big plans for China, more recognition for Zach Nelson and more! July was no lazy summer month for NetSuite. In fact, it was downright busy.NetSuite customers, employees and friends were all there to capture and share the NetSuite experience on Twitter.

  • Hairhouse Warehouse Among Forward-Thinking Businesses Discussing Ecommerce in the Cloud

    As the Australian ecommerce market experiences significant growth, attracting great interest from both local and international retailers, forward-thinking businesses are adapting and evolving both their processes and the technology platforms that support their businesses. One Australian business that has made a strong commitment to its omnichannel business is Hairhouse Warehouse. Hairhouse Warehouse is implementing NetSuite's SuiteCommerce solution to manage its head office operations, 150 franc...

  • Philippine University Moves Education to the Cloud with NetSuite SuiteAcademy Program

    Cloud computing is already changing the IT landscape in the Philippines and university graduates with cloud business experience are well positioned to succeed in the 21st century job market. That’s one of the reasons that Far Eastern University (FEU), with 29,000 students on campuses in Manila and Makati City, has joined the SuiteAcademy program to incorporate NetSuite cloud ERP, including accounting softwares and auditing functionality, into the undergraduate curricula of their third- and ...

  • New Zealand Customers and Partners to Take Part in Inaugural NetSuite Cloud Forum in Auckland

    2013 for NetSuite has been all about growth so far. Apart from the slew of acquisitions and partnerships, NetSuite‘s focus is to increase its presence internationally. Australia, one of the biggest international markets for the cloud, continues to be a key market to NetSuite’s global success.

  • Rags2Riches Works Hand-in-hand With NetSuite to Cut Down Poverty in the Philippines

    The most recent report from the Philippines’ National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) shows that the poverty level in the country for the past six years has remained stagnant. The first half of 2012 posted a 27.9%-poverty incidence, which is just slightly less than the 28.8% recorded in the first half of 2006. With these alarming results, the Philippine government is calling for various stakeholders to unite and partake in developing new strategies that could help alleviate the lives of th...

  • The Cloud Paves the Way to International Ecommerce Expansion

    Online shopping in Australia is growing rapidly and though there’s still room for new ecommerce companies in the local market, Australian retailers are realizing that another way to grow revenues is by opening their websites to international markets. Although expanding beyond geographical borders presents many challenges with logistics and the heavy planning it entails, plenty of retailers are ready to make the move. While opening an online store to global markets is not as rigorous as opening a...

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila and Habitat for Humanity Take the Lead in Building Homes for Filipino Famili

    For most, Saturday has always been the time to get our well-deserved break from work. Whether it’s sleeping in, catching up on chores, or spending time with our family and friends, we consider this day our “me” time. But for our employee volunteers at NetSuite’s Manila Office, one Saturday was the perfect time to give back to the community. Through NetSuite.org, the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, the SuiteImpact Manila team decided to spend their “me” time in the scorching heat to h...

  • Top Tweets from #NSW13

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 is behind us, and before we start looking ahead to next year’s event, it’s worth taking a look back at the connections, the lessons and the fun that was had at the most recent gathering of customers, partners and press. Some of the keynote addresses have already appeared. Here’s a look back at some of the many tweets that attendees shared.I really love the community that@netsuite has built around its financial platform @iangertler @malinhuffman#SuiteWorld — Jon Ferrara #...

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Future Technology for Transforming Your Business

    At SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite’s own Dark Knight and CTO, Evan Goldberg, described how NetSuite is helping businesses transform and realize their vision. In the video from the event, Goldberg explains the enhancements NetSuite is making to the product, including new mobile capabilities, NetSuite StickEase, drag-and-drop importing of records to NetSuite files tabs, and what’s coming in the new user experience overhaul. He outlines coming billing, global financials and multi book accounting function...

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • Knowledge Universe at SuiteWorld 2013: The Value of CFO-CIO Collaboration

    Traditionally, The CFO in a company does not focus on the technology of an organization. Rather, CFOs are dedicated to the bottom line: minimizing spending, reducing IT costs, etc. The CIO on the other hand, utilizes technology to increase access to information.

  • SuiteImpact Team Singapore Gives Back, One Laugh at a Time

    We have all heard the old adage “laughter is the best medicine” and you have to admit, a single funny joke can indeed cheer up the saddest of faces. But for NetSuite.org, the corporate citizenship arm of the company, that adage was exactly what our recent SuiteImpact Team charity event in Singapore was all about – to help heal people with cancer one laugh at a time.Through the SuiteImpact Team, an initiative connecting NetSuite employees with local causes and volunteer opportunities, the Singapo...

