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  • Here’s How to Give Back at SuiteWorld

    Learn about the two ways on how you can give back at this year's SuiteWorld conference.

  • Simon Community Elevates Its Service to the Homeless of Western Scotland

    Learn how Glasgow-based nonprofit Simon Community addresses homelessness in Western Scotland.

  • Rise Against Hunger Works to Eliminate Global Hunger by 2030

    Can global hunger be eliminated by 2030? The nonprofit Rise Against Hunger believes that it can.

  • Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact Launches Buildathon 4Good in Manila

    For Hazel May Pajotagana, CFO of HiGi Energy, a social enterprise focused on clean energy and environmentally friendly products, balancing the demands of managing finances for a busy nonprofit organization leaves little time to experiment and optimize HiGi Energy’s ERP system. That’s where the Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact Buildathon 4Good comes in.

  • Legal Aid Society Boosts Efficiency and its Mission with NetSuite

    For the Legal Aid Society of Rochester (LASROC), every dollar saved on administrative efficiency is a dollar that can go toward providing legal services for the roughly 10,000 low-income individuals the nonprofit serves across a nine-county region in central New York.

  • Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: Failure is Sexy

    Earlier this year, Johannes Haushofer, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at the prestigious Princeton University, did an odd thing when he posted his “CV of Failures” on Twitter.While most of us view our CV or résumé as our chance to share our most prized accomplishments and accolades, things that are going to impress an audience or help us land our dream job, Haushofer wanted to “give people some perspective."

  • Social Impact Releases Playbook for Companies to Pair Software Product Donations with Pro Bono Service to Maximize Social Impact

    Taproot Foundation and NetSuite.org, the Corporate Citizenship arm of NetSuite, recently released a playbook for companies to maximize the social impact of their software donation programs by pairing their program with employee-provided pro bono training and support.

  • Chocolate Maker Theo & Philo Sweetens Its Business with Oracle+NetSuite Social Impact

    As one of the world’s tropical equatorial nations that produce the raw material for chocolate, the Philippines is experiencing growth as an exporter of chocolate. Not coincidentally, Theo & Philo is growing in the Philippines as well. A maker of premium artisanal chocolates, Theo & Philo is the brainchild of Philo Chua, who developed a love of cooking with chocolate while working as an IT programmer in Pittsburgh, PA. 

  • WAKE and NetSuite.org Team Up to Empower Women-Led Organizations

    When Trish Tierney and Heather Ramsey founded the Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange (WAKE) in 2015, it was based on their shared belief that women-led organizations around the world are doing important work, but often don’t have access to the latest tools and training that could help them become more efficient. This belief was grounded in their 20 years of experience designing and managing programs aimed at building the technical capacity of organizations serving women in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.

  • Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology Fosters Technology Entrepreneurship in Africa with NetSuite.org

    Jorn Lyseggen founded Meltwater in 2001 with only $15,000. As of 2016, the company has grown to serve more than 25,000 clients around the world and is now a global leader in the online media monitoring and analytics space. Encouraged by that success, Lyseggen, who believes that talent is everywhere, went on to create the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) to give aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa a chance to create successful companies and create jobs and wealth locally.

  • AbilityNet Adapts and Expands on an 11-Year Journey with NetSuite

    Eleven years ago, when AbilityNet, a UK-based nonprofit providing technology accessibility services for disabled and older people needed to modernise its operations, a cloud-based system was a major consideration. As a lean, nonprofit organisation, AbilityNet did not have the staff or budget for a large upfront investment in on-premise software.

  • Measuring the Impact of FASB’s New Guidance on Nonprofit Liquidity, Expense Recording

    In Part 2 of this blog series, we will be further reviewing how FASB’s new updates will change the way nonprofits regulate their financial statements. As promised, we will be covering changes to liquidity and availability of resources, and recording of expenses.

  • What does FASB’s New Guidance Mean for Nonprofits?

    We are right around the corner from 2017, and one can always count on a new year bringing change. For financial leaders in the US nonprofit sector, 2017 brings the first makeover issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) since 1993. 

  • Global Impact Week Recap: 1,500+ NetSuite Employees Volunteer 4,100+ Hours During Week of Service

    Last week during Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s 2nd annual week of service, more than 1,500 employees (a 47 percent increase from last year) stepped away from their desks to give back to their local communities.

  • Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines Leverages Software Donation to Thrive in the Cloud

    It was while serving as an infectious diseases fellow caring for HIV and AIDS patients at Philippine General Hospital that Dr. Kate Leyritana first began to recognize the barriers that stopped people from getting tested and receiving care once diagnosed with HIV.

  • NetSuite Employees Gear Up to Give Back During 2nd Annual Week of Service

    From Oct 17-21, thousands of NetSuite employees from around the world will show their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities during Global Impact Week, NetSuite’s annual week of service.  Global Impact Week gives employees a chance to celebrate ways to give back locally through volunteer service and in-office donation drives.During last year’s inaugural Gl...

  • A Pilot with a Purpose: Meet NetSuite Employee Rick Gutlon

    Rick Gutlon, a Professional Services Consultant with NetSuite, says it was a boyhood dream that inspired him to get his pilot’s license in 2006. Yet, as exhilarating as it was to be in the cockpit, Gutlon said once the novelty wore off he needed to find a mission or reason for flying.

  • SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile: Getting to Know the Wild Side of Roman Bukary

    Our SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile series highlights the unique ways that NetSuite employees choose to use their 16 hours of Volunteer Time-Off. An avid hiker, Roman Bukary, VP of Account Management for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution at NetSuite, says it was the idea of getting lost on the trails that inspired him to sign up as a search and rescue volunteer in Marin County, a nature lover’s paradise just 20 minutes north of San Francisco, California.

