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  • NetSuite Launches the Latest Tools to Power Growth with 17.2 Release

    It’s that time of the year again – NetSuite’s next release. As a true cloud solution, NetSuite upgrades all accounts twice a year – typically in Q1 and Q3. Our customers benefit from always being on the latest release with the ability to use the latest technologies and capabilities to help drive their businesses forward. We are excited to announce the new 17.2 Release of NetSuite.

  • Putting the Lessons of Hurricane Harvey to Work

    I have many memories of Harvey… walking into flooded homes, seeing our city on the national news for days, seeing our own homes flooded, seeing boats launched on what once were streets and, of course, the carnage that was left in the hurricane’s wake. While these are troublesome images, they are not the images that will stick with me; instead, the actions of everyday people will remain forever in my mind. 

  • Even Cloud Software Needs Change Management to Ensure User Confidence, Sustained ROI

    In choosing cloud-based software, a driving factor for many is the avoidance of time and resource-consuming implementations that on-premise solutions are notorious for. But the cloud’s ease of deployment can sometimes obscure the need for change management. It’s tempting to think that because a cloud implementation isn’t nearly as disruptive to businesses as an on-premise project, the launch itself will run on autopilot.

  • New SuiteScript 2.0 Training: Unleash the Power of NetSuite Customization

    SuiteScript has long been one of the most valuable and widely used tools in NetSuite. Thousands of developers and administrators have used SuiteScript 1.0 to customize and automate key business processes, empowering their organizations to run faster and more cost-efficiently.

  • SuiteFoundation Certification Ensures Power Users, Technical Consultants Have the Base to Soar

    Always curious as to how the NetSuite job market is trending, I recently took a look at Dice.com to get a quick sense of what’s hot these days. I found thousands of openings for NetSuite professionals of course, and when I clicked on a sampling, I noticed with increasing frequency the requirements for applicants to be “NetSuite certified.”

  • SuiteWorld Pre-Event Training Gives Attendees Chance to Expand and Validate Their NetSuite Skills

    As if the recently concluded SuiteWorld didn't already pack enough content into its tight three-day schedule, customers and partners alike had a golden opportunity to squeeze even more value out of the week by elevating their NetSuite skills before the opening keynote kicked off. For the sixth consecutive year, NetSuite Education Services hosted Pre-Event Training and Certification during the two days leading up to SuiteWorld, and this year's was our biggest and most exciting gathering yet.

  • First-Ever SuiteWorld Services Industry Keynote Highlights How Every Business is Becoming a Service Business

    What was once a clearly defined industry that centered around traditional professional services such as law and accounting is now a part of pretty much every company. Whether you're in software, healthcare, media or even manufacturing, chances are there's an emerging services component to your business.

  • NetSuite Training Fits the Bill for New Year

    With 2015 coming to an end, I’m compelled to look back upon our key milestones and successes as we begin planning for what’s ahead.

    As a member of NetSuite’s Education Services team for over eight years, I have worked on countless training projects.

  • Administrator and SuiteAnalytics Courses Highlight Australian SuiteTraining RoadShow

    Hoping to get more out of your NetSuite investment without travelling away from Australia?


  • New User Enablement Program Helps Customers Get More Out of NetSuite

    Most NetSuite customers can agree that user training is great, but the real question is how it can help to drive impact in your business. We encourage NetSuite customers to consider a few key questions to quantify the value of training...

  • Three Steps to Becoming a NetSuite Certified Administrator

    Kirk Mathers and Brian Dougherty are ready for whatever NetSuite, or their employers throw at them next.

    That’s because Mathers, director of NetSuite Administration at online and blended learning education solutions provider Edgenuity, and Dougherty, director, enterprise architecture at IT performance management software vendor SolarWinds, are graduates of the NetSuite Certified Administrator program.

  • How to Make a Compelling C-Level Business Case for PSA

    For many service professionals struggling to manage and pull together three separate silos of finance, sales and project information, the case for bringing in cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) is obvious.

