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  • Liberation Day: How to Help Clients Switch to Cloud ERP

    There's a reason old-guard ERP developers ran their businesses the way they did. It worked. Expensive maintenance contracts, calcified feature sets and costly hardware requirements didn't help your clients or your bottom line, but it certainly supported theirs.

  • For Wholesale Distributors, Supply Chain Partners Are Not Created Equal

    Succeeding in wholesale distribution depends on much more than simply knowing costs per unit, quantities on hand and containers in transit. Sustained profitability requires mastering interconnected, many-to-many relationships and developing a deep understanding of the quality, reliability and resiliency of your trading partners and their value to your supply network. Wholesale distributors have always sought to assess supplier performance.

  • Taking Your Business Overseas? Pack Your Passport, and Cloud Financials

    Expanding your business to new markets is exciting on many levels. But once the thrill of new potential and new cultures wears off, you are left with a very important, utilitarian problem—how will we keep track of profit and loss in this new office, in this new currency, with this new set of tax and regulatory requirements? In the past, the solution was typically to extend a complex corporate ERP system to the satellite office, or adopt a regional accounting package and go through the cumbersome...

  • NetSuite.Org, Creating Social Solutions in Grant Management

    As NetSuite’s corporate citizenship arm, we believe in using the power of our greatest resources, our technology and our people to make a difference in the world. Outside of donating our platform to nonprofits and social enterprises, and giving our employee’s time and talent through our pro bono work, we also strive to develop social solutions. To that end, we work very closely with grantee organizations to understand their operational challenges so that we can build a technology solution that b...

  • The Network is the Manufacturer

    Once, manufacturers and distributors could win market share and margin by “inventing a better mousetrap”, or being just a little better capitalized than the next guy. That doesn't work anymore. Everybody knows everybody, and what's more, everybody knows how to make whatever it is you make.

  • SaaS Ready in Latin America

    When NetSuite started its business back in 1998 with the vision of bringing the power of traditional applications used by the world's largest enterprises to smaller companies via the web, the Internet itself was just starting in Latin America. In 1999 Latin America had only 5.7 million users (1.3% of the total population) and it wasn’t until the late 2000s that Brazil, one of the strongest online markets in the region, would see its first broadband connections. In recent years, however, hug...

  • Outdoor Retailers Thrive with the Cloud

    These are incredibly exciting times in the outdoor retail industry. Innovative products, high consumer demand and an almost audible buzz on social media are driving growth in all sorts of outdoor markets, from bicycles to camping and mountaineering gear to sleek and richly functional GPS units and audio-visual equipment. The industry’s exuberance will be on full display on August 1–5 in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show, with hundreds of vendors showcasing th...

  • Success is Hard, so Make the Financial Close Easy

    I've been fortunate lately to have some great conversations with CFOs of complex, high-tech businesses. We talked about the challenges software companies face in running their finance organizations and it struck me that they share the same challenges. Namely, they all see that their peers all too often make life difficult for themselves by grappling with some of the most basic financial processes—in particular, the monthly and quarterly close.

  • Are London Businesses Ready, Set, Go for the Olympics?

    You would need to have been hiding under a rock not to know that the Olympics will shortly be arriving in London. With record levels of tourism and trade expected, you would imagine that this would present numerous opportunities to the capital’s thousands of businesses, yet whether this influx is actually beneficial for London’s typical business is up for debate. In fact, a recent CBI report showed that only a quarter of companies in London expected to benefit from the Olympics.

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