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  • The Catalyst for Unified Commerce

    Shoppers are more in control than ever. Smartphones have put everything at their fingertips and given them the power to demand an anytime, anywhere shopping experience.This isn’t a new revelation for the retail industry. According to the Boston Retail Partner’s 2016 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey of 500 top North American retailers, 56 percent report they plan to focus on providing a consistent brand experience across channel as a top digital priority.

  • B2B Sellers Benefit with Unified Ecommerce Strategy

    B2B organizations understand the tremendous opportunities a unified ecommerce approach presents for business. In fact, a recent study from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by NetSuite, reveals 62 percent of midmarket B2B sellers plan to adopt an integrated ecommerce solution. 

  • Retail Executive Insight: A Fashion Retailer’s Guide to a Total System Makeover

    Editor’s note: Below is a Q&A interview with Matt Rhodus, Director and Industry Principal, Retail Apparel Vertical for NetSuite that originally appeared within Apparel Magazine’s Thought Leadership Report. The interview focused on how fashion retailers can break the bonds of legacy IT systems and unleash new levels of innovation. 

  • Retail War Stories Part 2: Lack of a Single View of Orders Across Channels

    Competing in New York City’s legendary fashion scene requires a fortitude that matches the town’s stalwart reputation. For those who catch a foothold – as this high-end men’s shoe retailer has – survival depends on staying one step ahead of your competition by accelerating with customer expectations. But like many rapidly growing start-up retailers, this one is finding that its systems are holding it back.

  • Retail Executive Insight: Becoming Omnipotent in Omnichannel

    Editor’s note: Below is a Q&A interview with Branden Jenkins, GM of Global Retail for NetSuite that originally appeared within RIS News’ IQ Report, “Advanced Omnichannel: Constructing the Unified Enterprise.” The report addresses the challenges today’s retailers are facing and what they need to do in order to future-proof their business and meet consumer expectations.

  • 5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience for Fashion Brands

    Retailers and fashion brands are under enormous pressure to provide better shopping experiences while remaining profitable. That has meant evaluating different technology platforms with the hope of improving the customer journey efficiently and cost-effectively. Yet most are scratching their heads at where to even begin.

  • Move Over Best of Breed; Business Sellers Prefer Single-Stack Ecommerce Solutions

    As midmarket B2B sellers move toward ecommerce, those deploying single-stack solutions are experiencing far greater success than their peers using best-of-breed software, according to a new Forrester Consulting Report. 

  • The Three Challenges Outdoor Retail Brands are Turning into Opportunities with Cloud ERP

    Like the outdoor enthusiasts who use their products, outdoor retail brands dislike the comfort zone, and thrive on pushing themselves to innovate and deliver new experiences for their partners and consumers. 

    For today’s outdoor retail distributors, this genetic makeup is a perfect fit for the current business environment. 

  • Retail War Stories: Inventory Management

    During the 2014 holiday season, a women’s specialty retailer, recently given a second lease on life after a private equity firm purchased it from bankruptcy, suffered another setback when it was removed from Amazon because it couldn’t commit inventory for fulfillment in a timely manner. Without a reliable view of inventory across its multiple channels: in-store, online and third party marketplaces, the retailer couldn’t fulfill orders accurately.