  • Spark Works to Help Communities Help Themselves

    In years past, the rainy season in Nasitsape, a community nestled in the mountains of eastern Uganda, often meant that residents were isolated from surrounding communities when the river became impassable. During these times, residents were often unable to leave the village to get to school, the health clinic and the market.

  • Taking on the Back-Office in the Fight Against Cancer

    When we think about the fight against cancer most of us probably think of cutting-edge research and clinical trials. Perhaps we think of running or cycling with Team in Training, or of someone close to us who fought a battle with cancer and won.What we probably don’t think of are dashboards, financial reports, and donor records. 

  • How to Leverage Free Tech to Further Your Nonprofit’s Mission

    If leveraged correctly, technology has the power to accelerate your organization's work to meet your mission. It’s even better when that technology is free. Too often though, we spend too much time jumping on the newest free technology offerings and not enough time figuring out what we're trying to do and how the technology can (or in some cases cannot) help us.

  • SuiteWorld 2016 Nonprofit Keynote

    In the first SuiteWorld keynote address targeted specifically at nonprofit organizations, Harish Mohan, VP, Solution Consulting and David Geilhufe, Sr. Director, Nonprofit Vertical, of NetSuite address "Social Impact, Accelerated: How Your Nonprofit's Back Office Can Change The World." 

  • Five Reasons to Tell Your Nonprofit Story Using Financial Data

    Stories about our clients and our impact are at the heart of the nonprofit sector. Development and marketing departments tell those stories to evoke emotional reactions through bold statements, compelling images and a myriad other tools and strategies.When was the last time you were emotionally inspired by how effectively a nonprofit stewarded your donation? 

  • Image Mission Streamlines Processes to Dress Women for Success

    Li Kin Pang will never forget the first woman her nonprofit organization, Image Mission Ltd, helped. A mother of three, the woman, whom we'll call Mae, had been the victim of domestic violence, and as a result had been forced to move with her children into her mother's one-room apartment. With so many pressures facing her, Mae kept her goals small, telling Pang that her dream was simply to get a job so she could afford her own apartment.

  • SuiteWorld Attendees Pack 86,000+ Meals for Children in the Developing World

    For those of us who don’t have to think twice about whether we’ll have enough food to eat, it’s hard to imagine that an estimated one in nine people on the planet go to bed hungry each night. During SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual customer conference held at the San Jose Convention Center, attendees came together to ‘make good happen’ by packing meals on behalf of NetSuite customer and nonprofit partner Stop Hunger Now(SHN). 

  • And the Hackathon 4Good Winners are….

    We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our third NetSuite.org Hackathon 4Good! During the pre-conference day at SuiteWorld, the teams spent nearly 12 straight hours brainstorming, white boarding, and coding. At the end of the night, after live presentations and demos, Team ‘GoodFellows’ and Team ‘The Original Timesheets’ were crowned the winners for their creative prototypes of solutions to meet the challenges posed by nonprofit partners Ashoka and Juma Ventures.

  • Spotlight Shines on Nonprofits at SuiteWorld 2016

    With growing numbers of nonprofit organizations discovering how much NetSuite can help them, it's no wonder the upcoming SuiteWorld conference in San Jose will offer more content designed with the nonprofit sector in mind than any previous SuiteWorld. And that's with good reason. 

  • Celebrating the Organizations Dedicated to Saving Pets’ Lives

    I blame my mom for my love of animals. I say blame because it occasionally feels like a bit of a curse to want to rescue every dog that I meet. Growing up, my mom seemed to always be rescuing animals -- baby birds who had fallen from their nest, seagulls who had gotten plastic wrapped around their beaks, and dogs, whatever their size and condition, found wandering the streets. 

  • NetSuite Supports the 2016 International ICT Awards with LightCMS

    Recently, a team of volunteers, including myself and a combination of product managers and software engineers at NetSuite Philippines, was able to lend our support to the recently concluded International Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards. 

  • AmCham ScholaRun 2016: NetSuite Employees Run for a Cause – the Second Time Around

    NetSuite has always been ahead in ensuring that its employees are enjoying a balance of work and leisure. Through various company-sponsored activities, such as charity races, NetSuite employees are able to enjoy a refreshing break from their hectic schedules while still maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

  • NetSuite.org Launches Financials Accelerator for Nonprofits

    Good financial management is critical to the success of nonprofit organizations, even if it might not be the most exciting topic. Every organization is challenged with delivering better transparency to constituents and being effective stewards of donor resources. Beyond the basics, they need to connect the dollars they raise and spend to the outcomes their organizations seek to achieve.

  • Return of the Hack(athon 4Good)

    The Hack is Back! And by Hack, we mean the Hackathon 4Good, our one-day competition that brings together NetSuite developers, partners and customers to develop innovative solutions on the NetSuite platform to the challenges posed by two of our nonprofit partners. Back for its third year, the Hackathon 4Good is set for May 16th from 9 a.m.

  • How a Hackathon Led to Real-World Solutions for Found Animals Foundation Pt. 2

    In Part 1, we shared how NetSuite.org’s annual Hackathon 4Good created the space for NetSuite developers, partners and customers to come together to prototype innovative solutions for two of its nonprofit partners, Found Animal Foundation (FAF) and Good360. 

  • Announcing our 2016 NetSuite.org SuiteImpact Ambassadors!