  • Time to Get Your Multi-Channel Strategy Right

    With the rise of online shopping, pressure on traditional retailers to compete with cheaper prices and greater variety available online provides both risk and opportunity. This continues to be heightened by the strong Australian dollar, which increases consumers’ purchasing power on overseas sites. An estimated $6 billion of sales from Australia in 2011 were purchases on overseas websites, which equates to around 40 percent of overall online sales, according to Frost & Sullivan.

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • NetSuite OneWorld Helps Eco-Friendly Packaging Company Manage Growth While Maintaining Corporate Goa

    Starting a business isn’t always just about money. Sometimes, more than just making profit, someone comes along with a business plan that genuinely makes a difference. This is exactly what BioPak is all about.

  • NetSuite SuiteAcademy Now in Australia

    One of the most talked about technology trends in 2012, cloud computing has seen its popularity grow exponentially as more and more companies choose cloud computing over on-premise systems. Schools like UTS already offer courses for on-premise software like SAP and Oracle. Now they’re recognizing the importance of teaching NetSuite and cloud computing -- both for the country’s future workforce and the job prospects of their students.

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila Runs for a Cause

    The New Year always brings with it a lot of new possibilities; and for the NetSuite Manila office, 2013 brings new opportunities for the the SuiteImpact team to give back to the community. As part of the company’s NetSuite.org corporate citizenship efforts, the SuiteImpact Team Manila, led by employee Ambassadors EA Raymundo, Louie Baltazar, and Mel Vargas, sponsored 50 employees to join the Ten Moves Run for 10, a fun run in Manila organized by the organization The Entire Nation (TEN) Moves! TE...

  • Ecommerce Down Under: The Convenience Gap in Australia

    Editor’s Note: Andy Lloyd, the general manager of NetSuite Commerce Products, recently completed a global tour, meeting with NetSuite customers, learning about their markets, their challenges and how they’re solving them. Andy will post insights from his travels from the different regions and markets. While Australia’s economy has drawn envy in recent years from other corners of the globe, consumers and businesses down under are becoming increasingly concerned about the cooling economic conditio...

  • The Gateway to Asia, the New Economic Powerhouse, is Through the Cloud

    With the spotlight heavily on Asia following the launch of the Australian Government’s “Australia in the Asian Century” whitepaper, Australians are being encouraged to seize the opportunities of the Asian century, as the region transforms into the economic powerhouse of the world. In recent years, Asia has become the key hub in the global supply chain as many multinational corporations move manufacturing operations to lower cost locations, such as China. The manufacturing, distribution and logis...

  • Australian Online Retailer Manages Multiple Websites Using SuiteCommerce

    Australia's largest pure-play kitchenware retailer, Kitchenware Direct, bumped up its roster of websites to 11 when it recently launched its first homewares venture, Avago.com.au. And of course, it is worth noting that all 11 websites are managed through NetSuite SuiteCommerce. Prior to NetSuite, Kitchenware Direct ran its business using a variety of systems, but due to its fast-paced growth, the company needed an integrated system to meet demands both externally and internally.

  • Wholesaler’s ERP Customization Pays Off with Stock Management Software

    Fresh Produce Group, an Australian wholesaler, has seen approximately $1 million in cost savings a year since installing NetSuite. The company runs NetSuite across the business, from financials to inventory management, through the sales process and even tracks stock issues with Netsuite’s case management functionality. Aside from the significant savings, Fresh Produce Group was able to build a couple of modules for its specific business, thanks to NetSuite’s easy ERP customization.

  • NetSuite Employees Give Back For the Holidays

    Last week, in the first installment of our SuiteImpact Holiday blog, we told you about the incredible spirit of giving back in our Manila office, and their long-term commitment to the Philippine Christian Foundation. Today, I wanted to share a few more stories of the unique ways that our spirited NetSuite employees have decided to give back this year.In NetSuite’s Brno, Czech Republic office, employees were able to get some of their Christmas shopping done while supporting an amazing local organ...

  • Relying on the Cloud to Succeed in Multichannel Sales

    If the packed ballroom at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore during NetSuite’s recent stopover to officially launch its new SuiteCommerce platform is any indication, it is safe to assume that Singapore is indeed a strategic market for cloud adoption. A recentwhite paper by Frost & Sullivan established that Singapore is behind only Australia and New Zealand in the adoption of the cloud, and is ahead of most other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, ecommerce has been an increasingl...

  • Bet Your Future in the Cloud

    The global marketplace is transforming the way Australian manufacturers and distributors need to operate as their future survival is being determined by global influences that cannot be ignored. The hard truth is that we operate in a truly global marketplace and if Australian businesses don’t make necessary changes to their business models to join this marketplace, they risk disappearing all together. Factors out of the control of these businesses have provided the greatest threats, particularly...

  • Join Frost & Sullivan and NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson in Singapore for the 2012 Cloud Tour!

