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  • Social Enterprises Change the World with NetSuite Software proudly announced our support of social enterprises including Kiva, Easy Office, United Prosperity, EdTec and Envirofit and how we help Kiva make loans that change lives. Since social enterprises— businesses that are changing the world for the better — have the same needs as our commercial clients, helping them improve their operations was a natural fit. The press coverage, including stories in All Things Digital, ReadWriteWeb and Talkin' Cloud, to...

  • What would you like to see at SuiteWorld 2011?

    ERP influencer Dennis Howlett wrote a nice post on what he’d like to see at NetSuite SuiteWorld 2011 in response to the below post from Mini Peiris. Check out his post here. Thanks for the input Dennis!

  • Is a Software Hairball Choking Your Business?

    We recently launched our latest software hairball video along with a new Hairball Elimination Kit to humorously increase awareness of the wasteful habit among growing and mid-sized businesses to compile disparate and siloed systems over time. The idea is to help these companies self-diagnose the “ailment” we call Software Hairball Syndrome (SHS). Identification of SHS as a critical business issue may fly under the radar for many companies because it affects multiple functions...

  • Beyond Resource Utilization: Why Project Profitability Matters in Professional Services

    Monitoring and managing billable resources is a critical business process for any professional services organization (PSO)—but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, tracking resource utilization alone can be misleading and mask critical business problems. Focusing on additional metrics, such as project profitability, can help you gain a complete, end-to-end view of your PSO’s performance.

  • SuiteWorld User Conference: What Would You Like to See in San Francisco?

    At NetSuite, we're gearing up for 2011 and our first ever user conference: SuiteWorld! We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are. The NetSuite Nation is a strong and growing community, and we're thrilled to bring our customers and partners all together in San Francisco from May 8 – 12.

  • Expanding Ecommerce Sales Around the Globe

    The potential market for your website spans the globe, but are you ready to serve it? To sell globally, your ecommerce system needs to allow you to “go global” by supporting local currencies, languages and taxes of nations around the world.  Your ecommerce engine should be able to accept foreign currencies and convert them to the currency of your home country on the fly, based on up-to-the minute conversion rates. Your website should enable visitors to shop in their preferred language, whil...

  • Personalize Your Ecommerce Marketing Based on Customer Activity

    Personalization is the key to effective online marketing. Numerous industry studies have found that the use of personalized, targeted emails results in substantial increases in click-through rates and sales. Those same studies have found that generic “spray and pray” emails result in high levels of customer opt-out.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction with Ecommerce Self-Service

    Today’s discriminating customers demand self-service capabilities for every aspect of their online shopping experience. If your webstore and ecommerce system don’t offer customers the self-service tools they want, you’re risking customer attrition and lost sales. Customer self-service should be a hallmark of your ecommerce system in giving shoppers 24/7 visibility and control.

  • Get Your Website Ready for the Shopping Season

    Your Ecommerce Platform Needs Strong SEO and Cart Conversion Capabilities During this busy shopping season, it’s critical that your website can be easily found by shoppers and that they successfully complete orders. This peak season is the perfect time to size up your online sales performance and identify areas for improvement in your ecommerce platform technology and processes. For shoppers to find your website, your ecommerce platform needs to provide strong search engine optimization (SEO) fe...

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