    We’re thrilled to announce our 2016 NetSuite.org SuiteImpact Team Ambassadors, a passionate group of NetSuite employees who will spearhead volunteer activities in their local office.

  • How a Hackathon Led to Real-World Solutions for Found Animals Foundation

    Hackathons have become a popular pro bono volunteer event model– bringing together a group of people to use their creative skills and technology know-how to solve problems in a short amount of time. Participants make new connections, learn new skills, feel like they make a difference, and typically vie for a prize and bragging rights for the winning idea (which doesn’t hurt!).

  • Creating Community through Healthy Meals in Waterloo

    For those of us with access to fresh, healthy food, it’s hard to imagine that many families are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to adequate amounts of nutritious food. In some cases, they lack access to any food at all.In Canada, as many as 13 percent of the population lives in a state of food insecurity. 

  • NetSuite.Org Looks Back on a Successful Year

    Happy 2016 from all of us here at NetSuite.org! As we dive into a brand new year full of opportunities to support the amazing work of nonprofits and social enterprises across the globe through our software donation and employee volunteer programs, we wanted to take a look back at 2015 and share eight of our favorite and most popular posts from the year.

  • A Week of Gift Giving: NetSuite Employees Continue to Give Back

    The holiday madness may be over, but a lot of people are still reeling from the love and happiness brought by the year that was. This is especially true for NetSuite employees in the Philippines and the charity partners who they had the opportunity to help.

  • NetSuite Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Criswell Helping Women Inmates Change Their Lives

    NetSuite.org’s SuiteImpact initiative has taken off, with employees from every NetSuite office from across the world participating. For Global Impact Week alone, more than 870 people volunteered time in their local communities.

  • Getting to Know SuiteImpact Ambassador Saranya Kaewsaard

    SuiteImpact initiative has taken off, gaining participants from every NetSuite office from all over the world. For Global Impact Week alone, more than 870 people volunteered their time to do good in their local communities. Here, we are taking the time to get to know one of our SuiteImpact Ambassadors, Saranya Kaewsaard.

  • Grantee Spotlight: The John J. Byrne Community Center Provides a Safe Space for Local Youth

    David Greaves says his career in finance and accounting made him the perfect recruit for the John J. Byrne Community Center, a nonprofit organization that provides space for groups that deliver after-school activities, summer camps and gang violence intervention programs to area youth. He feels that a community center in Uniondale, N.Y. is critical to fulfilling a promise to our youth, children, and families.

  • Getting to Know SuiteImpact Ambassador Nicole LaPenta

    NetSuite.org’s SuiteImpact initiative has taken off, gaining participants from every NetSuite office from all over the world. For Global Impact Week alone, more than 870 people volunteered time in their local communities. Here, we are taking the time to get to know one of our SuiteImpact Ambassadors in our Toronto office, Nicole LaPenta.

  • Philippine Nonprofits Hit the Ground Running Following Implementation Pilot

    When it comes to nonprofit capacity building, the needs of nonprofit organizations are as varied as the issue areas in which they work. And while there is no one clear definition for nonprofit capacity building, we think Peter York, CEO of Algorhythm said it well when he defined it as...

  • The Caring and Sharing Exchange Transforms Operations to Focus on Bringing Holiday Cheer to Families in Need

    The holiday season is a tough time for families in need. With so many different traditions-gift giving, decoration, celebrations and more-this time of year can really take a toll on adults and children alike. For this reason alone, there are hundreds of nonprofit organizations...

  • Profile of a Volunteer: Craig Thiman

    If you’re looking for Craig Thiman on a Saturday morning between February and October, you’re most likely to find him on a construction site somewhere in northwest Atlanta.

  • TECHO: Working to Overcome Poverty in Latin America with NetSuite.org

    For some, the knowledge that 165 million people in Latin America are living below the poverty line (ECLAC), might leave them wondering how they could ever make a difference.

  • Leaders Gather for NetSuite.org’s “Social Impact, Accelerated” Conference

    Last month, more than 50 leaders from charities and social enterprises in the Philippines attended “Social Impact Accelerated” NetSuite.org’s nonprofit technology conference at ImpactHUB Manila.


  • NetSuite Philippines Support Team Extends Support to the Elderly

    I love my job! As part of NetSuite.org, NetSuite’s Corporate Citizenship Program, I get the chance to support NetSuite employees to give back in their local community.

  • NetSuite Employees Volunteer More Than 3,100 Hours During Global Impact Week

    NetSuite employees have helped to drive some tremendous results this year supporting NetSuite.org initiatives like the Hackathon 4Good and the SuiteFit 4Good which took place at SuiteWorld 2015.

  • NetSuite Employees Team Up for Local Communities for Global Impact Week

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
                                                                                                             - Mahatma Gandhi


  • A Perfect Match: Paul Kirch and Fundación Ruta 40

    Passionate and adventurous, Paul Kirch’s affinity for South America started while studying for his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College.

  • Environmental Foundation Boosts its Clean Energy Mission with NetSuite

    Running a nonprofit organization comes with some very specific challenges. Running a nonprofit organization that spans three distinct categories and finds itself competing with for-profit companies comes with even more.

  • Brightpoint Health: From Days to Minutes With SuiteVolunteers

    Despite being just four months into a new role at NetSuite, Spencer Linder couldn’t say no to a colleague when she encouraged him to apply to be a SuiteVolunteer. The SuiteVolunteers program, which matches the professional skills of NetSuite employee...

  • Global LEAD Transforms Study Abroad with the Help of NetSuite

    It all started with a scribbled note on the steps of Angkor Wat in 2007. It was onthisnote that friends Robbie Reese and Garrett Gravesen, graduates of the University of Georgia, conceptualized their big idea for transforming study abroad.

