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  • Mastering Financial Forecasts for Service-Based Companies

    According to the SPI Research report "2012 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark," most services firms still report at least 10 percent variance between quarterly billings forecasts and actual results. [SPI report page 174] If missing forecast targets simply meant a little belt-tightening, it would be easy enough to cope. Inaccurate forecasts ripple throughout the entire organization, from agitating shareholders to disrupting future project availability and even professional development sched...

  • Have On-Premise Developers Given Up?

    Sometimes it seems like the old-guard mid-market ERP companies have simply conceded the future to NetSuite. How else do we explain the fact that they let their partners twist in the wind, year after year, without developing a viable cloud computing solution? Nothing else makes sense.

  • The Cloud Is the Catalyst for Innovation

    Lytro builds a consumer camera that promises to revolutionize photography with its innovative shoot first, focus later design. Square is empowering merchants to use iPad, iPhone and Android devices as credit card readers, reinventing how point-of-sale (POS) transactions are processed. Liquid Robotics has built a marine robot that captures and utilizes wave energy for propulsion, while Jawbone helped pioneer the wireless speaker and headset industry with cutting-edge technology that answered unme...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: Fore!

    Yes, it’s that time of the year again – The Masters is over and the golf courses are starting to get busy again. Depending where you live of course, the golf courses may be open year-round: but that would spoil my storyline… Being from Scotland originally, I started golfing when I was around 6 and a couple of years later became a junior member of the golf course where my dad played: Hilton Park just a bit north of Glasgow. One of the things that I like best about golf is the concept of it being ...

  • 2012 IT Services Survey: Startling Links Between Data and Financial Performance

    We surveyed 300 managers at IT services and software companies in the UK, US and Australia to map out where they see opportunities for growth and efficiency in 2012. The results blew us away. Early this year we released the results of an ambitious survey we commissioned from an independent agency (Loudhouse Research) into the inner workings at IT services and software companies; the report was called "Managing Growth: A review of the global software & IT services industry".

  • Implementing at the “Speed of Cloud”

    When I started out at NetSuite, I was faced with a daily grind of educating CFOs on the virtues of running their business in the cloud.  In those days, the conversations quickly moved to the issue surrounding data security and it took a particularly forward-thinking CFO to take the leap of faith.  I have since met many of those that did, and as they reflect on those decisions, most acknowledged that it was the first step in a complete business transformation towards cloud computing. Fa...

  • The Shared Vision of NetSuite and A Billion + Change

    The saying "money isn't everything" rings true in so many ways—even when it comes to corporate citizenship. That's why was created in 2008—to put our product and our people to work on behalf of charities and social enterprises. For four years, we have matched worthy nonprofit organizations with talented NetSuite employees willing to provide pro bono assistance.

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Scheduling Myth

  • Channels’ Choice – The NetSuite Cloud

    One of the things I like best about working with channel partners is that they are not zealots. They make decisions that are best for the success of their business and their clients' business. Successful partners go where the demand is.

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