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  • Cloud Proves to be the Right Move for McGladrey

    When you ask Matt Kenney, principal at McGladrey LLP, an accounting consultancy with 75 locations around the world, what has made his company so successful, he’ll credit the array of expertise that McGladrey offers – from PCI compliance and technology consulting to international taxes – and, no doubt, to the quality service they provide their clients.

  • Omnichannel Commerce a Perfect Opportunity for VARs

    With the exception of a few visionary retailers rolling out the ‘future of commerce’ across their business, the majority of firms still remain in the dark about how best to adapt to new technologies. This creates a brilliant opportunity for Value Added Resellers...

  • Cloud ERP Takes Explore Consulting on a Journey from Customer to Pioneer to Leader

    Way back in 2001, when the term “cloud” stood for nothing more than condensed water vapor, Explore Consulting selected NetSuite as its financial accounting solution. The benefits Explore was achieving with NetSuite...

  • NetSuite Brings the Power of the Cloud to BPO

    One of the challenges business process outsourcers (BPO) face is meeting the needs of a wide range of client types. Delivering technology solutions to startups, enterprises and everything in between typically requires multiple solutions, meaning BPO...

  • What’s in Store for Channel Partners at SuiteWorld 2014

    SuiteWorld 2014 promises a full schedule of information-packed sessions and networking events, on a backdrop of warm SF Bay area weather. But what can a NetSuite Solution Provider expect at NetSuite’s annual user conference?

  • Quosal Brings Quote-to-Order Automation to NetSuite Customers

    Taking a prospective customer through a sales cycle, from the initial contact to the final contract, is an involved process that may take weeks or months…

  • Partners Leverage Cloud ERP to Solve Industry-Specific Business Problems

    In today’s complex business world, mid-sized and even small firms often need enterprise software that is customized to their unique business needs and processes. Fortunately, the increasing sophistication of cloud-based ERP solutions like NetSuite means...

  • NetSuite Partners Take Cloud ERP International

    The Internet and ecommerce, have made doing business internationally far easier than it once was. Now, even small regional based firms can sell products abroad. But being an international company still comes with some serious IT challenges...

  • What do high-growth companies need in an ERP system?

    Growing companies need ERP systems that can grow with them yet don’t demand weeks or months of implementation and training. But that’s often hard to find. While QuickBooks is great for small firms, for high-growth companies it has its limitations.