  • Guayaki’s Sustainable Mission to Save the Rainforest Gets a Boost from NetSuite.org

    Take five college friends, a strong appreciation of yerba mate, a naturally caffeinated South American beverage, and a desire to make a difference in the world and you have the seeds for Guayaki, a natural products provider and a social enterprise.

  • Ashoka Expands its Global Social Impact with Pro Bono Volunteers

    Regina Agyare feels passionately about bringing local Ghanaian women and girls into information and communications technology (ICT) by providing them with the role models and tools to change them from consumers to creators of technology.

  • NetSuite Philippines Employees Gain Knowledge, Skills, Gratitude from SuiteVolunteer Projects

    As a member of NetSuite’s Professional Services Team in Manila, Celina Bacani spends her workday analyzing the needs of NetSuite’s retail customers and building out custom solutions to help them make the most of the software.

  • NetSuite Launches Software Donation Program in Australia

    NetSuite recently announced a partnership with Connecting Up, Inc. to bring its software donation program to Australian nonprofits. Executed through the NetSuite.org corporate citizenship program, Australian nonprofits would gain immediate access to NetSuite’s cloud business suite of applications including ERP...

  • Five Reasons to Take Your Nonprofit to the Cloud Today

    The primary goal of many nonprofits is to support issues of public interest, often by raising awareness, getting funds and mobilizing resources to enable change that would benefit society in some tangible way.

  • Hackathon 4Good Delivers Innovative Solutions for NetSuite.org’s Charity Partners

    Before the keynotes, the parties, and the deep-dive product sessions at SuiteWorld 2015 took place, something a little smaller but just as important happened.


  • Nonprofits Preparing for New Challenges with NetSuite, AICPA Conference

    The annual AICPA Not for Profit conference is rapidly approaching and this year’s conference offers an expanded agenda to help nonprofit finance teams navigate the complexities surrounding tax, compliance, accounting and auditing in the nonprofit finance landscape.


  • SuiteRun: NetSuite Manila Employees Enjoy a Day of Fitness for a Cause

    Running has always been a popular fitness activity among NetSuite employees. Apart from the health benefits that it offers, running is also a refreshing break from everyone’s hectic schedules.

  • SuiteWorld Hackathon Brings Coding and Giving Together For Good

    Developers and project managers hoping to use their NetSuite skills in the service of good, will once again have a unique opportunity to do just that at this year’s SuiteWorld. Our NetSuite.org Hackathon 4Good is taking place on Monday, May 4...


  • Three NetSuite.org Grantees Transforming the World One Drop of Water at a Time

    There’s nothing more fundamental to human life than water.

    People can go weeks without food, but only a few days without water. It’s central to all ecosystems, the simplest most effective way to wash and vital to manufacturing and food production.


  • 109 NetSuite Pro Bono Volunteers Mobilized for Charity!

    Since 2013, more than 500 NetSuite employees from 21 NetSuite global offices have successfully mobilized their NetSuite skills for charity through the SuiteVolunteer program. Together, they have completed 200 projects and devoted over 5,000 pro bono service hours to nonprofits, social enterprises and B Corps.

  • NetSuite Customer Spotlight: TechSoup Helps NGOs Help Others

    As we prepare for World NGO Day, a day to celebrate the work and share the positive impact that non-governmental organizations provide, the role that organizations like TechSoup Global, who help other nonprofits, should not be overlooked.


  • MANA Works to Feed the World’s Starving Children with the Aid of NetSuite.org

    When thinking about the core functions of nonprofit organizations, manufacturing probably isn’t top of mind. Yet, for NetSuite.org grantee MANA Nutrition, a four-year-old nonprofit based in Charlotte N.C., manufacturing a nutrient-rich packet...

  • A Day Well Spent: NetSuite Manila Employees Give Back

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

    That’s how the famous Holiday tune goes. Indeed, Christmas time is wonderful especially when we take it all in and enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes we get caught up in the madness that goes with the season...


  • Nonprofit LeadAbroad Improves Capacity through SuiteVolunteer Pro Bono Services

    When Beth Ann Shroder joined the nonprofit study abroad program Global LEAD as the Chief Financial Officer, she knew she had to bring in NetSuite to help with the organization’s growth and increase their program efficiency. Her positive experience using the NetSuite software from her previous job was a key factor in Global LEAD becoming a SuiteDonation grantee.

  • Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Deploys NetSuite to Strengthen Social Impact

    The list of accomplishments for Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines is long and impressive. Founded in 1987, the nonprofit organization has helped improve the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Filipino with programs for education, clean water, economic opportunity, youth empowerment and disaster relief projects.

  • SuiteImpact Team Brno Leads Mušov Lake Clean-up Project

    As part of NetSuite.org’s commitment to the communities where we live and work, the SuiteImpact Team program provides employees across all our NetSuite offices with opportunities to get involved with local charities. Each office has its own set of SuiteImpact Team Ambassadors, employee volunteers who manage the program. This month, we feature a guest blog from Lukas Skulnik, an ambassador from our Brno, Czech Republic office.

  • NetSuite Austin Competes in the Tech Paddle Games, Raising Funds for the Disadvantaged

    As part of NetSuite.org’s commitment to the communities where we live and work, the SuiteImpact Team program provides employees across all our NetSuite offices with opportunities to get involved with local charities. Each office has its own set of SuiteImpact Team Ambassadors, employee volunteers who manage the program. This month, we are delighted to feature a guest blog from Trevor Hecht and the SuiteImpact Team Austin.

