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  • IDC MarketScape: NetSuite a Leader in Cloud-Enabled PSA Applications

    NetSuite continues to claim leadership in independent analyst reports across a wide variety of software categories. In the latest, the IDC MarketScape has named NetSuite a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled PSA ERP Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment (Doc #US42215717, September 2017). 

  • NetSuite’s Latest Release Adds Revenue Recognition, Project Profitability and More for Services Companies

    For the modern services company, the competitive landscape is getting more and more difficult. Differentiating yourself, and finding competitive advantages are critical to your growth. Driven by customers like you, the newest NetSuite release, 17.2 includes many enhancements to help you be more competitive, take advantage of market changes more quickly, improve compliance with the newest revenue standards, and track your performance the way you need to measure it.

  • A Bet on the Cloud Pays off Big for Teknik Trading

    Luis Alonso-Rincon, President at Teknik Trading Inc., attended a presentation about cloud-based software in 2005 and liked what he heard. The next day he had signed on as a customer. “I remember sitting there and they were talking about the cloud. I didn’t know what that meant. It was so forward thinking and something I had never seen before,” Alonso-Rincon recalled.

  • Preparing for 606: Perspectives from KPMG, Nutanix and Quicken

    Leaders from Quicken, Nutanix, and KPMG took to the main stage at Oracle OpenWorld during this year’s SuiteConnect, offering some frontline perspective on upcoming changes to accounting standards. The SuiteConnect event, held this month, did exactly what its name suggests, connect business leaders, innovators, athletes and musicians to discuss today’s trending topics all under one roof. 

  • Axiom, Mulesoft Showcase OpenAir at SuiteConnect

    This year’s Oracle OpenWorld featured the first ever co-located SuiteConnect event, which included a session demonstrating the success NetSuite customers have had with the Professional Services Automation solution, OpenAir. In front of a near-full room we reviewed the footprint of a PSA solution, including its capabilities around Resource Management, Project Accounting, Time and Expense management, Project Management, Business Intelligence and Dashboarding.

  • Determining the Metrics that Matter: Measuring a Professional Services Business

    While the ways in which to measure outcomes in a professional services business controversy have grown significantly in recent years, a basic question still remains, what metrics should be followed and how best to measure them. It can feel like a lot like weight loss, watching calorie intake all week but the number on the scale still shows the same results.

  • TBI Streamlines a Complex Value Chain in Telco Services

    Operating in a complex industry, with an intricate, multi-party value chain, TBI (Telecom Brokerage Inc.), was looking to introduce simplicity and efficiency across their organization. The 26-year-old company looked to streamline internal processes so they could continue to provide a “white glove” approach to their selling partners. To do that, TBI needed to update its own processes across that value chain.

  • Three Tips for Enabling a Strategic PSA and CRM Integration

    Picture this: a sales representative for a software company is attempting to close a large deal, and is in close competition with a major competitor. With licensing costs and functionality tightly locked on the battle card, the rep needs every advantage in winning the potential customer.

  • Breaking Down the Barriers Between Services and Finance

    For software and technology companies, billing and revenue is generally derived from the following elements; perpetual licenses, subscriptions, maintenance (potentially usage and/or hardware) and services. These different elements each have distinct rules to trigger billing and recognize revenue in accordance to local governing regulations. Finance tends to have a good handle on managing the rules and triggers across most elements, albeit some of this work may be managed manually with spreadsheets.