  • Administrator Certification Brings Skills Validation and Benchmarking to Cloud ERP

    The rapid rise of cloud ERP has created significant advantages for companies that have adopted it. It’s freed them from the hardware, IT maintenance and upgrade nightmares of on-premise software and provided scalable, customizable systems that can rapidly adapt to new conditions or market opportunities.

  • December Offers Training Opportunities for NetSuite Partners

    There are a lot of opportunities for partners to get their training completed for 2014 in December. We’re offering the NetSuite Consultant Bootcamp in San Mateo, Calif., and Singapore December 1-19, 2014. This three-week course, taught virtually the first week and then in-person in classrooms the second and third weeks...

  • Three Steps to NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification

    Because companies that use certified professionals see more effective deployments and a greater return on their investment, customers are demanding that certified NetSuite ERP Consultants implement and optimize their use of NetSuite.


  • Sharpen Your NetSuite Developer Skills with SuiteTraining’s March Developer Month

    Next month offers a special opportunity for those who want to become an expert of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Platform. SuiteTraining’s March Developer Month can help to sharpen your skills for using the SuiteCloud Developer Tools.

  • Supercharging Services Profitability with Automation

    Professional services engagements are often lengthy and multifaceted projects, requiring different skill sets, with multiple milestones, performance goals, geographic locations, and complex billing.

  • Six Tips for Building Robust Customizations with SuiteScripts

    NetSuite provides a full set of features out of the box, but every organization has business policies and automation needs that may differ from standard functionality.

  • Fine Tune Your Business Processes with SuiteFlow

    One organization's business processes and workflows are rarely a perfect fit for another. It's an inescapable fact of an administrator or developer's life that every company has a slightly different way of doing just about everything. Knowing how to quickly and cleanly edit and extend workflows needs to be a fundamental skill for any NetSuite administrator or developer.

  • NetSuite August Tweets Tout Customers

    As the Summer of 2013 unfortunately draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favorite tweets in August, a month that saw some big customer wins, happy users, compelling customer success stories and yet another recognition for our professional services automation software.Those are a number of big wins outthere @NetSuite- impressive! The #PaaSwars are going to get better http://t.co/oDLVLnUdPi—Aditya Kamalapurkar (@aoladi) August 13, 2013Tearing into NetSuite FinancialReport writing. ...

  • Six Simple Rules for Leveraging Searches in NetSuite

    NetSuite's search functionality provides a valuable tool for filtering and matching data to answer all sorts of business questions. Searches can be set in their own portlets or placed as short cuts on dashboards, providing quick access to custom metrics. They are easily updated, with a simple click.

  • NetSuite’s July Twitterati

    With major partnerships, big plans for China, more recognition for Zach Nelson and more! July was no lazy summer month for NetSuite. In fact, it was downright busy.NetSuite customers, employees and friends were all there to capture and share the NetSuite experience on Twitter.

  • Six Steps to a Success-Oriented Dashboard

    NetSuite dashboards give managers and professionals a quick and accurate format for viewing information that is important to their jobs. If designed appropriately, it can be an employee's best tool for staying motivated and on-task. While each person's dashboard will be different, based on their job requirements and corporate goals, there are some common factors that go into creating highly effective dashboards using the correct analytics.

  • Software Maintenance - Another Reason to Move to the Cloud

    In February, SAP decided to increase the price of standard support on new contracts, just the latest step in the company’s troubled relationship with maintenance and its customers. A few years ago, customers fought back on SAP's attempts to impose a maintenance fee increase by forcing all customers to move from standard support to enterprise support -- a 22% hike. After a public outcry, SAP backed down.

  • Maximize Your NetSuite ROI with Training

    You expect IT investments to produce a healthy ROI. But even the best enterprise applications can't maximize productivity, and ROI, if the users aren't educated on the capabilities of the system. If your company is like many organizations, it probably doesn't provide regular training classes tailored to the specific needs of employees and, odds are, more training would significantly boost the payback you're getting from your NetSuite investment.

  • Top Tweets from #NSW13

    NetSuite SuiteWorld 2013 is behind us, and before we start looking ahead to next year’s event, it’s worth taking a look back at the connections, the lessons and the fun that was had at the most recent gathering of customers, partners and press. Some of the keynote addresses have already appeared. Here’s a look back at some of the many tweets that attendees shared.I really love the community that@netsuite has built around its financial platform @iangertler @malinhuffman#SuiteWorld — Jon Ferrara #...