  • SuiteVolunteers Honored with the All-Star of Service Award

    SuiteVolunteers, the company’s signature pro bono program has been moving along at full steam this year – providing opportunities for our employees to provide technical and professional skills to the NetSuite.org grantees (organizations using NetSuite through ourdonationprogram).

  • NetSuite Manila Office Continues to Elevate Local Volunteer Programs

    Over the years, the NetSuite Manila Office has grown to hundreds of employees. The bigger the organization gets, more we’re committed to giving back to the local community in which we reside. We do this by continuously expanding our social contribution programs under the wing of NetSuite.org...

  • Foundation Center Advances Philanthropy with NetSuite.org

    Philanthropy has for decades been instrumental in bettering underserved populations and advancing economic, educational, healthcare, environmental and other social causes around the globe. At the heart of the multi-billion dollar sector is the Foundation Center...

  • Hackathon 4Good Hatches Great Ideas at SuiteWorld 2014

    As part of this year’s SuiteWorld Global Customer Conference, the NetSuite.org team launched our first Hackathon 4Good – an event bringing together NetSuite’s employees, customers and partners to develop innovative solutions to charity challenges.

  • Sea to Table Lands Business Transformation After 10-years on NetSuite

    Over a 10-year relationship, Sea to Table and NetSuite have both seen name changes and rapid growth and demonstrated that the right cloud ERP system can not only help to manage a business, but to help transform it.

  • The Adventure Project Fuels Job Creation in Developing Countries with NetSuite.org

    The New York City-based nonprofit is designed to “add venture”­—as in venture capital—to support training and job creation in Uganda, Kenya, India and Haiti, with more countries to follow. Since its 2011 founding, the organization...

  • NetSuite.org Helps Eco-Bags Products ‘Clean Up the Planet One Bag at a Time™’

    Disposable plastic bags are among the world’s great environmental scourges. First introduced in 1977, an estimated 1 trillion bags are used each year around the globe—1 million a minute—with only a tiny fraction of them recycled.

  • NetSuite Boston Office Gives Back in Multiple Ways

    As part of NetSuite.org’s commitment to the communities where we live and work, the SuiteImpact Team program provides employees across all our NetSuite offices with opportunities to get involved with local charities.

  • NetSuite Software and Services Donations Help Joanne Pang Foundation Reach New Heights

    When the Joanne Pang Foundation (JPF), an organization committed to increasing the number of umbilical cord blood units available for life saving transplants, wanted to better demonstrate its commitment to continually...

  • The Social Change Tech Scene in the Philippines

    In late February, I met up with 40 or so folks from the Manila technology start-up and NGO communities at NetSuite’s Manila office for an event sponsored by TechTalks.ph a nonprofit, independent community of business, technology, and start-up enthusiasts.

  • Golden Gate Men’s Chorus Makes Beautiful Music with NetSuite

    The Golden Gate Men’s Chorus (GGMC) has been making beautiful music in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982. With about a dozen concerts a year, the group attracts thousands of choral music enthusiasts while providing more than 50 members an opportunity for artistic and social self-expression.

  • NetSuite Volunteer Story: A Journey to Tacloban

    Last November, Typhoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines, devastating a portion of the island nation and leaving wreckage in its path. The category 5 super typhoon impacted over 10 million people. As a global company, with operations in the Philippines, we immediately launched our Disaster Relief program...

  • NetSuite.org Equips Good Sports with the Tools to Help Kids Get in the Game

    Participation in sports and fitness activities as a child is a positive, character-building experience with benefits that extend into adulthood. Sadly, it’s not something that all children have access to.

  • SuiteVolunteers is Back! 23 Organizations to Receive Pro Bono Support in Q1

    After a successful 2013, fulfilling nearly 80 SuiteVolunteer pro bono projects for nonprofit and social enterprise grantees (organizations using NetSuite through our donation program), we’re excited to be back with the 2014 program!

  • NetSuite Fuels Social Enterprises and Charity Missions with NetSuite.org Program

    The past year was a busy and exciting one for NetSuite.org and our grantees – with a lot of highlights. We launched our official employee volunteer programs – SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers – brought on new team members Tricia and Mike, and grew along with the company.

  • HeartMath Institute Helps Heart, Mind Work Together for Better Health with the Help of Net

    When Brian Kabaker, chief financial officer of the HeartMath Institute, sat down to map out the nonprofit’s information systems, what he saw was “the proverbial spaghetti,” he recently recalled.

  • Found My Animal Barks Up the Right Tree with NetSuite.org

    A chance meeting between two strangers on a Brooklyn sidewalk sparked the idea for Found My Animal, a small, growing manufacturer of high-quality leashes, collars and accessories for dogs and other pets based in Brooklyn.

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila Lends a Hand in Classroom Restoration

    It is true what they say that big things come from small beginnings. Regardless of how big or small the contribution is, what matters at the end of the day is its impact to the community.

  • Good360 Grows Its ‘Good for the Greater Good’ Mission with NetSuite.org

    Founded in 1983, Good360 has grown to become the world’s leader in product philanthropy. Over its 30-year history, the Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit has distributed more than $7 billion worth of goods to those in need, including goods with a fair market value of $350 million in 2012.As its name implies, Good360 (www.good360.org) strives to broker a virtuous 360-degree circle across its diverse stakeholders—businesses, communities and individuals. The nonprofit works with more than 125 corporat...

