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BusinessCloud9’s Exclusive Interview with NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson

Recently BusinessCloud9, the UK’s first Cloud Computing publication met up with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson for an exclusive chat about his views on the Cloud market state of the nation. During the interview, NetSuite CEO also explains differences between small customers and small businesses.

When it comes to small companies, we've said for a long time that we've stopped selling to companies who pay us less than $10k a year. Now, that could be the US government or it could be a two person bakery - they just spend less than $10k a year. It's really not about small companies, it's more about small customers. To some others in the market, a 50 person company is going to be regarded as a small company, but in our view a 50 person company faces the same challenges as enterprise companies. So it's not a case that we don't want to sell to small businesses, but rather to small customers.