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  • A Pilot with a Purpose: Meet NetSuite Employee Rick Gutlon

    Rick Gutlon, a Professional Services Consultant with NetSuite, says it was a boyhood dream that inspired him to get his pilot’s license in 2006. Yet, as exhilarating as it was to be in the cockpit, Gutlon said once the novelty wore off he needed to find a mission or reason for flying.

  • SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile: Getting to Know the Wild Side of Roman Bukary

    Our SuiteImpact Volunteer Profile series highlights the unique ways that NetSuite employees choose to use their 16 hours of Volunteer Time-Off. An avid hiker, Roman Bukary, VP of Account Management for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution at NetSuite, says it was the idea of getting lost on the trails that inspired him to sign up as a search and rescue volunteer in Marin County, a nature lover’s paradise just 20 minutes north of San Francisco, California.

  • Spark Works to Help Communities Help Themselves

    In years past, the rainy season in Nasitsape, a community nestled in the mountains of eastern Uganda, often meant that residents were isolated from surrounding communities when the river became impassable. During these times, residents were often unable to leave the village to get to school, the health clinic and the market.

  • Taking on the Back-Office in the Fight Against Cancer

    When we think about the fight against cancer most of us probably think of cutting-edge research and clinical trials. Perhaps we think of running or cycling with Team in Training, or of someone close to us who fought a battle with cancer and won.What we probably don’t think of are dashboards, financial reports, and donor records. 

  • How to Leverage Free Tech to Further Your Nonprofit’s Mission

    If leveraged correctly, technology has the power to accelerate your organization's work to meet your mission. It’s even better when that technology is free. Too often though, we spend too much time jumping on the newest free technology offerings and not enough time figuring out what we're trying to do and how the technology can (or in some cases cannot) help us.

  • SuiteWorld 2016 Nonprofit Keynote

    In the first SuiteWorld keynote address targeted specifically at nonprofit organizations, Harish Mohan, VP, Solution Consulting and David Geilhufe, Sr. Director, Nonprofit Vertical, of NetSuite address "Social Impact, Accelerated: How Your Nonprofit's Back Office Can Change The World." 

  • Five Reasons to Tell Your Nonprofit Story Using Financial Data

    Stories about our clients and our impact are at the heart of the nonprofit sector. Development and marketing departments tell those stories to evoke emotional reactions through bold statements, compelling images and a myriad other tools and strategies.When was the last time you were emotionally inspired by how effectively a nonprofit stewarded your donation? 

  • Image Mission Streamlines Processes to Dress Women for Success

    Li Kin Pang will never forget the first woman her nonprofit organization, Image Mission Ltd, helped. A mother of three, the woman, whom we'll call Mae, had been the victim of domestic violence, and as a result had been forced to move with her children into her mother's one-room apartment. With so many pressures facing her, Mae kept her goals small, telling Pang that her dream was simply to get a job so she could afford her own apartment.

  • SuiteWorld Attendees Pack 86,000+ Meals for Children in the Developing World

    For those of us who don’t have to think twice about whether we’ll have enough food to eat, it’s hard to imagine that an estimated one in nine people on the planet go to bed hungry each night. During SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual customer conference held at the San Jose Convention Center, attendees came together to ‘make good happen’ by packing meals on behalf of NetSuite customer and nonprofit partner Stop Hunger Now(SHN).