  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2013 Keynote: Future Technology for Transforming Your Business

    At SuiteWorld 2013, NetSuite’s own Dark Knight and CTO, Evan Goldberg, described how NetSuite is helping businesses transform and realize their vision. In the video from the event, Goldberg explains the enhancements NetSuite is making to the product, including new mobile capabilities, NetSuite StickEase, drag-and-drop importing of records to NetSuite files tabs, and what’s coming in the new user experience overhaul. He outlines coming billing, global financials and multi book accounting function...

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • New Year’s Resolutions and Mid-Year Resolutions for Services Excellence

    New Year’s Resolutions are famous – or infamous – for being easily forgotten.  We move on with our lives and deal with the stresses of today, making it difficult to live up to the commitments we made to ourselves on January 1. Many professional services executives start the year by saying – “I will panic less about staffing, I will remain calm when conflicts arise,  I will plan for the future to avoid future bottlenecks, and I will manage my business with proper planning.”  Then t...

  • Seven Surprises of Technical SuiteTraining

    SuiteTraining offers technical training courses on some of the most powerful capabilities of the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform, including SuiteScript Application Development, SuiteTalk Web Services, and SuiteFlow Workflow Engine. If you don't think your organization can benefit from technical training, here are seven facts about our programs which might surprise you: 1. We understand that there isn't much value in technical training unless developers have an opportunity to get their feet wet and ...

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • Five New NetSuite Training Courses to Debut at SuiteWorld 2013

    SuiteTraining has been a popular pre-conference option for SuiteWorld attendees since we first hosted the conference. This year, the spotlight on SuiteTraining at SuiteWorld is brighter than ever. We've more than doubled the usual number of courses, and five brand-new courses will make their world debut at SuiteWorld 2013!

  • Training RoadShow 2013 is Underway, Next Stop Dallas!

    Following on the heels of our successful RoadShow last autumn, we're sending our top instructors to the world's business centers to offer face-to-face NetSuite training on reporting, searches and more. NetSuite Training RoadShow 2013 kicked off in our backyard of San Mateo, CA in January, but we have several major destinations coming on the tour! SuiteAnalytics is such a hot topic that the RoadShow 2013 focuses on SuiteAnalytics training, with both the Reports and Searches and Financial Rep...

  • Get More from NetSuite With a Training Needs Assessment

    Contrary to popular assumptions, software training is not a one-time event. This is particularly true for a dynamic solution like NetSuite. With two automatic, free upgrades every year and a modular, scalable design which grows as your company's needs grow, the NetSuite solution your employees are familiar with today will evolve and change over time.

  • Three Keys to Software Training Success

    We build three keys to success into every SuiteTraining course. That's because we know companies don't under-invest in training because they don't believe in educating their users, but because they fear throwing away good money on poor instruction. Fortunately, it's easy to identify the major blunders that prevent people from connecting with material that can make their lives easier.

  • NetSuite for Dummies, SuiteTraining: Opportunities to Expand

    Why did we collaborate with Wiley to publish NetSuite For Dummies, when ease of use and minimal training time are two of NetSuite's most valuable characteristics? We know that a number of our customers buy a copy for all of their front-line employees who live and breathe NetSuite every day: the bookkeepers, AP/AR clerks and sales representatives at the heart of thousands of NetSuite-powered businesses. Adapting to any new business solution can be overwhelming at first.

  • SuiteTraining: Take the Grunt Work Out of Closing the Books

    While others get ready to rock in the New Year, the accounting department is typically gearing up to lock in the old year by closing the books for the quarter or the year. NetSuite customers consistently tell us that saving time closing the books on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis is one of the most significant advantages of using our cloud ERP solution. But if you're new to NetSuite, or simply have never been trained on the ins and outs of the period close system, you may not know th...

