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  • Evan Goldberg’s SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Ready, Set, Next

    In his keynote for SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Executive Vice President details all the new features in NetSuite, including global expansion, industry solutions, omnichannel commerce, global supply chain automation, advanced bill of materials, time sheets in SRP, project profitability reporting, NetSuite for Agencies, NetSuite’s commitment to nonprofits, performance improvements, SuiteCloud platform enhancements, and new integrations between NetSuite and Oracle Planning and Budgeting.

  • Jim McGeever, Mark Hurd Promise More, More, More in SuiteWorld 2017 Keynote: Next Starts Now

    In the opening keynote from SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite Global Business Unit Executive Vice President Jim McGeever shares what’s next for NetSuite and the industry. McGeever announces SuiteSuccess, a new industry cloud solution, and SuitePeople, core HR functionality built onto the NetSuite platform.

  • Small Business Can Act Big with Supply Chain Automation in the Cloud

    Each year, IT research consultancy firm Gartner ranks the top 25 supply chains in the APAC region, identifying the companies that have leveraged their supply chains to lead their industries and continue to drive momentum against competitors. Earning a spot among the automobile and tech giants in the top 10 for several years in a row now was Australia-based grocery chain Woolworths. 

  • The Small Business Growth Playbook: Four Steps for a Smooth Growth Trajectory in the Cloud

    As Australia’s Emma and Tom’s line of healthy juices and snacks grew in popularity, its operations started to become increasingly complex. As it confronted the promise of growth, it wanted to stay true to its mission – making fresh, healthy convenient food and drinks a part of Australian life, daily – while expanding access to its products supported by exceptional personalised customer service.

  • When is the Right Time to Switch from Rudimentary Accounting Software to Full Fledged Cloud ERP?

    Choosing when to invest in an ERP suite can be a challenge for many organisations with factors including previous investments, growth, new markets or new business models. For Mons Royale, a New Zealand-based apparel manufacturer and wholesaler of high performance merino clothing, international growth turned out to be a compelling reason to move on from an entry-level accounting system.

  • NetSuite PH’s SuiteRunners Club Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Boosts Camaraderie

    For some people, fitness is the end all, be all. They set early morning alarms, leverage apps and technology to track their trainings, and log more miles running in a month than a New York City taxi. Fitness ultimately becomes a lifestyle. In NetSuite Philippines, a group of individuals who practice this lifestyle established a club in February, 2016.

  • Dowi Hosiery Mills Modernizes its Business with Cloud ERP

    Dowi Hosiery Mills produces socks and other specialty garments at a large manufacturing plant spanning an entire hectare in Valenzuela City, Philippines. Until recently, however, the software running the business was aging and out of date. Dowi operated for years on homegrown, custom software and databases.

  • Chocolate Maker Theo & Philo Sweetens Its Business with Oracle+NetSuite Social Impact

    As one of the world’s tropical equatorial nations that produce the raw material for chocolate, the Philippines is experiencing growth as an exporter of chocolate. Not coincidentally, Theo & Philo is growing in the Philippines as well. A maker of premium artisanal chocolates, Theo & Philo is the brainchild of Philo Chua, who developed a love of cooking with chocolate while working as an IT programmer in Pittsburgh, PA. 

  • Global Media Company Outgrows Legacy Sage System, Reaps Rewards of the Cloud

    Start-up companies oftentimes have a distinct advantage over established competitors. They are not held back by legacy investments made in on-premise financial software and have typically invested in flexible, cloud-based solutions from the start or moved on quickly from entry-level accounting systems.