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    The Top 5 Restaurant Theft Tactics & How to Counter Them

    No owner wants to think their restaurant, their managers or their team members could commit employee theft. But successful restaurants will actively take steps to identify, solve and prevent sources of employee theft. Check them out in this post. 

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    Restaurant Interviewing: Strategies for Finding the Right People

    Restaurants will employ 16.9 million Americans by 2029. Restaurants are hiring more people than ever, and hiring the right people is critical. Check out these interviewing best practices to help restaurant managers wade through candidates more efficiently, and, ultimately, run a more successful business.

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    Adding Kiosks to Your Restaurant Requires Thinking About More Than Cost

    As major brands continue to roll out kiosks as part of their in-store order management strategy, other businesses are left trying to whether kiosks make sense for them. There are plenty of factors to consider other than cost. This blog lays them all out. 

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    Your Restaurant Website Matters: Get it Right

    A poorly constructed site will send hungry potential guests running to competitor sites that have a more appetizing appearance, user-friendly design and easy-to-read menus. Smart restaurateurs know that their websites are far different than retail sites. Find out how you can improve yours. 

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    Menu Engineering Your Way to Restaurant Profitability

    Menu engineering is the art and science of how a menu is designed, positioned, priced and maintained to improve restaurant profitability. Find out how you can make informed decisions about what action to take to improve your menu’s performance.

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    Transparency is Vital Step for Restaurants in Addressing Food Allergens

    Eating out should be a relaxing experience where guests sit back, order freely and enjoy their meal. For those with food allergies, though, it is rarely quite that carefree. For the estimated 15 million U.S. consumers with a food allergy, a restaurant can prove to be a very challenging environment.