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  • e-Compliance in Latin America

    Any eEconomic crisis is like a snowball—growing and gaining speed and endangering everyone in its path. Access to credit is reduced, people cut their discretionary spending and businesses experience a slowdown and stop investing. Unemployment grows and as fewer transactions are performed, fewer taxes are paid.

  • Benchmark Yourself Against Other Professional Services Organizations

    At this time of year, many people make and break New Year’s resolutions. Some even keep them. These resolutions, however, are typically considered for our personal lives.

  • Keeping Up with Compliance

    For the past two years I’ve been involved in NetSuite ERP tax projects ranging from VAT/GST rate changes (the UK had three changes over two years, Portugal and Italy two each and New Zealand one), the switch to e-filing in many countries and the increased need for a clean audit trail to keep the tax inspectors at bay.  Even in the current tough economic climate, businesses are ensuring that they keep their tax functions well resourced. On the face of it, principles of value added taxation i...

  • Cloud ERP: Freedom to Move, Freedom to Innovate

    People use iPhones and other mobile devices in all sorts of ways—texting, phoning, listening to music, watching movies. But to a large majority of business professionals, these devices and others like them, including today’s ever-lighter laptops, mean one thing more than any other—freedom to move.  Think about it. Just a few years ago, the idea of telecommuting was more a dream than a reality, partly because it was hard to do.

  • Can ERP Keep Up with the Speed of Business?

    Thanks to the web, today’s local startup can become tomorrow’s global competitor—literally. A good business idea and a strong web strategy can create a new market almost overnight. At the same time, that good idea can be quickly swamped by more nimble competitors if it has to drag an outdated ERP infrastructure along behind it.

  • Businesses Still Gambling with Outdated ERP

    Every month, we see more evidence that companies are suffering as a result of being locked into outdated ERP systems. A study published last week by the Technology Evaluation Centers IT research consultancy identified that 55% of mid-market organisations are unable to make data and business process changes to their ERP systems due to the costs associated with outside IT consultation. The research concurs with an earlier Forrester study that found 50% of ERP customers are stuck with aging ERP tha...

  • Manufacturing the Cloud: The Air Conditioned Server Room

    So it looks like cloud computing is here to stay after all. Like most innovations, there are a few early adopters while the majority sit back and look on with interest to see where it’s all going to go. Evolution is a pretty cool thing—just ask Darwin.I’ve been in manufacturing for over 25 years and have seen how manufacturing has evolved.Over that time I’ve worked with some pretty sophisticated solutions.

  • Old ERP: Gambling with Regulatory Compliance

    Rules, rules and more rules. You know the drill. While your company is doing its best to compete in its industry, it’s also trying to stay current with a seemingly never-ending barrage of accounting and regulatory challenges.

  • The IMA Survey: Issues Facing ERP

    Where Would You Improve your ERP? What would you most like to change about your ERP system? Where does the cloud fit in your roadmap?

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