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  • Leveraging Omnichannel Data to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

    Customers expect great service no matter what channel they use to shop. They don’t understand why there are inconsistencies between channels, such as why a retail store won’t issue a refund on a product bought online, or why store associates can't tell them when inventory will be replenished.

  • Juvenon Rejuvenates with NetSuite Order Management

    Health-conscious people turn to Juvenon for anti-aging nutritional supplements designed to maintain vigor and extend a high-quality life, but the company’s own aging order management system needed a boost of its own.

  • The Franklin Mint Casts in with NetSuite, Improving Order Efficiency 25%

    Founded in 1964, The Franklin Mint is renowned as a maker of collectibles such as commemorative coins, die-cast models, games and objects d'art. To grow its customer base, the company strives for excellence in product selection, service and fast, top quality order fulfillment.

  • 10 Musts for Your Ecommerce Site in 2014

    Maintaining a fresh, innovative, and engaging ecommerce presence is not just an annual project—it's a daily challenge.

  • Military Collectible Company Takes its Orders with NetSuite

    Cranmer is the founder of International Military Antiques and co-star of Family Guns, a National Geographic Channel reality show featuring him and his son, Alex Cranmer. Christian’s love of military history has led him around the globe in a career as the largest retailer of military antiques and collectibles in the world.

  • What Amazon Knows That Distributors Don't

    When you think of consumer-facing ecommerce, you probably think of Amazon, the dominant player in online B2C retail. But Amazon and other major B2C ecommerce companies have their eyes on the B2B market as well, and they're moving in fast. Case in point: the Google Shopping for Suppliers beta site carries a wide range of electronics, mechanical and testing/measurement products.

  • 2014: The Omnichannel Reality – Do or Die

    According to a new study from Aberdeen Group, it pays to consistently communicate with customers across retail or B2B channels. The study, “Omnichannel Customer Care,” revealed that companies with the strongest omnichannel strategies managed to retain an average of 89 percent of their customers, compared to the 33 percent that companies with weak omnichannel strategies managed to retain.

  • The Four Biggest Omnichannel Challenges of 2014

    The New Year is now upon us and forward-thinking retailers had better address the challenge of the omnichannel model quickly if they haven’t already. Customers expect to interact with brands through any channel, at any time, without sacrificing experience or service, yet many retailers are ill-prepared to provide it with inflexible, outdated processes and systems unable to adjust to change.

  • Truly Know Thy Customers (and their Pets) To Achieve Stronger Customer Relationships

    Great customer relationships are developed through consistent positive interactions with retailers. Retailers that understand what their customers need and want create a longer customer lifetime value and are able to provide a much more personalized and engaging brand experience. Capturing every interaction and transaction will increase the depth of the relationships with your customers.