    We’re heading to Singapore for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour! Join us on Tuesday, October 16, at the Raffles Hotel for an exclusive forum featuring Frost & Sullivan and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. Frost & Sullivan will unveil new C-level research that investigates the key challenges facing Singapore organizations and examines why the consumerization of IT is making multichannel operations an imperative for businesses.

  • NetSuite Teams Up with The Australian Financial Review for the 2012 Cloud Tour—Register Now!

    The destination is set for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour. On Tuesday, October 9 in Sydney and Thursday, October 11 in Melbourne, we invite everyone to join us for an exclusive forum featuring The Australian Financial Review and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson is also set to speak at the event on the current approaches, findings and real-world experiences of cloud adoption and the advancement of the next generation of c...

  • Cloud Computing: Debunking the Myths

    For the past couple of years, the IT world has seen the increasing popularity of cloud computing, easily becoming 2012’s most talked about business software solution. More and more organisations have chosen to adopt the cloud to some extent. In Asia Pacific alone, a 2011 Frost & Sullivan survey indicated that cloud computing has emerged as the #1 priority for a significant number (38%) of businesses.

  • Avoiding Supply Chain Risk by Moving to the Cloud

    There is much debate within organizations whether to adopt the cloud or to just maintain their current on-premise systems. Although many companies have already made the leap, a huge chunk of the market is holding back, citing risks around security and privacy. And so the debate continues.

  • Implementing at the “Speed of Cloud”

    When I started out at NetSuite, I was faced with a daily grind of educating CFOs on the virtues of running their business in the cloud.  In those days, the conversations quickly moved to the issue surrounding data security and it took a particularly forward-thinking CFO to take the leap of faith.  I have since met many of those that did, and as they reflect on those decisions, most acknowledged that it was the first step in a complete business transformation towards cloud computing. Fa...

  • Customer Successes in the Spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012

    Customers tell us that they gain tremendous value by hearing directly from leading NetSuite users on how to excel with cloud business management—best practices, lessons learned and tips to drive efficiency. That’s why customer successes will be in the spotlight at SuiteWorld 2012. Our annual conference features 10 breakout sessions with real-world NetSuite customers covering topics ranging from financials to sales and marketing, dashboards and analytics, and global NetSuite OneWorld deployments....

  • Competitiveness of Many Asia Pacific Countries Tied to Cloud Computing

    The Business Software Alliance in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently came out with a study that assessed the competitiveness of various countries in supporting a strong IT production sector as measured by indicators such as legal environment, human capital and R&D spending. The study gives decision-makers insight into how the investments that countries make in education, infrastructure, regulation and other enabling factors contribute to the competitiveness of th...

  • The Future of the Cloud Is in the Believing

    I believe that our daily interactions with NetSuite customers and prospects are an excellent indicator of where business is going.  Last week, as NetSuite’s VP of Professional Services APAC, I participated in three presentations to prospects interested in NetSuite cloud ERP. So what? Isn’t that a typical week in the office?

  • Powering the Hyper Growth Small Business

    The web enables a small business to go global instantly – reaching millions of customers and hundreds of millions in a year or two where it used to take a decade or more. But if your accounting and sales systems aren’t aligned to get you where you need to do be,  because your running software like QuickBooks or Sage,  then it can slow any small business down - just as your about to hit the inflection point. The NetSuite Cloud Fuels SMB Growth Beyond The Rack is a great example of align...

  • Adapting Your Business Strategies to Today's New Software Revenue Models

    Subscription-based software licensing has gone from a novel concept to a disruptive force to a mainstream business model. By 2015, 24% of all software revenue will be generated by subscriptions, according to research by IDC. For software companies, subscriptions introduce a host of opportunities and challenges.

  • SuiteWorld 2011 PSA and SRP Recap

    A big thank you to all of our customers, partners, staff, press, analysts and other guests who attended the SuiteWorld conference in San Francisco. It was a fantastic event, with nearly 2,000 attendees from all over the world! NetSuite’s Services Vertical team spent the months leading up to the event preparing professional services automation (PSA) and services resource planning (SRP) sessions to cover hot topics such as project management, resource management and skills tracking, project accoun...

  • Mid-Year Market Performance Check-in. Cloud ERP is Mainstream

    No doubt there’s a lot of noise in the cloud marketplace these days. There seems to be a new cloud financial management vendor popping into existence every day. Meanwhile the existing on-premise vendors are desperately trying and disguise their existing portfolios as cloud.

  • NetSuite SuiteWorld Insight From Epiphany CEO

    It’s my first time blogging and it feels like public speaking but in silence. All–in–all a bit unnerving, but rather exciting. Another exciting first is the opportunity to attend SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s global user and partner conference.