  • A ‘Glimmer of Hope’ for The New Office, Thanks To NetSuite SuiteCommerce

    At NetSuite.org, the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, we are always on the look-out for strong solutions providers and partners who can work with us to further our mission of putting NetSuite software into the hands of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world so that they can focus more time and effort on their mission.The New Office is one of these partners. A NetSuite implementation and integration service provider, The New Office looks at their partnership with NetSuite.org as...

  • NetSuite San Mateo and Toronto Fight Hunger!

    In honor of Hunger Awareness Month, NetSuite.org SuiteImpact Teams in San Mateo and Toronto held food drives to encourage employees to give back to the 1 in 6 people  in the U.S. and Canada who struggle with hunger each day.The Toronto office kicked off its annual food drive in August with Marty Reaume, Chief People Officer, and executive champion for this drive issuing a SuiteImpact Team Challenge. The goal was to provide a minimum of 600 lbs of food to the Mississauga Food Bank by month e...

  • Q3 SuiteVolunteers Provide Pro Bono Support for 25 Organizations

    Rounding out our 2013 SuiteVolunteers pro bono program, we are excited to announce the 25 organizations who received services during Q3 from our employee volunteers.This year has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to work with grantees (charities and social enterprises that use NetSuite as part of our donation program) from all over the world.Here’s how the program shook out:Q1 2013 – 22 grantees Receive Services including marketing campaigns and budget projectsQ2 2013  – 21 grantees ...

  • NetSuite August Tweets Tout Customers

    As the Summer of 2013 unfortunately draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favorite tweets in August, a month that saw some big customer wins, happy users, compelling customer success stories and yet another recognition for our professional services automation software.Those are a number of big wins outthere @NetSuite- impressive! The #PaaSwars are going to get better http://t.co/oDLVLnUdPi—Aditya Kamalapurkar (@aoladi) August 13, 2013Tearing into NetSuite FinancialReport writing. ...

  • Marine Waste Recycler Keeps the Oceans Clean With NetSuite

    Cleaning up the world'swaste is a highly regulated, data-driven business. Mopping up the collection ofwastes, grey water, and used fuel from cruise ships, oil tankers and cargocarriers is an especially data- critical challenge. Waste recycling anddisposal are governed by multiple international and regional regulations.

  • Sea to Table Expands its Fish Business on NetSuite Cloud

    How does a small fish distributor get fresh and frozen products from two dozen ports into the kitchens of hundreds of restaurants and cafeterias--and get it there just hours after the fish arrives at the dock?There are two vital ingredients, and Sea to Table has mastered both of them.Sea to Table, an 8-year-old business based in Brooklyn, is finding success selling fish caught with environmentally sustainable fishing methods. Founder Michael Dimin credits his success to two major factors.One is ...

  • NetSuite Employees Participate in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in San Francisco

    NetSuite employees had a great time on Tuesday, September 3, at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. This race supported local nonprofit organization, Larkin Street Youth Services.

  • NetSuite’s July Twitterati

    With major partnerships, big plans for China, more recognition for Zach Nelson and more! July was no lazy summer month for NetSuite. In fact, it was downright busy.NetSuite customers, employees and friends were all there to capture and share the NetSuite experience on Twitter.

  • SuiteImpact Teams Make a Difference in their Communities this Summer

    The NetSuite.org SuiteImpact Teams give our employees all over the world the opportunity to help out in their local communities in unique ways. Through hands-on volunteering, donation drives and fundraisers, our employees are making a difference 365 days a year. This program provides us with an opportunity to connect with each other around a common experience, even if we’re halfway across the world.

  • Cord Promotes International Peace and Development With the Help of NetSuite.org

    Since 1967, the international non-profit organization Cord (www.cord.org.uk) has strived to promote peace in troubled nations in Africa and Asia, most recently Chad, Burundi, Cambodia and Myanmar. Based in the U.K., Cord maintains personnel in each country to work with local communities and help people suffering in the aftermath of conflict.The need is great. Nearly three-quarters of the world’s poorest people live in countries that have recently experienced civil war, and nearly half of states ...

  • SuiteVolunteer Success: NetSuite Software and Services Donations Automate Patient Care at Hospitals

    When AyurVAID Hospitals in India needed help implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to monitor and manage its patient relationships, NetSuite.org set them up with a grant of NetSuite software as well as pro bono professional services from NetSuite volunteer employees during the 2013 SuiteVolunteers program.AyerVAID Hospitals is a chain of nationally-certified hospitals in India that practice Ayurvedic medicine, treating both low- and upper income patients with the philosoph...

  • Rags2Riches Works Hand-in-hand With NetSuite to Cut Down Poverty in the Philippines

    The most recent report from the Philippines’ National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) shows that the poverty level in the country for the past six years has remained stagnant. The first half of 2012 posted a 27.9%-poverty incidence, which is just slightly less than the 28.8% recorded in the first half of 2006. With these alarming results, the Philippine government is calling for various stakeholders to unite and partake in developing new strategies that could help alleviate the lives of th...

  • Q2 SuiteVolunteers Provide Pro Bono Support for 21 Organizations

    The number of NetSuite.org grantees (charities and social enterprises that use NetSuite as part of our donation program) receiving pro bono services from our SuiteVolunteers continues to grow and prosper with NetSuite employees offering their skills and expertise to help grantees make the world a better place.In May, we welcomed our second group of pro bono SuiteVolunteers. Fifty-seven employees from 13 offices on five continents are currently tackling projects for 21 grantee partners. It’s been...

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila and Habitat for Humanity Take the Lead in Building Homes for Filipino Famili

    For most, Saturday has always been the time to get our well-deserved break from work. Whether it’s sleeping in, catching up on chores, or spending time with our family and friends, we consider this day our “me” time. But for our employee volunteers at NetSuite’s Manila Office, one Saturday was the perfect time to give back to the community. Through NetSuite.org, the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, the SuiteImpact Manila team decided to spend their “me” time in the scorching heat to h...

