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  • Recurring Revenue: Best Practices to Overcome Common Challenges

    From home video to enterprise software, global business is shifting to subscription models in a growing number of categories. According to research from IDC, 57 percent of the top 100 global software vendors will collect subscription revenue this year, and over 80 percent of new software firms will be service-based. Those who ignore the opportunities created by recurring revenue models may quickly find themselves in an "adapt or die" situation.

  • Getting Tough on Tax: The Increasing Importance of VAT Compliance

    Unless you’ve been running your business from under a rock, you’ll know that VAT has been steadily rising across Europe over the last few years. Thanks to well-documented financial pressures, governments have been making VAT adjustments, with Hungary, Italy and Spain all increasing their rates at the drop of a hat last year. Rather confusingly, the UK reduced its rate from 17.5% to 15%, before returning to 17.5% and finally increasing to 20% in January 2011.

  • Non-Profit San Diego Futures Foundation Bridges ‘Digital Divide’ with NetSuite

    As the executive director of the San Diego Futures Foundation, a non-profit agency that distributes thousands of low-cost and no-cost computers to underserved individuals and service agencies in San Diego County, Jeff Hancock appreciates the value and benefits that technology delivers.Since 1999, the San Diego Futures Foundation has provided more than 33,000 computers to low-income individuals, schools and other non-profits to help bridge the “digital divide” and make it possible for more people...

  • Manufacturing & Distribution: It’s All About the Cloud and Logistics

    Recently I have seen a few wonderful articles about the state of the wholesale/distribution and manufacturing industries and the growth of the cloud. One article from software strategist Louis Columbus highlighted recent Gartner research that found cloud computing was the third highest priority for CIOs for 2012 through 2015: Interestingly, Gartner’s research found that manufacturing companies and distribution companies are about to accelerate their embrace of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (Sa...

  • Operating a Global Services Enterprise Efficiently

    We at NetSuite have the privilege of working with many global professional services clients. Some came to us with global presence, and some have grown from smaller one-country operations into multinational enterprises. There are many complications to running a global business—language, currency, time zone, culture, etc.—but within services businesses, resource management presents unique challenges that other businesses don’t face.  Services companies are based on people, and people in a glo...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Exposing the Fake Cloud

    Writing, blogging is of course a creative process and it’s funny the things that cause the initial spark and may end up being a full-fledged blog. I write most of my blogs over the weekend for some reason… probably because my overactive brain is looking for something to do without demos to prep for. This particular blog I can trace back to a particular moment in time.

  • Adoption of Tools to Run Your Services Organization

    The Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas recently concluded, and once again we at NetSuite are grateful for the contributions our clients make to the show, and we are energized by the ideas and passion that our customers bring to their businesses. I met with many of our customers, and many potential customers, and I learned from all of you. Abigail Walker from Bullhorn, the recruitment and staffing software and services provider, led one of the sessions, along with Larry Goldberg of...

  • NetSuite Gives Back at First Step for Families

    Last week, 150 members of the NetSuite product team came to our headquarters in San Mateo, Calif., from offices around the world to participate in an annual team-building week. After a week of innovative idea-sharing and friendly competition, the group spent its final day participating in a SuiteImpact Team volunteer event at the First Step for Families Shelter in San Mateo. Employees stepped away from their traditional day-to-day work of developing the NetSuite platform and devoted their determ...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Future Looks Bright

    As previously discussed, NetSuite has two major releases annually (cleverly named .1 and .2 respectively) and we just completed the upgrade process—so all of our customers are now on the 2012.2 release of NetSuite. From a manufacturer’s perspective, there are several highlights in the 2012.2 release: Manufacturing Work in Process Manage your shop floor activities with finer control with the new Manufacturing Work in Process (WIP) functionality. This new functionality adds a multi-step process, w...

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