  • TSW Review: Risk and Opportunity for Services Organizations in 2013

    NetSuite has returned from the Technology Services World (TSW) 2012 show in Las Vegas, where the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) pulls together leaders from the services industry to discuss trends and best practices. NetSuite is proud to sponsor this event, and it was great to see so many of our customers learning more about services and discussing how NetSuite helps them run their services business more efficiently and more effectively. Our customers are our best marketing, and ...

  • Operating a Global Services Enterprise Efficiently

    We at NetSuite have the privilege of working with many global professional services clients. Some came to us with global presence, and some have grown from smaller one-country operations into multinational enterprises. There are many complications to running a global business—language, currency, time zone, culture, etc.—but within services businesses, resource management presents unique challenges that other businesses don’t face.  Services companies are based on people, and people in a glo...

  • School's Back and NetSuite's Training RoadShow Awaits!

    It sneaks up on some people. Others can't wait for it to arrive. Back-to-school season is here, and it just feels right to get more serious about learning when it’s September.

  • NetSuite Training RoadShow: Let's Do More Together!

    We didn't like having to turn people away, but we learned a valuable lesson when we realized we had more applicants than available seats for in-person NetSuite training at SuiteWorld 2012: our customers and partners want the connection and interaction of live, face-to-face instructor training! So, for the first time ever, we're sending our top NetSuite trainers on a unique Training RoadShow, helping NetSuite customers get more out of their investment in NetSuite closer to where they live and wor...

  • SuiteWorld 2012: A View into the Best Conversations on Services of the Year

    NetSuite hosted SuiteWorld 2012 in San Francisco this past May, and once again our customers demonstrated the enthusiasm, creativity and passion that drives success in their business—and drives NetSuite to continue delivering solutions that improve business performance. In the Services Vertical, that energy was especially evident in the many presentations our customers gave on their use of technology and their success in optimizing business performance. Customer sessions at SuiteWorld were a gol...

  • NetSuite’s Ability to Help with Conflict Resolution

    Some clients are tightening up their conflict policies, making it increasingly challenging for ad agencies to grow their businesses. According to AdAge, when Marriott recently chose to consolidate its buying power, it created a conflict policy that moved from a typical restriction against having Hilton as a client to a list of competitors ranked by tiers. To win the business, WPP’s MEC had to resign from some rival business in Asia Pacific.1 As agencies try to find revenue growth and as mar...

  • New Study Shows Marketing Agency Optimism Is Tempered by Concerns over Rising Service Levels

    With the UK announcing in April its return to recession, businesses across all sectors are vying to be as efficient as possible to maximise the chances of growth and profitability in the months ahead. Service agencies face a specific set of challenges here due to the fact that many give away time for free, unlike other industries that bill every pound. This is something agencies have grappled with for many years, but with the focus on profitability in a very uncertain economy, it’s something tha...

  • Summer Doldrums: An Opportunity to Assess Next Steps for Your Professional Services Organization

    In preparing to write this post, I was searching for a thought that might prompt you to action during the time of year when warm weather and greater daylight beckon many of us to vacations and more outdoor, non-work activities. “summer doldrums” popped into my head. As this seemed counter to my association of summer as a period of increased activity, particularly having lived on the East Coast, New England and the Midwest where colder winters drove many indoors, I did a little checking.

  • Running NetSuite OpenAir? Three Big Reasons to Attend SuiteWorld 2012!

    SuiteWorld 2012 is the must-attend event of the year for businesses running NetSuite OpenAir, as well as for companies running NetSuite Advanced Projects. Why attend? Well, it’s the one event this year where you can get trained on NetSuite OpenAir, get best practices from fellow services professionals, network with experts and peers, and find out about some of the latest product features.

  • The Operations Role in a Consulting Firm

    The NetSuite team spends tons of time talking to our consulting/professional services customers about operations responsibilities. We tend to focus on the areas where we solve problems—improving profitability, increasing utilization and automating back-office processes (timesheets, expenses, invoicing, etc.) One of our newer account representatives asked me about the typical resource management expert at a consulting firm, and while discussing the topic, we identified two camps: Partnership firm...

