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  • NetSuite Launches the Latest Tools to Power Growth with 17.2 Release

    It’s that time of the year again – NetSuite’s next release. As a true cloud solution, NetSuite upgrades all accounts twice a year – typically in Q1 and Q3. Our customers benefit from always being on the latest release with the ability to use the latest technologies and capabilities to help drive their businesses forward. We are excited to announce the new 17.2 Release of NetSuite.

  • Putting the Lessons of Hurricane Harvey to Work

    I have many memories of Harvey… walking into flooded homes, seeing our city on the national news for days, seeing our own homes flooded, seeing boats launched on what once were streets and, of course, the carnage that was left in the hurricane’s wake. While these are troublesome images, they are not the images that will stick with me; instead, the actions of everyday people will remain forever in my mind. 

  • Even Cloud Software Needs Change Management to Ensure User Confidence, Sustained ROI

    In choosing cloud-based software, a driving factor for many is the avoidance of time and resource-consuming implementations that on-premise solutions are notorious for. But the cloud’s ease of deployment can sometimes obscure the need for change management. It’s tempting to think that because a cloud implementation isn’t nearly as disruptive to businesses as an on-premise project, the launch itself will run on autopilot.

  • New SuiteScript 2.0 Training: Unleash the Power of NetSuite Customization

    SuiteScript has long been one of the most valuable and widely used tools in NetSuite. Thousands of developers and administrators have used SuiteScript 1.0 to customize and automate key business processes, empowering their organizations to run faster and more cost-efficiently.

  • SuiteFoundation Certification Ensures Power Users, Technical Consultants Have the Base to Soar

    Always curious as to how the NetSuite job market is trending, I recently took a look at to get a quick sense of what’s hot these days. I found thousands of openings for NetSuite professionals of course, and when I clicked on a sampling, I noticed with increasing frequency the requirements for applicants to be “NetSuite certified.”

  • SuiteWorld Pre-Event Training Gives Attendees Chance to Expand and Validate Their NetSuite Skills

    As if the recently concluded SuiteWorld didn't already pack enough content into its tight three-day schedule, customers and partners alike had a golden opportunity to squeeze even more value out of the week by elevating their NetSuite skills before the opening keynote kicked off. For the sixth consecutive year, NetSuite Education Services hosted Pre-Event Training and Certification during the two days leading up to SuiteWorld, and this year's was our biggest and most exciting gathering yet.

  • First-Ever SuiteWorld Services Industry Keynote Highlights How Every Business is Becoming a Service Business

    What was once a clearly defined industry that centered around traditional professional services such as law and accounting is now a part of pretty much every company. Whether you're in software, healthcare, media or even manufacturing, chances are there's an emerging services component to your business.

  • NetSuite Training Fits the Bill for New Year

    With 2015 coming to an end, I’m compelled to look back upon our key milestones and successes as we begin planning for what’s ahead.

    As a member of NetSuite’s Education Services team for over eight years, I have worked on countless training projects.

  • Administrator and SuiteAnalytics Courses Highlight Australian SuiteTraining RoadShow

    Hoping to get more out of your NetSuite investment without travelling away from Australia?