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  • Hosting Does Not a Cloud Solution Make: How to Spot Cloud Posers

    I recently saw a LinkedIn post from an industry analyst equating the term "cloud computing" to "just a computer that lives somewhere else." While I'm sure there was a jestful side to the post, the underlying message highlighted a very important point that software buyers should be considering. If the "cloud” solution you are buying equates to a direct, 1-to-1 server substitution in an on-premise location, it isn't cloud, it's hosting. 

  • Journelle Lends Advice on Its First, and Most Important Step, Toward True Omnichannel Commerce

    How many of you consider yourselves a full omnichannel retailer?It was a question I posed to a room of 70 retail executives gathered at the Intersect Retail conference recently held in New York City. A few hands timidly went up in the audience, not unlike the way you’d raise your hand in class as a kid and keep your fingers crossed that the teacher didn’t call on you.

  • True Brands Raises a Glass to NetSuite Intelligent Order Management

    NetSuite’s release of its new Intelligent Order Management solution at its annual SuiteWorld conference in San Jose, was particularly timely for one customer.True Brands, a multi-brand global designer and supplier of beverage lifestyle accessories, has already adopted a key aspect of NetSuite Intelligent Order Management.

  • NetSuite SuiteWorld: Where Retailers Make Bold Happen

    NetSuite's growing presence in retail will be on full display at this year's NetSuite SuiteWorld conference taking place in San Jose from May 16-19, 2016. And with a theme of "making bold happen," the event might as well serve as a retail rally cry. An increasingly competitive and complex marketplace has combined with fast changing consumer expectations to force retailers to push the limits of what they once thought was possible. 

  • Welcome to the Brave New World of Unified Commerce

    Retail has evolved tremendously over the past decade and this tempo isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Technological advances and evolving consumer expectations are directing this transformation, which has forced retailers to make quick decisions in an effort to survive. For most, those decisions were and continue to be costly and convoluted as IT departments struggle to keep up with the rapid pace by patching together each channel of business.

  • Bailey Hydraulics Pumps Up Ecommerce Business with NetSuite

    In a highly competitive market with a wide range of competitors, both physical and online, ecommerce has become a vital channel for Bailey Hydraulics, a leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile hydraulic components .The Knoxville, Tenn.-based company sells its standard and custom products that include mobile hydraulic pumps, valves, motors and cylinders to a diverse customer base spanning thousands of consumers, dealers...


  • The Retailer’s Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Customer Experience Nirvana

    Today’s retailers and fashion brands must deliver great and innovative experiences or their business won’t survive. To do this, many are scrambling to roll out the next big technology such as beacons and digital dressing rooms, and succumbing to the temptation of deploying multiple disparate retail solutions in order to try to give the appearance of a unified omnichannel business. 

  • Five Steps to Develop a Data-Driven Customer Strategy


    It’s no secret that today’s consumers have unprecedented real-time access to an incredible amount of information on your company, services and products, as well as all of your competitors in the market. These shoppers are complex, ‘always-on’ and well informed, meaning they can find what they are looking at any time.  With all the information consumers have on your brand, and all the digital clue...

  • Advance Your Website Development Skills with the New SuiteCommerce Developer Certification Program

    A stellar ecommerce site hinges on the skills and abilities of a company’s software developers. With NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform, you can fully customize your ecommerce site to enhance customer shopping experiences and adapt to the ever-changing forces shaping your company.