  • Benchmark Yourself Against Other Professional Services Organizations

    At this time of year, many people make and break New Year’s resolutions. Some even keep them. These resolutions, however, are typically considered for our personal lives.

  • Solving the Pain of Professional Services Project Management

    Professional services is by definition a project-based business. Services firms can have dozens of projects in the pipeline at any given time. Executing those projects on time and on budget is critical to business success.

  • The Future of the Cloud Is in the Believing

    I believe that our daily interactions with NetSuite customers and prospects are an excellent indicator of where business is going.  Last week, as NetSuite’s VP of Professional Services APAC, I participated in three presentations to prospects interested in NetSuite cloud ERP. So what? Isn’t that a typical week in the office?

  • NetSuite Stakes Claim to SRP

    As the pioneer of the SRP vision which seeks to revolutionize operations for services organizations as MRP did for manufacturing businesses, NetSuite SRP has built a strong footprint globally. Services organizations are making the move to the cloud. NetSuite’s key competitor, Deltek is actively losing market share to NetSuite’s cloud-based professional services solutions.

  • The Impact of Services Resource Planning

    Back in the 1980s, a new concept was introduced to manufacturing companies—one that defined a method for centrally coordinating all the resources and moving parts that make up a manufacturing company. No longer would individual functions need to be managed in disjointed systems, files, spreadsheets and so forth. Instead, data, material inventories, budgets, orders, human resources and more would all be centralized.

  • Professional Services Benchmarks and Metrics: How Do You Stack Up?

    We like to spend as much time as we can with professional services executives to help us understand how we can better serve their needs.  Whether visiting our customers, speaking with prospective customers or networking at various events and roundtables, there is one thing we keep hearing loud and clear: “We need more PS metrics to better measure our organizations.”  It seems that the industry is responding. Just launched this week is the PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchm...

  • SuiteWorld 2011 PSA and SRP Recap

    A big thank you to all of our customers, partners, staff, press, analysts and other guests who attended the SuiteWorld conference in San Francisco. It was a fantastic event, with nearly 2,000 attendees from all over the world! NetSuite’s Services Vertical team spent the months leading up to the event preparing professional services automation (PSA) and services resource planning (SRP) sessions to cover hot topics such as project management, resource management and skills tracking, project accoun...

  • Strategies for Productizing Your Professional Services Offerings

    Our friends at PSVillage put on another fantastic event in Boston this past week. The breakfast series brought together 25 executive leaders of some of the most respected professional services organizations (PSOs) in the area, with strong representation from service organizations embedded in hardware/software companies. It was great to see so many new faces and everyone benefiting from a lively discussion and insightful perspectives.  The topic of the day was “strategies for productizing yo...

  • Record Number of NetSuite Partners Expected at SuiteWorld 2011

    With less than two months to go before the big event, NetSuite has already surpassed 1,000 registrants for SuiteWorld 2011 and the number of customers, partners and developers just keeps growing. While SuiteWorld 2011 is NetSuite’s first user conference, it follows on the heels of last year’s successful SuiteCloud partner-only conference. And SuiteWorld this year includes dedicated content for the NetSuite partner ecosystem.

  • Benchmarking the Evolution of Services Businesses: The Future Looks Bright

    It has been an interesting couple of years for professional services firms of all shapes, sizes and specialties.  The economy has presented challenges that haven’t been seen in decades and some that have never been seen before.  At some level, we’ve all adjusted the way we do business, and the just- released results of SPI Research’s 2011 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark speak loud and clear on the results:  professional services businesses are now beginning to reap the be...

  • SuiteWorld 2011: A Focus on Professional Services

    May might seem like 2½ long months away to some, but here at NetSuite we’re busy planning for SuiteWorld 2011, our annual user and partner conference taking place May 8–12 in San Francisco. For professional services customers and partners in attendance, we’re working on sessions for the Professional Services Automation (PSA) track as well as two sessions on best practices for services organizations. For NetSuite’s professional services customers, this latest event is an evolution of the NetSuite...

