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  • The Agency Guide to Delivering Better Performance and Cost Transparency

    Today’s consumers demand personalized content and marketing that is custom tailored to their needs delivered when, where and how they want it. These dynamics place agencies and marketing services companies under tremendous pressure to deliver creative ideas to clients while providing the performance and cost transparency to back it all up. 

  • Q&A Blog Series: CSM Motorsports Shoots and Scores with NetSuite

    Greg Nordhoff, CFO gave us the run down on his company, CSM Motorsports (formerly Just Marketing), and the issues it faced prior to selecting NetSuite as its global financial solution. CSM Motorsports specializes in sports marketing and activation. The company is focused specifically on guiding brands through the world of motorsports, including brand activation at sporting events along with providing hospitality and digital communications.

  • Three Key Takeaways from the Austin Publishing Summit

    The Austin Publishing Summit focused on several major changes in media and publishing that have been brewing over the past decade. We heard from media companies of all types. Although no two businesses were alike in their product offerings, everyone agreed on the challenges and future of the media industry. In today’s world, publishers know very little about their audiences because their content is distributed through so many different channels.

  • Turnover Continues to Cost Ad Agencies

    Employee turnover at ad agencies may be a fact of life, but it begs one question, why does it happen and what does it really mean?While agency turnover will always exist, there are ways to curb it to strengthen employee engagement and the bottom line. Agencies themselves are often the cause of the turnover. A big new client can result in a hiring spree, or in turn, losing a big client can bring on restructuring.

  • Three Key Takeaways from the FOLIO: SHOW 2017

    The 2017 FOLIO: SHOW brought media, publishing and ad-tech businesses together in New York City for three days of stimulating content and conversations about the changing state of media. It’s clear that the industry is moving and changing faster than ever before, and that adapting to change is no longer an option, but rather it’s an absolute must to survive.

  • Small Agencies Fight Back: Takeaways from the Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards

    This year’s Ad Age Small Agency Conference provided a wealth of information for smaller agencies. From the breadth of agencies that attended, to the speaking sessions and networking events, attendees got the chance to share and learn. Here are some of the most impressive insights.

  • Top Three Takeaways from DigiPub NYC 2017

    Content discoverability and content distribution were two topics that emerged in almost every session at the 2017 Digital Publishing Innovation Summit (DigiPub) in New York City. It’s clear why. Finding a way to get content to your audience or an audience to your content are step one for any publisher.

  • Prophet Sees Streamlined Operations with NetSuite Platform

    For Prophet, a leading San Francisco-based global consulting firm, its internal operations were not in line with its rapid rate of business growth. The firm managed its business with a web of disparate systems that obscured an end-to-end view across U.S.-based and international offices. Hundreds of internal employees and consultants based around the globe submitted time and expenses in different currencies and different systems.

  • SuiteWorld 2017 Advertising, Media, Publishing Keynote: Platform Powers Next

    During the SuiteWorld 2017 keynote for advertising, media and publishing, Chris Hering, NetSuite’s Director of Advertising, Media and Publishing discusses the challenges confronting the rapidly-changing industry, including creating and promoting brand identity, empowering talent, leveraging new technology, measuring and serving an audience and growing at scale. Hering and guests also explain the new SuiteSuccess industry solution for agencies.