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  • Take Note: How One Company is Leveraging the Rapid Growth of Blockchain

    Find out from blockchain platform provider R3 how they are taking advantage of blockchain technology.

  • NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self-Driving Business

    Read about NetSuite's intelligent cloud suite that will help drive real business benefit quickly.

  • Analytics Just Got Friendlier

    Learn how the new SuiteAnalytics tool can help both technical and non-technical users.

  • SuiteWorld18: Customers to Take Center Stage and Share Their Secrets for Navigating Business Growth

    Find out what's in store for the attendees of SuiteWorld18 this week!

  • Blockchain: The Heart of Digital Transformation

    Find out why blockchain will be at the heart of digital transformation for businesses in the next three to five years.

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Past the Hype Cycle?

    Are blockchain and cryptocurrency just another set of tech buzzwords? Sand Hill East CEO Andy Brown thinks not.

  • World Series Champion Lou Piniella Reveals 3 Similarities in Baseball & Business

    Know the similarities between baseball and business as discussed by World Series Champion Lou Piniella.

  • CEO of Sand Hill East Offers Executive Primer on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

    Learn about the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency as discussed by Sand Hill East Founder and CEO Andy Brown.

  • Confused About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? Read On.

    Learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and how both can potentially impact your business.

  • Learn to Grow Like Ed “Too Tall” Jones

    Former Dallas Cowboy Ed "Too Tall" Jones shares lessons learned at Grow Live Dallas.

  • Chris Paul Talks Growth through Teamwork & Selflessness at Grow Live Houston

    Chris Paul joins Grow LIve Houston and discusses basketball, teamwork, Beyonce and the National Basketball Players Association.

  • Steiner Sports, Ring Lead the Way as Growth Reigns in New York

    Missed SuiteConnect East? Catch up on the opening keynote, customer growth stories and more.

  • Staying Off the Worst IPO of the Year List from ICR’s Tim Dolan

    Learn what your company needs to prepare to have a successful initial public offering (IPO).

  • Customer Success, Rock Stars and SuiteWorld: 2017’s Top Tweets

    Catch up on everything that happened in 2017, check out top conversations and tweets!

  • 4 Steps to Becoming NetSuite Certified

    Want to get a NetSuite Certification? Start by reading this blog.

  • Family-owned Businesses, Divestitures and Innovators: NetSuite Customers Shine in 2017

    As we start the new year and begin to line up new projects and initiatives, I think this is the best time to do some reflecting on the past. And the more we think on it, 2017 was ruled by our customers. NetSuite’s vision has always been to transform how businesses operate so they can achieve their business vision, and those transformations have been ubiquitous on our blog.

  • Creativity, Collaboration and Technology: Lessons from Joseph Gordon Levitt’s HitRecord

    500 Days of Summer. Inception. This is the End. The Dark Knight Returns. Don Jon. What do all of these films have in common? Joseph Gordon Levitt. From childhood star to leading actor to writer and director, Levitt has built an impressive Hollywood resumé. What most people don’t realize, is that he is also an entrepreneur.

  • BI and Baseball at SuiteConnect: World Champions, Dashboards and the Magnus Effect

    Statistical analysis has long been a part of baseball. From following box scores and batting leaders in the daily newspaper, to the evolving emphasis on pitch counts and the creation of new stats in the “Moneyball” era, to advanced analytics that now measure things like Wins Above Replacement Player and UZR fielding zones, teams have long used statistics to try and gain an edge.

  • Hurd to Goldberg: NetSuite Might be the Most Exciting Acquisition Oracle’s Ever Done

    Less than a year after it was acquired by Oracle, NetSuite was on the main stage at Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco last month. NetSuite Founder Evan Goldberg was joined on the stage by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd to discuss the strategy and plans for the combined business moving forward. Much like his address at NetSuite’s own SuiteWorld conference in April, Hurd’s message was about more – more investment in development, sales and global expansion.

  • NetSuite to Ramp Up EMEA Sales Recruitment to Support Global Growth

    Oracle NetSuite, a pioneer and global leader in cloud software suites, is more than quadrupling the size of its sales team in EMEA, recruiting Applications Sales Representatives across the region, particularly in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany. The winner of multiple awards, NetSuite’s true-cloud business system is aimed at helping companies in all industries grow. 

  • TBI Streamlines a Complex Value Chain in Telco Services

    Operating in a complex industry, with an intricate, multi-party value chain, TBI (Telecom Brokerage Inc.), was looking to introduce simplicity and efficiency across their organization. The 26-year-old company looked to streamline internal processes so they could continue to provide a “white glove” approach to their selling partners. To do that, TBI needed to update its own processes across that value chain.

