Research Insights: Why Today’s In-Store Customer Experiences Are Inadequate

Posted by Branden Jenkins, GM for Global Retail, NetSuite

We recently sat down with Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner of analyst firm, Retail Systems Research to discuss some of the key observations uncovered in the firm’s study, Commerce Convergence: Closing the Gap Between Online and In-Store. The report reveals how retailers currently view the challenges, opportunities, roadblocks and technology enablers associated with how they support commerce across all their touchpoints. It also offers recommendations for how all retailers can up their game – right now – to support a single, unified shopping experience and bridge the gap between consumer and brand.

In this first of five short videos, Kilcourse discusses some of the reasons why today’s in-store retail experiences just aren’t cutting it with consumers and what retailers need to do even before customers walk into the store.

Be sure to watch for the second video in the series where Brian discusses the top retail challenges in providing seamless consumer experiences.

To learn more, download your complimentary benchmark report from Retail Systems Research and NetSuite, Commerce Convergence: Closing the Gap Between Online and In-Store.