  • Learn Vertical Best Practices at NetSuite SuiteWorld

    We hope by now you’ve registered for SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s upcoming user and partner conference in San Francisco, May 8-12, 2011.  This promises to be a jammed-packed event with not only great customers from North America, Asia and Europe sharing their best practices within the industries of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, services, software, and ecommerce; but also key members of NetSuite’s product management, professional services, and partner community. I am responsible for the i...

  • SuiteDreams for Dummies

    Wiley Publishing just released NetSuite for Dummies. Now, NetSuite end users can rest easy knowing that the book is generally available at most large retail bookstores and on Amazon.com.  The book is designed to help users quickly maximize their investment in cloud ERP, by providing a comprehensive overview of NetSuite and, in some sections, detailed instructions on specific topics, in an easily digestible format.   (Wiley; ISBN: 978-0-470-19107-1; $24.99) Using the book as a guide, re...

  • Beyond Resource Utilization: Why Project Profitability Matters in Professional Services

    Monitoring and managing billable resources is a critical business process for any professional services organization (PSO)—but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, tracking resource utilization alone can be misleading and mask critical business problems. Focusing on additional metrics, such as project profitability, can help you gain a complete, end-to-end view of your PSO’s performance.

  • Real-Time Visibility Is King in Professional Services Organizations

    When delivering projects is your business, visibility means managing the here and now, such as timesheet and expense management, resource management and consultant skills tracking.  But it also means looking ahead at the business, projects and concerns barreling down the road at you—and whether you have the resources, skills and expertise to address them. True visibility means real-time reporting on project and sales pipelines and then forecasting resources that they will demand. It means b...

  • NetSuite OpenAir Service Summit 2010

    On November 1-3, NetSuite hosted the NetSuite OpenAir Services Summit in Boston.  This three-day event brought together more than 300 attendees for thought leadership, training, one-on-one support sessions, networking and more.  The Summit was packed with great content, including keynote presentations from Brian Sommer, founder of TechVentive, and Tim Dilley, Chief Customer Officer of NetSuite. More than 25 NetSuite OpenAir customers presented at the Summit, including CareerBuilder, Ce...

  • Don’t Forget the Human Element of Centralization

    In my professional services role, I see many customers make a common mistake when it comes to cloud computing deployments: they simply forget about the de-centralization of their workforce. The implementation of cloud computing has many benefits over and above traditional software deployments; however, one benefit in particular can turn out to be a “double-edged sword” if not handled correctly—that is the fact that you can deploy the software from one location to the entire universe of end users...

  • SuiteApp Spotlight: Bringing Cloud Content Management to NetSuite with Box.net

    Did you ever send a document to a customer only to find out it did not include the last edits from a colleague because those are still stuck in your inbox? You store a lot of business information in NetSuite and use NetSuite to collaborate with colleagues around that information. Can NetSuite also help you to collaborate around - say - spreadsheets?

  • Implementing an ERP System: The Importance of Phasing

    We often see customers who are moving to NetSuite from a very basic systems architecture (quite frequently a bunch of Excel spreadsheets) and want to change everything in one fell swoop. They talk to SaaS vendors such as NetSuite, they see what the product’s capable of, and they start thinking big. Very, very big.

  • Utilization Reporting for your Services Business

    Experienced consultants know that utilization is the metric that matters most.  It’s an indicator of your productivity, your ability to generate revenue, and often a driver of your bonus.  So if it’s that important, you want to be sure that your organization understands how to calculate utilization the right way, and that you have systems that enable you to easily capture and report on the relevant data. When customers ask me how they should calculate resource utilization, the first qu...

  • Learning in the Cloud – Benefits of the Virtual Classroom

    You don’t have to travel beyond your computer to attend training classes any more. The agony of explaining the benefit of attending a workshop and justifying the expense of the travel associated is a thing of the past. With the prevalence of virtual instructor led training, you now can have the benefits of a workshop environment, without the cost of travel!

  • Success Tip for a Cloud Implementation Project: User Newsletter

    The success of a cloud computing implementation project often depends on the ability of the organisation to embrace the change. If we are to maximize our chances of moving the organisation in the desired direction, it is critical that we get the entire organisation to buy-in to the vision and expected benefit. Especially in the case of cloud applications which bring a different paradigm of operations to an organisation.