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  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson’s SuiteWorld 2013 Address: Operations Transformed, Visions Realized

    NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson opened the annual SuiteWorld event, NetSuite’s customer and partner conference, with a keynote explaining how NetSuite is helping businesses transform their operations and realize their business vision. Watch below as he describes NetSuite’s new manufacturing capabilities and its game-changing partnership with AutoDesk; how NetSuite is leaving its competitors behind; and how enterprise customers like Williams Sonoma are running NetSuite to power their entrepreneurial eff...

  • New Year’s Resolutions and Mid-Year Resolutions for Services Excellence

    New Year’s Resolutions are famous – or infamous – for being easily forgotten.  We move on with our lives and deal with the stresses of today, making it difficult to live up to the commitments we made to ourselves on January 1. Many professional services executives start the year by saying – “I will panic less about staffing, I will remain calm when conflicts arise,  I will plan for the future to avoid future bottlenecks, and I will manage my business with proper planning.”  Then t...

  • Seven Surprises of Technical SuiteTraining

    SuiteTraining offers technical training courses on some of the most powerful capabilities of the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform, including SuiteScript Application Development, SuiteTalk Web Services, and SuiteFlow Workflow Engine. If you don't think your organization can benefit from technical training, here are seven facts about our programs which might surprise you: 1. We understand that there isn't much value in technical training unless developers have an opportunity to get their feet wet and ...

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SuiteWorld 2013

    With a new location, a new slate of sessions and a wealth of new NetSuite partners and customers, SuiteWorld 2013 promises to be the best one yet.The NetSuite conference is moving from San Francisco to the San Jose Convention Center this year to accommodate the roughly 5,000 attendees expected to be at the show May 13-16. And a show with that kind of turnout with more than 180 breakout sessions requires a little preparation. Here are 10 ways SuiteWorld attendees can ensure they get the most out ...

  • Five New NetSuite Training Courses to Debut at SuiteWorld 2013

    SuiteTraining has been a popular pre-conference option for SuiteWorld attendees since we first hosted the conference. This year, the spotlight on SuiteTraining at SuiteWorld is brighter than ever. We've more than doubled the usual number of courses, and five brand-new courses will make their world debut at SuiteWorld 2013!

  • Training RoadShow 2013 is Underway, Next Stop Dallas!

    Following on the heels of our successful RoadShow last autumn, we're sending our top instructors to the world's business centers to offer face-to-face NetSuite training on reporting, searches and more. NetSuite Training RoadShow 2013 kicked off in our backyard of San Mateo, CA in January, but we have several major destinations coming on the tour! SuiteAnalytics is such a hot topic that the RoadShow 2013 focuses on SuiteAnalytics training, with both the Reports and Searches and Financial Rep...

  • Get More from NetSuite With a Training Needs Assessment

    Contrary to popular assumptions, software training is not a one-time event. This is particularly true for a dynamic solution like NetSuite. With two automatic, free upgrades every year and a modular, scalable design which grows as your company's needs grow, the NetSuite solution your employees are familiar with today will evolve and change over time.

  • Three Keys to Software Training Success

    We build three keys to success into every SuiteTraining course. That's because we know companies don't under-invest in training because they don't believe in educating their users, but because they fear throwing away good money on poor instruction. Fortunately, it's easy to identify the major blunders that prevent people from connecting with material that can make their lives easier.

  • NetSuite for Dummies, SuiteTraining: Opportunities to Expand

    Why did we collaborate with Wiley to publish NetSuite For Dummies, when ease of use and minimal training time are two of NetSuite's most valuable characteristics? We know that a number of our customers buy a copy for all of their front-line employees who live and breathe NetSuite every day: the bookkeepers, AP/AR clerks and sales representatives at the heart of thousands of NetSuite-powered businesses. Adapting to any new business solution can be overwhelming at first.