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  • BYOD — What’s the Fuss?

    As consumer tech continues to develop, more and more employees are using their own smartphones and tablets in the world of work, while resisting—or simply not making use of—corporate devices that their organisation has supplied. While employees may find they are more productive, this phenomenon poses a number of questions to a business, the first of which is: “Do we embrace building an environment in which BYOD (bring your own device) is accepted?” This decision will determine whe...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Meet ’n Greet

    I've been doing these “Manufacturing the Cloud” blogs for around a year now. How quickly time flies! Let me see.

  • For UK Wholesale Distributors, a £16 Billion Opportunity in Direct Sales

    High Street footfall continues to decline thanks to the damp squib of an English summer and the Olympics did little to console retailers. It seems that business leaders in the UK wholesale market were right to think conservatively about their sales growth, with recent research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) showing that over a third of wholesale distribution (WD) companies expect growth to remain static or shrink over the next year. However, there is light on the horizo...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Walking Dead

    One of the first authors that I got into as a teenager was Stephen King and the book that got me there was The Stand, a classic tale of post-apocalyptic survival ending in a fight between good and evil. So you probably won't be surprised to learn that my favorite show on TV the last couple of years has been AMC's zombie series, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead starts with our hero, Rick Grimes, waking from a coma in a hospital to be greeted by a world ravaged by zombies.

  • Bet Your Future in the Cloud

    The global marketplace is transforming the way Australian manufacturers and distributors need to operate as their future survival is being determined by global influences that cannot be ignored. The hard truth is that we operate in a truly global marketplace and if Australian businesses don’t make necessary changes to their business models to join this marketplace, they risk disappearing all together. Factors out of the control of these businesses have provided the greatest threats, particularly...

  • Fund Accounting for Nonprofits: A Responsible, Accessible Approach

    The accounting needs of a small, local charity and a global NGO start from the same basic concept – effective stewardship of donor funds. Most nonprofits must break down income and expenditures on a program-by-program basis, which means maintaining a distinct ledger for each operating fund. For instance, a simple monthly office rent bill for $1,000 may need to be proportionally distributed across a half-dozen programs which operate out of that office.

  • Join Frost & Sullivan and NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson in Singapore for the 2012 Cloud Tour!

    We’re heading to Singapore for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour! Join us on Tuesday, October 16, at the Raffles Hotel for an exclusive forum featuring Frost & Sullivan and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. Frost & Sullivan will unveil new C-level research that investigates the key challenges facing Singapore organizations and examines why the consumerization of IT is making multichannel operations an imperative for businesses.

  • NetSuite Teams Up with The Australian Financial Review for the 2012 Cloud Tour—Register Now!

    The destination is set for NetSuite’s 2012 Cloud Tour. On Tuesday, October 9 in Sydney and Thursday, October 11 in Melbourne, we invite everyone to join us for an exclusive forum featuring The Australian Financial Review and a panel of industry leaders who will share insights into the future of cloud computing. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson is also set to speak at the event on the current approaches, findings and real-world experiences of cloud adoption and the advancement of the next generation of c...

  • A Cure for Quote-to-Cash Inefficiencies

    The quote-to-cash cycle is where the real money is made or lost in competitive enterprise. Not simply because of the prospect at the beginning and the payment at the end, although those are certainly crucial steps. It's because the Q2C cycle is where you find dozens of opportunities to create efficiencies, from finding the right part from the right warehouse to meet the customer's need today to securing the best possible credit terms.

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