  • For InSource, Every NetSuite Upgrade is a Chance for Improved Efficiency

    Recently, Thomas Barczak, CIO of InSource Solutions, was teaching his 14-year-old daughter how to use Microsoft Office. For someone who had been using the software for 30 years, what he thought would be very straightforward wasn’t. “I realized from an implementation standpoint I was missing it,” Barczak told a roomful of attendees at the recent SuiteWorld 2017 conference. “It’s an evolution, not a Big Bang event.”

  • SuiteWorld 2017 Fintech Keynote: The Fintech Revolution

    In the SuiteWorld 2017 Fintech keynote, Ranga Bodla, NetSuite’s Head of Industry Marketing, discusses the rise of fintech companies in the wake of the recession, how they’re disrupting traditional banks, how banks are responding and how NetSuite is helping these businesses innovate, including SuiteSuccess for financial services. Bodla is joined onstage by Andy Brown, CEO and Cofounder of Sand Hill East, a consultancy focused on fintech and startups.

  • Flexport, Omnitrax Get Their Business Rolling in Evolving Transportation Industry

    The transportation and logistics industry is in a rapid state of flux. Whether they operate by sea, air, rail or road, shipping carriers are challenged to get goods from A to B with greater speed, transparency, customer service and cost-efficiency. The global dynamics disrupting the industry are many. B2B shipping customers expect a more consumer-like digital experience from an industry known for complexity and tons of paperwork.

  • Better Data Drives Better Decisions: Five Lessons from Domopalooza 2017

    For fast-growing businesses seeking to capitalize on the power of the cloud and the data stashed across their business, the recent Domopalooza 2017, the annual conference from Domo, a cloud-based analytics software provider, offered some key insights. Held in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, just a short drive north of the Domo headquarters in American Fork, Utah, over 3,000 people from more than 1,250 different companies—both start-up and well established—came to the event to discuss the past, present and future of data and business intelligence.

  • Four Days in April: The Definitive SuiteWorld17 Travel Guide

    SuiteWorld17 represents a slew of firsts for the #1 cloud ERP event of the year – the first time in Las Vegas, the first time as a business unit under Oracle and the biggest event yet. With more than 6,000 people expected to descend on the Sands Expo & Convention Center to attend more than 200 sessions and nine keynote addresses, the challenge is not going to be how to fill the day, but how to fit it all in while still making time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Vegas.

  • Fintech to Take Center Stage at SuiteWorld 2017

    As massive changes continue to reshape the financial services industry, fintech and traditional companies alike are quickly realizing the importance of a flexible and modern platform. To meet that need, this year’s SuiteWorld event in Las Vegas will offer more content to specifically address the challenges and opportunities that the financial services industry faces.

  • 9 Key Customer Questions on Upgrading from QuickBooks to NetSuite

    Over the years, our webinars on upgrading from QuickBooks to NetSuite have been extremely popular among organizations that have outgrown QuickBooks and are looking for a more agile, multi-functional and future-proof solution to support growth. A recent live webinar, “Are QuickBooks and Manual Processes Holding Back Your Growth?,” was no exception. 

  • The Rise of FinTech Disruptors as Seen at LendIt 2017

    A mere 350 people attended the first LendIt Conference back in 2013. Four years later, the conference brings together over 5,000 attendees from more than 40 countries—a true testament to the size and scale of the FinTech Revolution. New York City played host to the latest event with thought leaders and industry experts from over 2,400 companies—both start-up and well established—to discuss the past, present and future of financial services, alternative lending and FinTech.

  • 5 Trends Driving Change in Transportation and Logistics in 2017

    Globalization and technological advances have brought rapid change to the transportation and logistics sector in recent years and 2017 promises to be no different. Whether businesses are able to adapt and take advantage of those changes is a top priority for companies in the industry. From changes in the modern consumer’s needs and the skyrocketing growth of ecommerce to digitalization of the supply chain, automation technology, and the overall economic shift to the cloud, we see 2017 as being a pivotal year for transportation and logistics companies.

  • Key Trends Impacting Healthcare Organizations in 2017

    The words, “healthcare,” and “expensive,” have long been associated terms. Skyrocketing healthcare costs across the globe have forced the industry to rethink the way it delivers quality and efficient care. Government involvement only further complicates the issues.