  • Top Tweets from #NSW13

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 is behind us, and before we start looking ahead to next year’s event, it’s worth taking a look back at the connections, the lessons and the fun that was had at the most recent gathering of customers, partners and press. Some of the keynote addresses have already appeared. Here’s a look back at some of the many tweets that attendees shared.I really love the community that@netsuite has built around its financial platform @iangertler @malinhuffman#SuiteWorld — Jon Ferrara #...

  • Positive Coaching Alliance Gains a Winning Edge with NetSuite.org

    Athletic coaches can have a profound influence on a child. A positive coaching experience can build character, good sportsmanship and a healthy sense of competition that can endure throughout a lifetime. Bad coaching can sow seeds of aggression, cheating and low self-esteem that can affect a young athlete into adulthood.Yet many paid and volunteer coaches lack training on what makes a good coach in any sport—baseball, soccer, track, football, basketball and others.

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Future Technology for Transforming Your Business

    At SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite’s own Dark Knight and CTO, Evan Goldberg, described how NetSuite is helping businesses transform and realize their vision. In the video from the event, Goldberg explains the enhancements NetSuite is making to the product, including new mobile capabilities, NetSuite StickEase, drag-and-drop importing of records to NetSuite files tabs, and what’s coming in the new user experience overhaul. He outlines coming billing, global financials and multi book accounting function...

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • Cazoomi Brings ‘beautiful harmony’ to Second Mile Water, Integrating NetSuite and Online Donation So

    Donations are the lifeblood of most charity organizations and allowing seamless, hassle-free donations can make a big difference in bringing them in.NetSuite Solution Partner Cazoomi is helping one of the newest NetSuite.org charity grantees Second Mile Water in its work to end water poverty by integrating its online donation process with its NetSuite system using SyncApps®. Second Mile Water, a nonprofit organization led by Founder & Executive Director Travis Ramos, is dedicated to not only...

  • NetSuite.org Promotes Greener Offices and Communities on Earth Day

    The NetSuite SuiteImpact Teams, part of the NetSuite.org corporate citizenship program, have been giving back to our environment and helping our employees live and work in greener offices and communities. Today, I’m excited to celebrate Earth Day by recognizing our fantastic Austin Office, which has taken on an inspiring project at a local school. Tony Caporal, a solutions consultant in Austin and one of the Ambassador leaders of our SuiteImpact team, described the project in this interview.Erin...

  • SuiteImpact Team Singapore Gives Back, One Laugh at a Time

    We have all heard the old adage “laughter is the best medicine” and you have to admit, a single funny joke can indeed cheer up the saddest of faces. But for NetSuite.org, the corporate citizenship arm of the company, that adage was exactly what our recent SuiteImpact Team charity event in Singapore was all about – to help heal people with cancer one laugh at a time.Through the SuiteImpact Team, an initiative connecting NetSuite employees with local causes and volunteer opportunities, the Singapo...

  • Cloud Software Sparks Award-Winning Innovation at Solio, Not Just Savings

    For many, turning to cloud software to run their business applications is an economical, agile way to free up resources and potentially get a better handle onoperations.For Better Energy Systems Inc., it helped save the business while also bringing affordable, sustainable energy to people in rural Kenya.It recently earned Better Energy Systems and its CEO Andy Howe the Individual Achievement-Turnaround Award as part of the 2013 ML100 Awards. The ML100 Awards are known as the most prestigious awa...

  • Every Day Is World Water Day for NetSuite.org Grantees

    The statistics are sobering. More than 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water and 2.5 billion live without adequate sanitation, according to the United Nations. More than 3.4 million die each year from water-related diseases—and the global water crisis is only worsening.Population growth and migration to urban areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America are further straining water resources, prompting bleak forecasts on water availability in the developing world over the next...

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • FH Canada Combats Global Poverty with NetSuite.org

    As the old proverb says, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” That’s the philosophy behind NetSuite.org grantee FH Canada, which strives to help build sustainable, self-sufficient communities around the world, including Bangladesh, Uganda, Haiti, Cambodia, Guatemala and Ethiopia.As part of FH International, the Canadian branch of the organization (http://www.fhcanada.org/) focuses on aiding local communities in building and managing c...

  • 22 Organizations to Receive Pro Bono Support from the SuiteVolunteers!

    In October, we announced our renewed commitment to the community through the NetSuite.org Employee Corporate Citizenship programs, SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers! We have been thrilled with the roll-out of these initiatives and the terrific feedback we’ve received from NetSuite employees around the world.This holiday season, our SuiteImpact Teams held their first events, partnering with community organizations around the world, from Manila to Brno. Our employee ambassadors are eagerly pla...

  • SuiteImpact Team Manila Runs for a Cause

    The New Year always brings with it a lot of new possibilities; and for the NetSuite Manila office, 2013 brings new opportunities for the the SuiteImpact team to give back to the community. As part of the company’s NetSuite.org corporate citizenship efforts, the SuiteImpact Team Manila, led by employee Ambassadors EA Raymundo, Louie Baltazar, and Mel Vargas, sponsored 50 employees to join the Ten Moves Run for 10, a fun run in Manila organized by the organization The Entire Nation (TEN) Moves! TE...