  • Where Do You Want To Go Today? For Microsoft Great Plains Customers - it’s to the NetSuite Cloud

    Remember the old Microsoft slogan from the 90’s,"Where do you want to go today?”. Well, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) customers are already answering that question.  And the answer is the NetSuite cloud. Businesses across a wide range of industries and sizes are on the move from Great Plains–global media companies like Asia Digital Holdings, sports and entertainment firms such as Wasserman Media Group, through to wholesalers like Instrumart.

  • The Decline of Single Instance Big ERP. Why Two-Tier ERP is on the CIO Agenda

    Remember back in the middle of last decade, when a single enterprise Oracle or SAP instance from corporate to every sub was all the rage? It was touted as the solution to an enterprise’s visibility and consolidation ills. It was meant to be simple: Just take your corporate SAP or Oracle instance, roll it out to your geos and subsidiaries, and wham, your organization is running like clockwork.

  • And You're Worried about Cloud ERP? Survey Finds Nearly Half of SAP Users Unhappy with Performan

    When was the last time your business’ IT team provided your department with a Service Level Commitment for your ERP deployment? How about when they paid a penalty to your department for not delivering the ERP response times you need to run efficiently? Where does your IT team publish your ERP deployment’s performance?

  • In Manufacturing, Momentum Swings Toward the Cloud

    What a difference a couple of years makes in the manufacturing industry. It wasn’t that long ago that cloud computing was considered to be some faraway future vision for manufacturing. Meanwhile, many manufacturers were offshoring production to reduce costs, and the sector seemed to be in decline.

  • Two-Tier ERP - Stories From the Front Line

    Recently, Netsuite announced a strategic partnership with Informatica that will enable the development of a two-tier ERP solution for global enterprises.  This development will enable larger companies running legacy on-premise applications (such as SAP R/3) to tightly integrate with Netsuite’s leading cloud ERP solution.  The benefits of such a solution will, without doubt, lead to a significantly faster and more cost effective ERP deployment in new markets. As someone who has spent mu...

  • Increase Your Web Sales While Reducing Your Costs!

    During the 2010 holiday shopping season, NetSuite merchants increased their online sales by an average of 24%, twice the national average! More impressively, they managed to do this while lowering their costs. Here is how they did it.

  • SuiteDreams for Dummies

    Wiley Publishing just released NetSuite for Dummies. Now, NetSuite end users can rest easy knowing that the book is generally available at most large retail bookstores and on Amazon.com.  The book is designed to help users quickly maximize their investment in cloud ERP, by providing a comprehensive overview of NetSuite and, in some sections, detailed instructions on specific topics, in an easily digestible format.   (Wiley; ISBN: 978-0-470-19107-1; $24.99) Using the book as a guide, re...

  • Of Platforms, Dreams and Leaps of Faith

    As I write I am flying at 33,000 feet on the final leg of my return journey from Manila, where I spent five days at the second annual team-building event for NetSuite's international product managers and Platform Solutions Group (PSG). Incredibly, the 20- plus hours of delay-ridden travel, grumpy cabin crews and airplane food haven't dampened my euphoria from the PSG team’s shared experiences and the potential for what this talented group can do to help our customers and their businesses.  ...

  • Is a Software Hairball Choking Your Business?

    We recently launched our latest software hairball video along with a new Hairball Elimination Kit to humorously increase awareness of the wasteful habit among growing and mid-sized businesses to compile disparate and siloed systems over time. The idea is to help these companies self-diagnose the “ailment” we call Software Hairball Syndrome (SHS). Identification of SHS as a critical business issue may fly under the radar for many companies because it affects multiple functions...

  • SuiteWorld User Conference: What Would You Like to See in San Francisco?

    At NetSuite, we're gearing up for 2011 and our first ever user conference: SuiteWorld! We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are. The NetSuite Nation is a strong and growing community, and we're thrilled to bring our customers and partners all together in San Francisco from May 8 – 12.

  • Beware the Wolf in Cloud's Clothing

    I recently presented at the Springboard Research Cloud Seminar in Sydney on the benefits of Cloud Computing and the types of business management insights and efficiencies that Cloud-based applications like NetSuite OneWorld can bring to global companies.  There, just as at Oracle OpenWorld a week later and any number of similar events that have been held around the world in recent months, the question 'what exactly is Cloud Computing?' was asked and how can you tell the difference between r...

  • Don’t Forget the Human Element of Centralization

    In my professional services role, I see many customers make a common mistake when it comes to cloud computing deployments: they simply forget about the de-centralization of their workforce. The implementation of cloud computing has many benefits over and above traditional software deployments; however, one benefit in particular can turn out to be a “double-edged sword” if not handled correctly—that is the fact that you can deploy the software from one location to the entire universe of end users...