  • NetSuite Opens Nordic Operations, Expands in Benelux, UK and Ireland

    One key benefit of Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite is the resources Oracle brings to help NetSuite expand its global capability and reach. Today we’re happy to announce early progress toward that goal.

    In the EMEA region, the overall focus will be on increasing investments and resources for customer success and market expansion in three key areas.

  • Breaking Tradition: 5 Trends Impacting the Financial Services Industry

    Today, nearly every financial activity is being reimagined in some way, from banking, to lending, to wealth management. Tasks and transactions that once involved human interaction and paper money have overwhelmingly moved into the digital world, and new players are emerging to disrupt the traditionally staid industry. The coming year promises only more of the same. In order to compete in this changing landscape, financial services firms are under increased pressure to adapt to these shifts in the industry.

  • NetSuite Gets GRC

    The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) landscape has been rapidly evolving over the last 18 to 24 months, with significant implications for NetSuite and our customers. We’ve seen accelerating adoption in public and public-bound companies, in upmarket and rapid growth midmarket companies, and in compliance-regulated companies, such as nonprofit and education.

  • Advancing from Reactive to Proactive Project Reporting in Professional Services

    Playing catch-up on project status reporting is a dangerous game in professional services. And it’s an unpleasant one, especially if you find yourself crunching numbers in Excel from various reports and applications on a Sunday evening in preparation for a big Monday morning project status meeting.But the project status catch-up game is not uncommon. 

  • NetSuite Continues its Commitment to Grace Hopper Conference

    There’s a special feeling when you walk into the Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Conference. As a woman working in technology, usually when you walk into a room, you're in the minority. Here it's the complete opposite. Simply put, it's a different feeling when you are with other technically-minded women and think, “I’m not alone.”

  • Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines Leverages Software Donation to Thrive in the Cloud

    It was while serving as an infectious diseases fellow caring for HIV and AIDS patients at Philippine General Hospital that Dr. Kate Leyritana first began to recognize the barriers that stopped people from getting tested and receiving care once diagnosed with HIV.

  • SuiteWorld 16 in Review: Being Bold, Transforming Industries

    With 8,000 attendees from over 50 countries and 160 breakout sessions, there was an abundance of insight, best practices and inside tips for everyone involved. For those who couldn’t make the event and for those just couldn’t fit everything in, we’ve assembled all the coverage from the NetSuite blog in one location.

  • Building a Successful Start-Up in the Czech Republic with Passion, Recruiting, and Nerf

    As the resident #NetSuiteNomad this year I will be traveling to a different country each month as an evangelist for NetSuite social selling while spending some time with our employees, customers, and partners in every pocket of the world. This month I am in the Czech Republic.

  • SoFi Fixes a Broken Lending Industry

    SoFi, an alternative lending company is growing rapidly and creating fundamental change in the finance sector. CEO Mike Cagney discusses innovation, disruption and reacting to it in this QandA.

  • SuiteWorld 2016 Nonprofit Keynote

    In the first SuiteWorld keynote address targeted specifically at nonprofit organizations, Harish Mohan, VP, Solution Consulting and David Geilhufe, Sr. Director, Nonprofit Vertical, of NetSuite address "Social Impact, Accelerated: How Your Nonprofit's Back Office Can Change The World." 

  • Evan Goldberg’s 2016 SuiteWorld Keynote: To Boldly Go

    Evan Goldberg, NetSuite’s Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chairman of the Board, spoke at NetSuite's SuiteWorld 2016 conference. Watch his in-depth update of NetSuite’s product strategy, including new product announcements and features. Goldberg is joined by NetSuite partners including Anaplan, FloDocs, and Clutch as well as other NetSuite product experts.

  • SuiteWorld Keynote: The Last Computing Architecture

    In the opening keynote from SuiteWorld 16, CEO Zach Nelson and President and COO Jim McGeever describe why the cloud is the last cloud computing architecture and discuss the future of business with NetSuite customers Hyperloop, Daqri, Snapchat, Maclaren Baby, Aspect Software, Ricardo Perez and Cisco.

  • NetSuite Blogging Team Engages in Mano-a-Mano-a-Mano URB-E Derby

    SuiteWorld blogging team faces-off for 10-lap perambulation of fear!

  • How a Hackathon Led to Real-World Solutions for Found Animals Foundation Pt. 2

    In Part 1, we shared how NetSuite.org’s annual Hackathon 4Good created the space for NetSuite developers, partners and customers to come together to prototype innovative solutions for two of its nonprofit partners, Found Animal Foundation (FAF) and Good360. 