  • San Francisco SPCA Focuses on Core Mission of Animal Welfare and Advocacy with NetSuite.org

    It’s not often that business software can make the case that it’s saving lives, but that’s just what’s happening at the San Francisco SPCA with the help of NetSuite and NetSuite.org, the company’s corporate citizenship arm.The SF SPCA is one of the most successful animal welfare organizations in the U.S., with a tradition of commitment and innovation that dates back to its founding in 1868. In fact, the non-profit organization is recognized for pioneering the “no-kill” philosophy that is increas...

  • SuiteVolunteers: Pro Bono Service in Action

    Seconds count when a runaway teen makes a call for help -- be it for food, shelter, medical assistance or transportation.So, when the National Runaway Switchboard (NRS) recognized its call center volunteers were wasting precious time with four or five clicks to find the information they needed when responding to those calls for help, the group turned to NetSuite’s employee volunteers.NetSuite.org's contributions to charities and social enterprises go beyond simply providing software grants ...

  • NetSuite Employees Give Back For the Holidays

    Last week, in the first installment of our SuiteImpact Holiday blog, we told you about the incredible spirit of giving back in our Manila office, and their long-term commitment to the Philippine Christian Foundation. Today, I wanted to share a few more stories of the unique ways that our spirited NetSuite employees have decided to give back this year.In NetSuite’s Brno, Czech Republic office, employees were able to get some of their Christmas shopping done while supporting an amazing local organ...

  • NetSuite Manila Makes Dreams Come True This Holiday Season

    In early December, the NetSuite Manila team held their 5th annual Adopt-a-Child giving program with non-profit partner Philippine Christian Foundation (PCF). Employees generously provided gifts for 120 children this year, with one of the popular gifts being a bicycle! Dozens of employees selected to purchase a bicycle as their gift—and seeing all of those bikes lined up waiting for their new owners was really spectacular.

  • Change Management for NetSuite Install Prompts Funeral, Birthday Party at Blandin Foundation

    Change management is often a make-or-break component of any major technology project and sometimes it takes serious steps to get it done right -- as serious as a funeral.The Blandin Foundation, Minnesota’s largest rural-focused foundation, serving these communities with grants, scholarships, community leadership programs and public policy advocacy, took a creative approach when it implemented NetSuite recently.Instead of following an antiseptic, formulaic approach that a Big Consulting firm migh...

  • Kiva Focuses on Core Mission of Alleviating Poverty with NetSuite

    Founded in 2005, the non-profit organization Kiva has been remarkably successful in its mission to help alleviate poverty by facilitating microfinance loans to entrepreneurs in nearly 70 countries around the world.Growing steadily each year, the San Francisco-based non-profit has connected nearly 850,000 lenders and $377 million to borrowers around the world since its launch. With a 99 percent repayment rate, Kiva is making a genuine difference in economic conditions and quality of life in some ...

  • Mustachioed NetSuite Employees Raise Money for Good in November

    As December kicks off and the holiday season gets into full swing, we at NetSuite.org wanted to take a moment to reflect on how thankful we are for our fantastic employees around the world. The NetSuite family had grown a lot this year, adding hundreds of new employees. As our employee population grows, so does the impact those employees have on our business, each other, and our corporate citizenship.

  • Non-Profit San Diego Futures Foundation Bridges ‘Digital Divide’ with NetSuite

    As the executive director of the San Diego Futures Foundation, a non-profit agency that distributes thousands of low-cost and no-cost computers to underserved individuals and service agencies in San Diego County, Jeff Hancock appreciates the value and benefits that technology delivers.Since 1999, the San Diego Futures Foundation has provided more than 33,000 computers to low-income individuals, schools and other non-profits to help bridge the “digital divide” and make it possible for more people...

  • NetSuite Gives Back at First Step for Families

    Last week, 150 members of the NetSuite product team came to our headquarters in San Mateo, Calif., from offices around the world to participate in an annual team-building week. After a week of innovative idea-sharing and friendly competition, the group spent its final day participating in a SuiteImpact Team volunteer event at the First Step for Families Shelter in San Mateo. Employees stepped away from their traditional day-to-day work of developing the NetSuite platform and devoted their determ...

  • New NetSuite.org Programs Redefine Commitment to Social Change

    NetSuite has always believed that corporate citizenship is an important part of building a great company. That’s why, since 2008, we have offered our suite of cloud software at no cost to charities and social enterprises, allowing them to realize the same operational efficiencies and cost benefits as our commercial customers. Today, more than 300 grantee organizations use NetSuite.

  • Louisiana Advocacy Center: Prepared and Efficient through NetSuite.org

    Founded in 1978, the Louisiana Advocacy Center provides protection and advocacy for persons with mental or physical disabilities, as well as nursing home residents. Through legal representation, outreach and training, the 60-person non-profit agency delivers critical support to many of the state’s most vulnerable citizens, including first response in times of crisis.To fulfill its mission, the Advocacy Center depends heavily on financial and business information processes, including, grant manag...

  • NetSuite.Org, Creating Social Solutions in Grant Management

    As NetSuite’s corporate citizenship arm, we believe in using the power of our greatest resources, our technology and our people to make a difference in the world. Outside of donating our platform to nonprofits and social enterprises, and giving our employee’s time and talent through our pro bono work, we also strive to develop social solutions. To that end, we work very closely with grantee organizations to understand their operational challenges so that we can build a technology solution that b...

  • The Shared Vision of NetSuite and A Billion + Change

    The saying "money isn't everything" rings true in so many ways—even when it comes to corporate citizenship. That's why NetSuite.org was created in 2008—to put our product and our people to work on behalf of charities and social enterprises. For four years, we have matched worthy nonprofit organizations with talented NetSuite employees willing to provide pro bono assistance.