  • NetSuite Employee Spotlight: Vijay Raghvani

    When, Vijay Raghvani joined NetSuite in 2012 to look after the ANZ Channel, he never expected to be named the Worldwide Channel Representative just three years later.

  • How a Hackathon Led to Real-World Solutions for Found Animals Foundation

    Hackathons have become a popular pro bono volunteer event model– bringing together a group of people to use their creative skills and technology know-how to solve problems in a short amount of time. Participants make new connections, learn new skills, feel like they make a difference, and typically vie for a prize and bragging rights for the winning idea (which doesn’t hurt!).

  • Grantee Spotlight: The John J. Byrne Community Center Provides a Safe Space for Local Youth

    David Greaves says his career in finance and accounting made him the perfect recruit for the John J. Byrne Community Center, a nonprofit organization that provides space for groups that deliver after-school activities, summer camps and gang violence intervention programs to area youth. He feels that a community center in Uniondale, N.Y. is critical to fulfilling a promise to our youth, children, and families.

  • NetSuite Training Fits the Bill for New Year

    With 2015 coming to an end, I’m compelled to look back upon our key milestones and successes as we begin planning for what’s ahead.

    As a member of NetSuite’s Education Services team for over eight years, I have worked on countless training projects.

  • Girl Geek Dinner Serves up NetSuite's Commitment to Diversity

    When a colleague attended the Amazon Web Services conference in Las Vegas in 2012, he was struck when looked around at a session entitled “AWS Security” and noticed that among the roughly 500 people in the room there was not a single woman...

  • Family-run Freight Business Keeps Growing with NetSuite

    Many an entrepreneur hopes to one day pass the business to their children. But to survive, and thrive, in the face of the many challenges that small companies inevitably encounter, those entrepreneurs must be prepared to quickly adapt to market changes and to adopt new technologies that provide a competitive edge.


  • Three Steps to Becoming a NetSuite Certified Administrator

    Kirk Mathers and Brian Dougherty are ready for whatever NetSuite, or their employers throw at them next.

    That’s because Mathers, director of NetSuite Administration at online and blended learning education solutions provider Edgenuity, and Dougherty, director, enterprise architecture at IT performance management software vendor SolarWinds, are graduates of the NetSuite Certified Administrator program.

  • Addressing the Full Employee Experience Fundamental to Making NetSuite a Top Workplace

    At NetSuite, employee development is about far more than just promoting job skills and professional development. It’s about the entire employee experience.

  • Nonprofits Preparing for New Challenges with NetSuite, AICPA Conference

    The annual AICPA Not for Profit conference is rapidly approaching and this year’s conference offers an expanded agenda to help nonprofit finance teams navigate the complexities surrounding tax, compliance, accounting and auditing in the nonprofit finance landscape.


  • Employee Spotlight: Angela Mager Takes her Career Across the Globe with NetSuite

    Angela Mager went from NetSuite customer to NetSuite solution consultant and ultimately on a trip around the world with one phone call.

  • Shaw Industries Gets That ‘Red Carpet’ Feeling at SuiteWorld

    Allen Stephens, IS Strategic Planning Group manager for Shaw Industries Group, believes SuiteWorld is a more genuine and personal experience than most industry gatherings by far.

  • SuiteWorld a Cloud Family Reunion

    With more than a decade at NetSuite, SuiteWorld has the feel of an upcoming family reunion.

    In fact, from where this show -- and this company – started, it’s almost unimaginable the amount of growth that’s occurred. But when more than 7,000 people walk through the doors of the San Jose Convention Center, it’s going to be great to see them all.

  • SuiteWorld Brews up the Right Mix of Networking, Education for KegWorks

    For John Cirocco, the Vice President of Operations and Information Technology at KegWorks, SuiteWorld is part networking event, part learning experience and part public presentation.

  • Employee Spotlight: Over 15 Years Ash Thapar Thrives with NetSuite

    From customer to sales person to project manager across multiple countries, Ash Thapar, director of professional services for Asia Pacific-Japan, is intimately familiar with NetSuite.

  • Storied University Embraces Cloud Applications in its Business, Computer Science Schools

    A school with a history that dates back more than 400 years still needs to look to the future.

    That’s what the University of Santo Tomas (UST), a Catholic school in the Philippines founded in 1605 and still managed by the Vatican, is doing by embracing the cloud as part of its computer science program.

  • Customers Share Why They Switched from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite

    The decision to replace an existing ERP system is never made lightly. Indeed, the time, expense and business upheaval of transitioning systems can scare away companies that confront all manner of business process bottlenecks, limits on growth and inconsistent data with incumbent systems.


  • How Long can Early Cloud ERP Adopters Maintain Their Unfair Advantage for?

    Companies running their ERP system in the cloud have a distinct advantage over their competitors thanks to its ability to scale rapidly, roll out to new subsidiaries or divisions easily and the freedom from software and hardware maintenance that it supplies.

  • NoaNet Helps Bridge the Digital Divide in Washington with NetSuite

    Broadband telecommunications is taken for granted in most metropolitan and well-developed areas of the U.S. But across the nation’s vast expanse, many communities remain without broadband access and the benefits it provides to individuals and society as a whole.

  • Three Steps to NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification

    Because companies that use certified professionals see more effective deployments and a greater return on their investment, customers are demanding that certified NetSuite ERP Consultants implement and optimize their use of NetSuite.


  • Foundation Center Advances Philanthropy with NetSuite.org

    Philanthropy has for decades been instrumental in bettering underserved populations and advancing economic, educational, healthcare, environmental and other social causes around the globe. At the heart of the multi-billion dollar sector is the Foundation Center...

  • Three Steps to Employee Engagement That Make NetSuite a Top Workplace

    Recently, NetSuite was named one of the Bay Area’s Top Workplaces for the third consecutive year. Conducted by the Bay Area News Group, publisher of The San Jose Mercury News, The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, and various other newspapers and digital media properties, the results are based entirely on feedback from an employee survey. We’re proud that our employees think so highly of the company and much of that is due to the following steps we take to keep employees engaged.

  • NetSuite Helps Land O' Lakes, Inc. Spread Expansion Plans

    As a member-owned agricultural cooperative, Land O'Lakes, Inc.is a Fortune 200 agribusiness with over $14.2 billion in sales. With deep roots in the industry dating back to its formation in 1921, the company today is as equally focused on time-honored craftsmanship traditions as it is on progressive new innovations driven by technology.

  • Meltwater Offers Lessons Learned from a Migration to NetSuite OneWorld

    For all those companies gun-shy about moving their financial software and data into the cloud, the experience of online media monitoring firm Meltwater offers some reassurance.

  • Texas Comptroller, VHA Reap Benefits of NetSuite’s new B2B Portal

    If there's one message NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson wanted to get across during his keynote address at SuiteWorld 2014, it was that today's organizations need to be able to redefine themselves on the fly, and that there's no better platform than the cloud to make that possible.

  • TribeHR Mobile Puts Mobile Cloud HR in Every Pocket

    NetSuite unveiled its new TribeHR for Mobile iOS solution at NetSuite SuiteWorld this week, bringing the power of a socially-connected workforce to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

  • NetSuite Unveils New Crisp, Clear and Customizable UI

    After a three-years working on a significant update to its central User Interface (UI), NetSuite used the first day of its SuiteWorld 2014 conference and exhibition to unveil the new look and feel for customers.

  • NetSuite Customers Star at SuiteWorld 2014

    SuiteWorld, the annual gathering of NetSuite customers, partners, industry press and analysts is putting its emphasis on the first group in that list like never before.

  • SUITEideas Worth Sharing Track Featuring Unique Session Styles to Debut at SuiteWorld 2014

    Now in its fourth year, SuiteWorld is already well-known as the premier event for learning, networking and flat-out enjoying all things NetSuite.

  • What to Pack for SuiteWorld

    SuiteWorld 2014 is just around the corner and it’s bigger and better than ever. It’s never too early to start planning for the event and what you need to bring. So here’s a quick checklist of some of the things you’ll need for the show.

  • ERP Consultant Certification, UI Among the Valuable SuiteWorld Pre-Conference Training Sessions

    NetSuite SuiteWorld Pre-Conference Training offers a unique opportunity to develop your NetSuite skills and knowledge. Hosted by the NetSuite SuiteTraining team for two days in advance of the conference, it offers hands-on...

  • Australian Medical Research Institute Modernizes for Growth in the NetSuite Cloud

    The Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology is committed to helping Australians live longer, healthier lives, boasting more than 130 scientists seeking to discover improved diagnostics, treatments and cures for cancer and cardiovascular, immunological and infectious diseases.

  • Microelectronics Industry Association SEMI Streamlines Global Operations with NetSuite OneWorld

    Since 1970, SEMI has been at the forefront of technological innovation. The not-for-profit global industry association for the microelectronics market, SEMI represents about 1,900 manufacturers delivering innovative electronics—semiconductors, photovoltaics, flat panel displays and more—that have transformed the world.